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Magical Items
(Special Items)

This page is dedicated to all special/magical items which are featured on The Blue Moon Knights seasons. Here, besides the explanation about each item, an image of each bearer will be displayed alongside the correspondant item (Coming Soon), making it easier to view a particular item's story throughtout the series.

- The Shaman-Stones -

They are special pieces of turquoise which contain ancient elven powers. It seems that the people from which Kaiser and Kimi descent are the ones who crafted these magical tools. As far as it is known, there are six Shaman-Stones on the possession of the Blue Moon Knights (except for Maya, all the Blue Moon Knights possess a Shaman-Stone for themselves):

The Guatemalan Moon Stone (simply known as half-moon necklace) is Anael's Shaman-Stone; it grants him the ability to control electricity, enhances his strength, gives him the Elite Dragon Armor, allowing him to fly and have night vision. This Shaman-Stone is connected to the Sapphire Sword, giving Anael the ability to conjure it as his weapon.

The Electro Pearl Stone is Thalas' Shaman-Stone; it gives him the ability to conjure arrows, bolts, crossbows and bows according to his needs. It enhances his line sight, speed and accuracy,making him the best shooter you can find. Also,it gives him his Electro Archer outfit and enhances his focus.

The Elemental Starfire Stone is Melchior's Shaman-Stone; it grants him the ability to control the basic four elements - Water, Fire,Earth and Air - and telekinesis. Also, it enhances his stamina, his natural magical abilities and allows him to heal himself. Moreover, it gives him his Elemental Alchemist outfit and enhances his overall acknowledgement about spells and other forms of sorcery, and increases his clairvoyant gifts.

The Shiver Stone is Kimi's Shaman-Stone. It gives Kimi the ability to control Water and Ice, as well as the environment in which he is - he can suddenly conjure a snow storm in a tropical place, where it would be impossible to occur as an example. Also, it gives Kimi the control over Sankari (Hero's Book), allowing him to increase his icy damage and variety of spells. This Stone gives Kimi his Ice Guardian outfit, his Halberd and enhances his perception - he can hear long-distance sounds and see better in the darkness (but nothing close to Anael's night vision).

The Voidstar Stone is Kaiser's Shaman-Stone, which is deeply connected to his brother's Shaman-Stone. It gives him the control over darkness and portals- he is the only Blue Moon Knight who has the ability to open vortexes wherever he wants (the others must find places which their Shaman-Stones respond to that particular command). Like Anael, his Shaman-Stone increases his strength and sight, making him an excellent explorer in the darkness. It gives him his Fallen Guardian outfit as well.

The Mini Moon Stone is Altagracia's Shaman-Stone, which gives her the powers related to light, love and healing - she is the healer of the group. Like Melchior, she receives a boost on her magical abilities. However, her Stone is still unstable, for the bearer is too young and susceptible to abrupt changes on her own health and mood, which makes the Stone respond awkwardly.

- The Sapphire Sword -

Another elven piece, this sword is the one which, according to Kimi's people's beliefs, can grant its owner the power to rule the world we know, either for the good,making it a better place to live, or worse, destroying all life. It bears an outstanding power over electricity, which is Anael's; therefore, The Elite Dragon (Anael Moon'Seeker) is the current holder of this marvelous piece:

According to Sankari, this sword was created long time ago, and was used by an elven hero called Eldereth,who sealed this piece in a hidden Temple in Mexico in order to avoid a war related to this legendary weapon. Although the reports are not revealed on the series, the text which describes the nature of this artifact can be read below, removed from the very pages of Sankari:

"Shaped from a huge chunk of a special and rare rock, this sword was blessed by our own Gods and sent to this world to fulfill the will of the superior forces - to join all elves worldwide to bring peace and security to our race.(...)
You can't control the sword unless it wants you to do so. It has the will of the most loyal elven warriors Earth has ever seen, and it's up to that Council if you deserve the honor to bear the greatest tresure of all. (...)

