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Hello Everyone!

After a while, I finally devised a logo for The Blue Moon Knights Balam'Uh (the upcoming retelling). It was supposed to be different than the classic version was, but the elements I was using (hieroglyphs of  "Moon" and "Jaguar" in Maya) were making the logo too polluted and not giving the idea I wanted. I decided to go for something simple and that would give the idea I wanted.

Here are the results:

Positive (Black Filling) Balam'Uh's logo version.

Negative (white filling) Balam'Uh's logo version.

I am currently working on the missing Covers AND missing concept arts and such. I will also devise pictures for the spin-off posts (such as the Summer Summits, Journals, etc.) in order to give this blog a bit more life as it goes through the revamps. I hope to give you a layout sneak peek still in this year, along with the other components of the new devised visual identity. I hope you like it!

Stay tuned for more!



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