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Seasonal (One-of-a-kind) Characters:

This page is dedicated to some characters that play the main role during one season only (their premier season, so to speak) being heroes,  like the Blue Moon Knights. This kind of characters appears firstly at the Second Season:

~ Second Season ~

Belarus Wolfennacht:

A maiden elf whose life hadn't been easy; her story is deeply connected to Kimi and Kaiser's origins, since they came from the same Elven settlement. She is the leader of the Elven Resistance (Kujeleiva Vastus, in finnish) and Cody Maverick's fianceé. After witnessing Cody's death, she confronts the Emperor (Keisari) El by herself and defeats him, declaring herself the new Empress of the Elven Fortress (Valoria).

Age: 16
Birthday: September 20th (Virgo)
Height: 1.79m
Weight: 75kg

Cody Maverick:

Bielarus' fianceé, he's the responsible for medical care in the Resistance settlements. Also, he's a gentleman, a boy who's never sad nor hopefulness; you can always see a smile on his face, and he's the only thing that keeps Bielarus fighting against El. He died in front of Melchior, who obtained a strange crystal from him; Cody said that this crystal was his 'Soul Essence' and should be used when the right time would come. The question is: When? And for what?

Age: 19
Birthday: October 15th (Libre)
Height: 1.88m
Weight: 85 kg

~ Third Season ~

Marzhan Yankovich:

The great-grandson of a renowed former Soviet scientist, he bears a great secret which can really be useful to the Knights: his great-granfather created Zoe, and he told his family about her weaknesses and strengths. In order to help the Knights to stop Zoe's threatening actions, he is willing to give then the information needed to do so. He is the answer given by the Kazakhstan Consulate of São Paulo to DarkStalker's speech.

Age: 18
Birthday: May 27th (Gemini)
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 64 kg

~ Fourth Season ~

Consuelo Cárdenas:

The youngest sister of Tristán Cárdenas, Consuelo would never had guessed her brother was evil; she was continuously mistreated by him and lived with fear. When she meets Anael, a new opportunity arises... The opportunity of a life without fear...

Age: 14
Birthday: March 20th (Pisces)
Height: 1.55m
Weight: 50 kg

Mr. Alejandro Zelaya / Mr. Zelaya:

A young Master in History, he is Anael and Thalas' teacher. His former profession was the one of a fortune-teller, in which he is very skilled at. He ends up helping the Knights during the Templar Dragons' Saga* until Melchior's Crisis**. He is Ixtab's nephew and owns a small library and bookstore in Guatemala's downtown. He is very fond of Kimi and sees him as the wisest among the Knights.

Age: 32
Birthday: December 1st (Sagittarius)
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 70 kg

(*): Season Four
(**): Season Seven.

Madam Thunder:

Anael's Capoeira master. A Brazilian man who fell in love with Guatemala and stayed. He is a widow and owns a small academy in which he trains Anael and other few students. Anael is his pride in the martial art, and he considers him as a son of yours. At night, he dresses himself as a woman and goes near prostitution sites to protect women against abuse of any kind.
Age: 47
Birthday: April 11th (Aries)
Height: 1.85m
Weight: 77 kg

~ Sixth Season ~


~ Seventh Season ~

Morgan, the Vampire Hunter/ Morgan Waterfall

Jasmine's brother; Morgan is a scholar, responsible, yet mischievous and quite seductive young man who focus his efforts in studying Vampires. He wishes to ever come across one and finds out more about its behaviour. He is the only one able to explain Melchior his condition. He is a student of History and dreams of specializing in European Mythology.

Age: 20
Birthday: August 14th (Leo)
Height: 1.82m
Weight: 78 kg

Jasmine and Louise Waterfall:

Jasmine (left) used to be a villain, known as Jamaican Thunder. After Eclipse's Last Assault*, she became an ordinary 16 year-old lady. She studies and works part-time as a singer. Louise (right) is a Somali child rescued by Jasmine's father, Jackson Waterfall, during one of his missions in Doctors Without Borders.


Age: 16
Birthday: November 29th (Sagittarius)
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 66 kg


Age: 3
Birthday: Unknown (Jackson found her on April 7th)
Height: 1.04 m
Weight: 17 kg

(*): Season One