The sword will call only the ones who are humble and honest, who care for the others and would give their own lives in order to protect the ones that matters most for them. (...)

The last bearer of this Sword was none than the great Eldereth, who made a huge campaign to unite and protect all the Northern elven villages. (...) He founded the Northern Elven Fortress below Aikiitos (which humans call "Finland") and settle a noble race that for centuries was condemned to act as nomadic, which we were never born to be. (...)

Now, sealed in the depths of a hot, humid, reckless rainforest, the Sapphire Sword awaits for the return of a legend."

- Sankari, The Hero's Book - 

This elven piece is one of the key items of Season One; Kimi used it to find the Sapphire Sword and its connection with Anael's Shaman-Stone. Also, it contains several instructions about stone-crafting, sorcery, waving techniques, blacksmith, warfare strategies and Elven History. Its current bearer is the Ice Guardian (Kimi das Vaali).

Legends say it was written by Väainaamöonen, an important magician from Finnish mythology. In the series, Väainaamöonen is treated as the creator of the elven race and its first leader, who ends up mysteriously dead, vanishing from this world, leaving the tribal race of elves to live on their one, which caused several battles among them and separated their nation in several groups spread worldwide.

The first pages of Sankari talk about their origins, about the Great War, the diaspora and the current situation. Kimi's people is only one of the major groups of elven settlements of nowadays.

- The Sanctified Knight's Necklace -

A Brazilian piece, which origins are a bit unclear, it was given to Anael by Hellion/Electric Eye (Iracema Silva) in the ending of the First Season. Its powers are still unknown by the Blue Moon Knights. Its current holder is Elite Dragon (Anael Moon'Seeker).

The only thing that is known about this piece is the fact that it brought Anael back to life while he was in his own Death Realm. Apparently, it has the ability to make connections between the World of the Living and the World of the Dead, making souls touchable and less spectral-looking.

Iracema gave this necklace as an acceptance of Anael's apologies in his near-death experience. It's the only resemblance of the Brazilian left in the world of the living,among with her casket, buried in Tenochtitlan.

- Cody Maverick's Soul Essence -

A Finnish piece, this once belonged to Cody Maverick before he died due to Kimi's rage attack. He gave it to Melchior Raven-Hayes in order to be used by the magician... when the right time was set. Question is: when?

Nothing is known about this item except his primary function - to keep the essence of one's soul attached to this world. It seems that all eves have their Soul Essence and so do humans. Still, there's a lot to be researched about that issue...

- The Communicators -

In order to succeed in a complicated  mission, which requires more than on simple strategy (like Third Season), the Guatemala Moon Stone allowed Anael conjuring special devices for the Knights to use when it was needed. These pieces are more than handful items: they are key items to success.
To conjure those pieces, the Knights have only to snap their fingers near one of his or her ears. Then, the according device will appear and be available to talk. To talk, each Knight has to hold the largest button and talk; then, they release the button to hear the answer.
Civilians can also communicate with the Knights by using their phones and typing a specific Code which varies according to the Knight. All devices receive names which resembles precious metals and alloys (Thalas'). Only Maya's device name resembles her powers (Necrotic Communicator).

The Jade Communicator belongs to Elite Dragon and all communicators are automatically set to be connected with it. The Code to talk directly with Elite Dragon without interventions is called Drive One: the others have to click in the largest button of their devices and hold for a moment. Civilians can talk to Anael if typing #1 seven times. The Guatemalan President has his special line to talk to Elite Dragon.

The Electro Communicator belongs to Electro Archer and the other communicators are set to be conected at this one if Jade Communicator is occupied or offline. The Code to talk directly with Electro Archer without interventions is called Drive Two: the others have to click twice in the largest buttons of their devices, wait a bit and then proceed normally. Civilians can talk to Thalas if typing #2 seven times.

