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Here you can read more about the Blue Moon Knights' major characters. Facts such as where they are from, how old they are, what they like or dislike,etc. These data is written in the images below, which can be increased by clicking on it. Check it out!

Age: 13 Years
Birthday: October 31st (Scorpio)
Country: Guatemala
Like(s): Chocolate, Salamanders
Dislike(s): Cocky people, dishonesty
Relatives: María Moon'Seeker (mother), Elethriel Moon'Seeker (Father, deceased), Altagracia Moon'Seeker (younger sister)
Color(s): Light Green, Green

About Anael:

The Blue Moon Knights' leader is a sweet, innocent romantic boy whose dream is to become a firefighter, just like his beloved father once were. For him,expressing emotions is an easy task, for he is sensitive and strongly guided by his temper. His natural skill is strength, which can be clearly seem when he assumes his identity as Elite Dragon - strong and brave as this mythical creature. He plays the role of a true Knight in this group - he is the first one to join the battle, to stand between the danger and his friends and to lead the offensive actions. When wearing his heroic outfit, his dragon traits are revealed - the reptilian eyes, wings and night vision - combined with his powers over Air and Electricity (energy).

Age: 13 Years
Birthday: May 11th (Taurus)
Country: Guatemala/ France
Like(s): Reading, Classical Music, Metal Music, Archery
Dislike(s): Any kind of prejudice; Xenophobia and Solitude
Relatives: Yelena Dharalion (Mother,deceased), Sirius Dharalion (Father, deceased), Jean-Claude Dharalion (Uncle), Felicia Dharalion (cousin)
Color(s): Deep Green, Deep Blue, Deep Purple and Black

About Thalas:

Anael's best friend and member of the first formation of the Knights (along with Melchior), he is the rational man on the group - he does not show emotions easily, unless the situation is critical to him. His parents died during the Guatemalan Civil War and, to make things worse, his family's financial conditions have been the reason of his sad childhood, for all kids had prejudices concerning his richness and ascendance. Only Anael accepted him for what he were and, for a long time, he has been his only friend. As a Blue Moon Knight, he plays the role of a Shooter (Archer) - since his speed and accuracy are natural skills, he is more than perfect for patrolling and distance fights. He can conjure arrows, bolts and throwing daggers when wearing his heroic outfit of Electro Archer.

Age: 14 1/2 Years
Birthday: January 22nd (Aquarius)
Country: El Salvador
Like(s): Basketball, Joking Around, Physics
Dislike(s): Other People's Irony
Relatives: Unknown; he has an older brother and a mother, but they might not seem to be who they say they are...
Color(s): Deep Red, Turquoise

About Melchior:

The Salvadorian Magician Melchior is a fun-loving, joker mysterious guy whose life hasn't been easy - coming from the poorest area of El Salvador, he had to steal and use his magical powers for his living... like an "circus animal", in Anael's words. Along with Anael and Thalas, he was member of the first formation of the Blue Moon Knights. Even though he seemed trustfulness at first, he conquered it by his actions. His natural ability are stamina, foreseeing and intelligence - Melchior is the mastermind of the group. When he is wearing his heroic outfit as Elemental Alchemist, he plays the role of a Mage; his magical powers are increased, and the basic spells based on Water, Fire, Earth and Air are unlocked, and Melchior gains an enormous possibility of attacks, from elemental strikes to complex are spells. He can also conjure magic shields and have premonitions by using his crystal ball.

Age: 15 Years
Birthday: January 3rd (Capricorn)
Country: Finland
Like(s): Winter, Reading, Playing Drums and Flute, Wolves
Dislike(s): Plenty of heat, Treachery, Forgeting Stuff, Feeling Useless
Relatives: Kaiser Das Vaali (twin brother) - his parents are unknown...
Color(s): Icy Blue, Baby Blue, Deep Blue and Turquoise

About Kimi:

The Finnish elf Kimi is Melchior's long-distance friend; they seem to know each other for a long time, and Melchior is the only one who can speak Finnish fluently enough to translate Kimi's thoughts while he couldn't speak Spanish. Like Melchior, Kimi has the ability of foreseeing events, even though they are not as clear as Melchior's visions. He is a member of the second formation of the Blue Moon Knights, in which they compose a quartet. Coming from Northern Europe, the extreme heat and humidity of Guatemala bothers Kimi, but he is getting used to it.He bears with him some burdens and scars from the past, which give him a sad countenance. His natural abilities are foreseeing and Ice domineering, which are increased when he wears his heroic outfit as Ice Guardian - his spells are Ice based and vary from simple strikes to complex area spells. He is the Wielder of the group, for his magic shields and Ice walls are impressively strong. Along with Anael, Kimi is the Knights 'Primal Response' to an attack.

