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Also Known As: The Villain's Tribute Page

This page shows a bit more about the Villains of the Blue Moon Knights series. Some fun facts and their background are also shown here.

Season One - Eclipse and her Minions: the Eclipse Warriors

Eclipse once was a beautiful, but sinister maiden elf, whose dream was to rule over the world. She began studying black witchcraft and all kinds of sorcery,including necromancy. Because of her intense training, her body started to look paler and decompose, revealing her weakness on necromancy.

The elven society condemned Eclipse to exile, and she disguised herself in order to plan her vengeance against her own people. However, she couldn't do it by herself, so she chose three girls whose lives hadn't been easy, and made them join her... with a promise of a new life.

The following profiles are her minions':

- The Helium/Electric Eye -

Electric Eye is a Brazilian villain who plays the Sharpshooter plot on the Eclipse Warriors. She is a joker,happy girl, whose greatest wish was to give her parents a better life. She works as a pre-teen model in Brasil. She is thirteen years old (same age as Anael), and she was born on March 3rd, and her astrological sign is Pisces. Her favorite colors are white and orange, and her favorite subject is Geography. Her real name is Iracema Silva.

Height: 1. 60m
Weight: 51kg
Birthday: March 3rd (Piscis)
Age: 13
Country: Brazil
City: Rio Branco (AC)

- The Black Witch -

The Black Witch is a Honduran villain who plays the Magician/ Shapeshifter plots on Eclipse Warriors. She's is a grin, serious sad girl who wanted to have a regular life. Instead, she lost her parents due to the Mitch hurricane in Honduras, and she was raised by her aunt and uncle, but wasn't very loved. She is fourteen years old
(same age as Melchior) and she was born on July 7th, making her a Leo person.Her favorite colors are pink,fuchsia, black, deep purple and deep red. Her favorite subject is Writing. Her real name is Maya Altahuela.

Height: 1.63m
Weight: 54kg
Birthday: July 7th (Cancer)
Age: 14
Country: Honduras
City: Tegucigalpa

 -The Jamaican Thunder-

Jamaican Thunder is a Jamaican villain who plays the Guardian/ Sharpshooter/ Knight plots on Eclipse Warriors. She is a fiery and strong girl, who cannot stand a tease or provocation,and blows out easily. Among all the three Eclipse minions, she is the only one with a regular life and family: the only reason that she joined Eclipse was the boredom she felt about her life. She is fifteen years old (same age as Kimi), and she was born on November 29th, which makes her a Sagittarius person. Her favourite colors are deep green, petroleum blue and gray. Her favorite subject is History. Her real name is Jasmine Waterfall.

Height: 1.75m
Weight: 66kg
Birthday: November 29th (Sagittarius)
Age: 15
Country: Jamaica
City: Port Royale

Season Two - Emperor El of Elven Fortress

A young tyrant, whose government has been questioned since he was declared emperor, at the age of 12, when his father prematurely died. El was the on who ordered Kaiser's execution and Kimi's exile, actions that costed him his popularity and support. Now, he is being hunted by the Resistance and nothing seems useful to help him surviving... Except the Sapphire Sword.

Height: 1.87m
Weight: 80kg
Birthday: April 21st (Taurus)
Age: 22

Season Three - Soviet Agent Zoe (Zoya) Rasputinova

A Soviet Agent who has woken up on nowadays after 70 years of inactivity. She was designed to protect all the Soviet Party Presidents — specially Stalin. Trying to find her role in a post- Second World war and Cold War, that Russian robot won't let anything — or anyone — to get on her way. She will accomplish her mission by all means necessary.

Height: 1.62m
Weight: 54kg
Birthday: June 22nd (Cancer)
Age: 15* (*She is a robot; in fact, if she were human, she'd be around 80-90 years old)
Country: Former USSR

Season Four - The Templar Dragons

A sinister trio of dragon-like boys which have similar features to Elite Dragon, the one they are chasing obsessively.

- Toronto Star-

His true identity is Lancelot O'Higgins, a professional Canadian snowboarder which went to Guatemala to study for one year as an exchange student. He is the nicest one from the Templars, since he treated all Knights very well, including Elite Dragon. For his feelings were so honest, he even conquered one Blue Moon Knight's heart.

Height: 1.81m
Weight: 75kg
Birthday: June 14th (Gemini)
Age: 15
Country: Canada
City: Vancouver

- Pythius Dragon (The Rotten)-

His true identity is the Guatemalan arrogant, reckless and cynical Lorcan Odense. Since is arrival in Guatemala City, he gets at Thalas' nerves by simply provoking him and getting involved with someone dear to the French Guatemalan.

Height: 1.75m
Weight: 67kg
Birthday: August 27th (Virgo)
Age: 14
Country: Guatemala
City: Qutezaltenango
- Illumina Dragon -

The Leader of the Templars, he is an evil man who does not care about anyone's felling, but his only. He is unstoppable when it comes about accomplishing his own ambitions, and he'd use and manipulate anyone if extremely necessary, including his own relatives. He nurtures a deep hate on Anael Moon'Seeker, claiming that he "dishonors the dragon-like kind".

Height: 1.70m
Weight: 63kg
Birthday: March 15th (Piscis)
Age: 16
Country: Guatemala
City: Quetzaltenango

Season Five - Chalchiuhtlicue, the Voodoo Mistress

Named after the Mayan Goddess of Passing Waters, she is a deity summoned by Mictlantecuhtli, who possesses Maya's body after the events regarding the Templar Dragon's actions. She is a seductive, evil sadistic woman who takes advantage of every single weakness her foes may present. Her powers include undead summoning, life draining  and zombifying abilities. she was so strong that even Anael had difficulties on dealing with her.

Height: 1.63m
Weight: 54kg
Birthday: Unknown
Age: Unknown (maybe thousands of years)
Country: Guatemala
City: None.

(** There were No Villains in Season Six **)

Season Seven - Servants of Camazotz

A couple with a secret which will change one of the Knights' lives entirely. A skilled magician with a charming, strong Vampire. Both of them suffered together, studied together... And had created something quite powerful together, even if one of them wants to deny it. Now, they are hunting the Knights in search of the one thing Camazotz would really appreciate to use in battle.

- Mirabelle Hayes -

Once a humble member of an extinct race of Celtic magicians, she was almost killed by the Holy Inquisition centuries ago. Thanks to Ushuriel and Camzotz, she endured... With a price. In exchange for life, Noshe walked the path of the Dark Arts, eliminating every good thing about her... Or not. Maybe, there's still good in Mirabelle... Though she denies it.

Height: 1.80m
Weight: 71kg
Birthday: November 6th (Scorpio)
Age: About 600+
Country: Modern Scotland
City: None.

- Ushuriel Raven "Master" -

Mirabelle's savior, he is one of the first Vampires in the Vampire core. He was once a warrior, who died in an ambush. Camazotz swore to save his life in exchange for his soul, converting him into a vampire. Later on, he met Mirabelle and started his journey as her
servant. He is the one responsible for Mirabelle and his' "secret".

Height: 1.90m
Weight: 89kg
Birthday: June 13th (Gemini)
Age: 800+
Country: Modern El Salvador
City: None.