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Hello Everyone!

As I promised when talked about the Ninth and Final Season, I am working on a re-telling of the Blue Moon Knights: Blue Moon Knights Balam'Uh.

The essence of TBMK will be preserved, but a lot of things related to the supernatural myths and cosmologies will be better explained and even changed in terms of background to fit the needs of the retelling. Some events that happened in the classic series might be referenced  in the new series; however, it might not be exactly the same as featured in the classic series.

TBMK Balam'Uh will be available at Patreon for a fee; I am also thinking on working on improved e-book versions of the Classic series AND the possibility of doing a game. For those things to happen, Patreon will be sort of a financial aid. I'll charge a fair price for comic book chapters there and offer it in different languages for you to have a choice.

I also will produce more images and work on a second project, also available in Patreon and with a Blog and Facebook page of its own. I'll give more updates to you as soon as I have them.

Stay tuned for more, and thank you for all your support!

Iridium Blade.


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