The Diamond Communicator belongs to Ice Guardian and only Golden Communicator and Onyx Communicator can be automatically set to this one if Jade Communicator is not available. The Code to talk directly to Ice Guardian without interventions is called Drive Three: the others press the largest button once, hold it and press the same button rapidly again and wait a bit; then, they can proceed normally. However, if civilians want to talk to Kimi, they have to press #4 seven times.

The Golden Communicator belongs to Elemental Alchemist and no Communicator is automaticall set to this one unless Diamond Communicator is off: then, the Onyx Communicator can be set to this one if Jade Communicator is also unavailable. Drive Four is the Code used by the Knights to communicate with Melchior without restrictions: just rapidly pressing the largest button of their devices thrice shall do the trick. If Civilians wish to speak with Elemental Alchemist, they just have to type #3 seven times.

The Onyx Communicator belongs to DarkStalker and it can be automatically set to Diamond Communicator if Jade is unavailable and to Golden if Diamond is also off. The Quartz Communicator can be set to this one even if Electro is available - Jade needs to be unavailable. In order to talk to DarkStalker without interventions, the Knights have to press and hold the largest buttons of their devices twice. This is the Drive Five Code. Civilians can talk to Kaiser by typing #5 seven times.

The Quartz Communicator belongs to Lotus Flower and it is set only to Jade Communicator; if it is unavailable, it can be ramdonly set to other. Knights can talk to Lotus Flower without restrictions if they use Drive Six Code: the Knights have to press the largest buttons of their devices rapidly once, then press it and hold for a while, press it again twice and that shall do the trick. For Civilians to talk to Altagracia, they just have to type #6 six times and then press #1.

Last but not least, Black Witch's Necrotic Device is automatically set to Electro Communicator. If it is off, then this communicator will be set to Jade Communicator normally. Drive Seven Code is the one directed to talk to Black Witch: press the button rapidly thrice, then press it one more time holding, release and wait before proceeding normally. If Civilians wish to speak with Maya, they only have to type #7 seven times. The Honduran President has a special line to talk to her.

- The Corazon of Guatemala (Heart of Guatemala) -

The updated version of Elite Dragon's Guatemalan Moon Stone; it is the result of the fusion of all Stones (except Mini Moon) with Iracema's Sanctified Knight Necklace and it boosts the power of all Knights - especially its owner. Also, it bears the Spirit of Kukulkan, the Mayan Quetzal God, which give Anael his blessings. It has the ability of healing, teleport, electro and aerokinesis and conjuring the updated version of Sapphire Sword: the Quetzal Dragon Sword.

It is unknown the amount of power borne by this liquid Shaman-Stone; however, it is more than clear that it is certainly much more powerful than its previous form.

- The Nightmare Necklaces -

The Shaman-Stone's counterparts, the Nightmare Necklaces are fed by fear, hatred, sadness and all kind of evil and disturbing thoughts caused by nightmares or mental disorders related to them.

It is said that these peices were once regular Shaman-Stones; however, the greed and vain that its owner had was so intense that even its draining abilities were not enough to please their masters, and all the bad qualities of them were transferred to the very essence of those stones, which carried the hatred and wrath inside them.

They allow their owners to conjure Nightmare Webs, a sticky substance made out of nightmares and bad feelings, which trap their prey and drain their good qualities and vital force, leaving an enraged undead behind. Also, they can be used to brainwash a foe, converting him/her into an powerful and merciless ally

 The Templar Dragons are their current bearers.

- The Templars' Unholy Pieces -

These weapons are described in Altagracia's grimoire; they are said to be cursed, haunted and self-independant, manipulating its owner's will, converting a good person into someone corrupted, an abomination which has almost no chances of salvation... Together, they can merge into a powerful, deadly and wicked weapon much stronger than them: the Fallen Mayan Master Sceptre

These are Templar's weapons: Tristan's Proscribed Scythe, which gives him ability to control light and manipulate dreams (the art of Dreamwalking); it's the most powerful Unholy Piece.