Age: 15 Years
Birthday: January 3rd (Capricorn)
Country: Finland
Like(s): Autumn, Playing Bass, Philosophy/ Sociology, Taekwondo
Dislike(s): Funerals, Everything related to Death
Relatives: Kimi Das Vaali (twin brother) - his parents are unknown...
Color(s): Lilac, Purple

About Kaiser:

Kaiser wasn't supposed to be living - when he was five years old, he was sentenced to be executed due to an enormous misunderstanding, which caused his parents' death and Kimi's exile to the surface of Finland for him to be hunted and almost captured by Eclipse. At first, Kaiser's soul found a way to enter and share Kimi's body with his soul after Kimi obtained the Sankari (Hero's Book), which was Kaiser's function to eternally protect it. After they entered on Tenotchtitlán, Kaiser removed himself from Kimi and obtained a new body for him. If Anael's sister, Altagracia, hadn't intervened, Kaiser would have killed the unconscious Kimi. Kaiser truly believes that he owes both Altagracia and Kimi his life. Along with Anael's sister and Maya, he is a member of the third formation of the Blue Moon Knights. His natural skills are strength (like Anael), magical powers (like Kimi), endurance and ability to cast vortexes. His element is Void, which is attributed to those who were dead and came back free of curses. When we his wearing his DarkStalker heroic outfit, his natural traits are increased and he obtains night vision and is able to conjure a sword, and he plays the role of a DeathKnight.

Age: 14 Years
Birthday: July 7th (Cancer)
Country: Honduras
Like(s): Reading, Studying Sorcery, Solitude, Watching the Sunset
Dislike(s): Dishonesty, Physics, Jasmine's Jokes Related to Her, Hurricanes and Tornados
Relatives: Father and Mother (deceased), Aunt and Uncle (adoptive parents)
Color(s): Fucsia, Salmon, Deep Red, Red, Pink and Black

About Maya:

At first, Maya was one of Eclipse's minions, who always chased the first formation of the Blue Moon Knights. After losing the Tenochtitlan final battle (Iracema had already died at that time), Thalas promised to save Maya if she reveals the secrets of Eclipse's power. She had done it, and Thalas kept his word, releasing her from Eclipse's spell. Her role continued the same as the one she had as Eclipse Warrior - she is the Summoner and Necromancer of the Knights. Her powers are focused on Darkness, element in which she works so hard on developing new spells and other discoveries. However, her constant seek for acknowledgement may cost her more than she is willing to pay... She has moved from Tegucigalpa to Guatemala City in order to act with the Knights. Her natural skills are intelligence, foreseeing, stamina and  sorcery. Together with Melchior and Thalas, they form the mastermind trio of the group. Even though she is a bit lonely and sad, considering her parents died due to the Hurricane Mitch, which destroyed Honduras, deep down she is a good girl... Specially when Thalas is nearby.

Age: 8 Years
Birthday: August 23rd (Virgo)
Country: Guatemala
Like(s): Chocolate, Swimming, Butterflies, Ladybugs and Arts
Dislike(s): Liers and Bullies
Relatives: María Moon'Seeker (mother), Elethriel Moon'Seeker (Father, deceased), Anael Moon'Seeker (older brother)
Color(s): Light Pink, Pink, Baby Blue, Turquoise

About Altagracia:

Anael's younger sister is his greatest treasure and an impressive brave-heart, which she proved being while fighting with Kaiser. She became a Knight by a twist of fate - when Kimi was recovering himself from Kaiser's possession, Altagracia discovered their secret as Knights, and promised not telling anyone under one condition - if Kimi made her dream of becoming a witch true, she'd keep herself in silence. Seeing no other option, the Finnish gave her powers over light and a witch outfit. Altagracia's natural skills are intelligence, observance and magic domineering. Her element is Light, and she acts like the Healer of the group, for her magical abilities are more effective if used this way. She can conjure light rays and other light-based attacks. She is often seen near Kimi, Melchior or Kaiser, as the Violent Magical Response, or with Maya, as the Yin-Yang magical Response/ Summoner Response.