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~ Versions ~

Certainly, you may be wondering about this page; it is about the disguised version of each Blue Moon Knight. The profiles often show each Knight in their civilian form. This page is dedicated to each Blue Moon Knight costumed outfits, and its possible changes throughout the series.

 -Elite Dragon-
(Anael Moon' Seeker)

The first version of Anael's outfit gives 
him some power besides his physical
strength: here, his stamina is increased,
and he is able to conjure a sword. Also, 
electrical powers start to appear...
Anael's second outfit is the one for
which we know him as 'Elite Dragon'.
His electrical powers are much more 
enhanced,and he gains the ability
of flying and night vision.

 - Electro Archer -
(Thalas-Juán Dharalion)

Thalas' first outfit is not that powerful,but
it can be proven handful: like Anael, he receives
an enhance in his natural quality, which is
speed.Also, he may be able to conjure 4 to 10
throwing daggers.
Thalas' second outfit is the one
 for which we know him as the 
'Electro Archer'. He is able to 
conjure a bow and arrows instead 
of throwing daggers. He also becomes 
twice as faster and observant.
His arrows are particularly stronger
 if combined with some of Anael's

- Elemental Alchemist -
(Melchior Raven-Hayes) 

Melchior's first outfit proves to be  handful 
in most of the situations, due to the power
increase given to Melchior. Also, the Salvadorian
knows how to use the powers of the robe,
which gives him some enchanted jewels and
a crystal ball. His line of sight is sharpened
and improved with this outfit.

Melchior's second outfit focus on his
magical abilities.The Salvadorian hero 
can use a lot more spells than before,
and his crystal ball also gives him some
clairvoyant traits.His attack spells
are based on Fire, Earth, Water and Air -
the four basic elements in Alchemy -, 
and he can also conjure magic shields 
(which are not as strong as Kimi's).

 - Ice Guardian -
(Kimi Das Vaali)

This outfit is similar to every Elven 
Guardian's,which was Kimi's job in his
elven society.The Shaman- -Stone gives 
him control over ice and snow,
so he is able to summon shivers and
 avalanches, if he wants. Also, his 
Halberd works as an enchanted staff:
when hitting the ground, ice shards 
appear and can be controlled by
Kimi's will. 
Kimi's Second Outfit is related
 to his magical element - instead of
 his Guardian outfit, this set
enhances his icy powers, giving
him a whole new set of
offensive and support ice spells,
along with eye-color changing before
casting more powerful spells.
However, this form is triggered
by Kimi's hate towards his enemy,
and it gets blocked by his feelings
of sadness and regret...

 - DarkStalker -
(Kaiser Das Vaali)

This outfit is similar to every Elven 
Guardian's,but with modified colors
to symbolize Kaiser as a dead man (in his 
elven society, Lilac and Purple
are the colors of the dead). His 
Shaman--Stone gives him more 
speed,strength and basic Darkness 
powers (such as invisibility) -
but he is not able to summon strong 
spells. He uses his knuckles as
his weapon,just like Anael.

Kaiser's Second Outfit gives him
full control of Void instead of Darkness 
(Maya's element). He receives a black
sword, improved ability to see on darker 
places, invisibility, more stamina and
strength. However, like his brother's powers, 
his outfit only responds at full throttle if Kaiser 
feels sad and useless. Still it is unknown which
feeling blocks Kaiser's powers...

 - Lotus Flower -
(Altagracia Moon'Seeker)

This outfit is Altagracia's standard
clothes as Lotus Flower. It gives her 
the control over Light and the ability
to cast Healing spells (with or without 
the sceptre). It also enhances her observing 
skills, making her twice as attentive and sharp 
as before.

 - Black Witch -
(Maya Altahuela)
Maya's first outfit grants her
darkness powers and the ability
to cast some necromantic spells.
Also,she can shape-shift herself
 into some reptilians,such
as Crocodiles, Komodo Dragons,
Cobras and even Lizards.

Maya's second outfit grants her
more control over Darkness; however,
she loses the ability to conjure undead.
Instead, she can use the undead's essence
on her behalf, using souls and ghosts as
swords and shields. She is also able to
conjure animal spirits and control the
Four Elements... If combined with Darkness.