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Opening October!

Hello Everyone!

So... The Knights' Seasons are over and I come here with some changes to tell you about:

1. The Blue Moon Knights visual identity will suffer changes: and that includes, finally, the Blog! Since May and June, I've been working on a visual identity for the Blue Moon Knights' series and I intent to display it here. I have several ideas for the blog template and I am working on them.

2. The Download the Seasons page will be reformed: and that means NO SEASON WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD. As of today, all downloadable links will be revoked and the written versions will be only available in the Blog for reading. The downloadable versions will mostly be available via Patreon when the upcoming changes are made. The Language choices will remain the same and others might be added to the floor.

Also, Season Nine's synopsis has been added.

3. The Development of Balam'Uh will continue: right now, I am working on conceptual parts, which will make the first Season slightly different from classic, and some pages might be dedicated to it in the near future.

These are the news I have for now! Stay tuned for more!

Iridium Blade.


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