Lorcan's Haunted Blade bears the ability to either poison, paralyze or curse an enemy, giving much more trouble than just the deep wounds caused by this sharp, devilish sword.Its wounds can also generate sleepiness disorders and some diseases.

Lancelot's Blazebringer Gloves bear the ability of casting an enormous amount of fire spells. Also, they are said to be able to burn one's soul, killing without showing signs of fight. It can also cause hallucinations and bring illusions into one's mind.

- The Shaman Markings -

When the Heart of Guatemala was created, it needed the power of all Shaman-Stones to exist. Therefore, though Anael is its master and bearer, the power of the Heart spread to the ones who helped in its making, creating special "tattoos" in their bodies which allows them to become heroes without Anael's presence.

It may be convenient, but the power of a Shaman Marking is only unleashed when the owner is somehow threatened, finding him or herself into a life-threatening or near-death situation.

 Anael's Shaman Marking represents his power as a leader (you can see the Sapphire Sword with the Quetzal). It is located in his chest, exacly where his heart is. When the Marking is activated, the green endings fill the Quetzal drawing completely; then, it involves Anael and he becomes Elite Dragon.

 Thalas' Shaman Marking is located in his right shoulder, and it shows his role as the Archer of the group. The same as Anael,when the Marking is activated, the dark blue endings fill the Quetzal drawing completely; then, it involves Thalas and he becomes Electro Archer.

Somehow, this Marking is able to heal Thalas completely when used, but it can do it only once when invoked.

Melchior's Shaman Marking is located in his left shoulder. Since his powers come from a different source, the Marking, yet controlled by the Heart of Guatemala, acts quite differently - Melchior is able to control people by its blood. Also, his foreseeing abilities get awkwardly stronger when the Marking is activated.

When the Marking is activated, the bloody-red endings fill the Quetzal drawing completely; then, it involves Melchior and he becomes Elemental Alchemist.

Kimi's Shaman Marking is located in the left upper side of his back. The Marking enhances Kimi's defensive skills while slightly decreasing his control over ice for a certain period of time - since the Marking is an emergency resource, it is more than acceptable that it will focus on the abilities which will guarantee Kimi's survival in short terms.

When the Marking is activated, the icy blue endings fill the Quetzal drawing completely; then, it involves Kimi and he becomes Ice Guardian.

Kaiser's Shaman Marking is located in the right upper side of his back. The Marking gives Kaiser a berserker behaviour, making him faster and stronger for a short period of time. However, it breaks his stamina, forcing DarkStalker to finish the fight as fast as he can.

When the Marking is activated, the purple endings fill the Quetzal drawing completely; then, it involves Kaiser and he becomes DarkStalker.

Maya's Shaman Marking appears after her Crisis (see Season 5) is solved. She gains her powers back and also receives a Shaman-Stone of her own, which allows her to have her marking. Instead of being weaker compared to the Heart of Guatemala's transformation, Maya's Shaman Marking gives her the exact same amount of power with or without Anael.

When the Marking is activated, the pink endings fill the Quetzal drawing completely; then, it involves Maya and she becomes Black Witch. It is located in the middle of her back.

Altagracia's Shaman Marking is an interesting case, since it does not come from the power of the Heart - instead, Altagracia's Stone became her Marking, for it reacted to the creation of the Heart.

Altagracia is able here to fight using one's mind against him or herself in order to lure him and gain time to recover. Though it seems to be quite a powerful technique, its full powers are still unknown, for Altagracia is still young and doesn't have a clue of the full extension of her powers.

When the Marking is activated, the baby pink endings fill the Quetzal drawing completely; then, it involves Altagracia and she becomes Lotus Flower. It is located on the top of her right hand.

- The Shamanic Tarot Cards (Patron Maya Gods) -

(Coming Soon)

- The Ecliptic Grimoire -

(Coming Soon)