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— Overlord, Overloaded —

Melchior rapidly drew iridiscent chains to hold the Soul Spheres to the ground and avoid the dragging; the Gates were unleashing the darkest of energies, swallowing light and feeding the foul forces of death and darkness.

Elemental Alchemist raised an iridiscent dome to protect himself and his friends’ souls; he looked into the Gates and saw countless eyes and limbs in the dark. He gasped. “They are too many…”. He thought. “They are too many… And there won’t be reinforcements…I am on my own”.

An eerie noise of something at the verge of breaking caught Melchior’s attention; the chains holding the Soul Spheres were about to yield, and Elemental Alchemist sighed, strangely aware and serene with it. He looked at the Gates once more and he saw weird, hellish and nightmarish creatures howling and coming out of the Gates.

“Guys…” He said, looking at the Spheres. “I am sorry. I am so, so sorry… I’ll bring you back… Even if it means my own death!”

Melchior shrunk his dome and repeated the same ritual he did with Mary Hellheim; as the dome stopped protecting the Soul Spheres, their chains yielded and ruptured, leaving the remains of the fallen Knights back to the dreadful dragging; Melchior breathed deeply  as he saw the first horde of underworld creatures coming out of their lair.


The Heart of Guatemala mixed its energy with Melchior’s and the iridiscent energy beam hit the foul forces with full throttle; as Melchior kept the Mana flux going, the quintessence overflown caused the demise of countless creatures, whose agonizing howls and screams echoed through. Still, Elemental Alchemist saw the Souls of his friends moving faster and faster towards the Gates, which weren’t even near closing point.

Melchior then concentrated all his Mana in that effort; with his arms wide open and his eyes at verge of closing, he transformed his iridiscent power influx into a large barrier, which he pushed against the Gates; he began to feel drained and weak, and his breath became uneasy as proof of how tired we has.

“Just…A bit…More!” He thought. “I am almost there… Almost… There!”. He took a deep breath and shouted. “FOR THE BLUE MOON KNIGHTS, FOR THE MAYA, FOR THE GUATEMALA AND ALL LIFE!

The Heart of Guatemala glew the brightest and lend Melchior the rest of its power; the Shaman-Stone shattered when Melchior was able to stop the dragging effect of the Gates; with a huge, loud bang the energy spread all around him, covering the borders of Mary Hellheim’s domains in iridescente light. Then, everything seemed lighter and there was no floor to step on; Melchior felt part of his skin ripping apart and wounds opening as his power was completely out of control. His body began to float and he could see the remaining pieces of the Heart of Guatemala floating around him. He also could see the Soul Spheres of his friends, which seemed far away from him.

“So… That’s it, then.”. He serenely whispered, completed exhausted. “I… I did it, after all… For the first time in forever, I didn’t…Mess things up.”

The Soul Spheres began to flutter towards him and Melchior sadly smiled and slowly blank his eyes.

“I… I am so tired, you guys…”. He whispered. “Anael, I am sorry… I broke the Heart. I couldn’t… The power was… Too much. I needed Kukulkan’s help to get there again… To become… Overcharged…”

The Spheres fluttered around him, but they weren’t close enough for Melchior to touch. His smile began to fade as tears came towards his face; more wounds were opened in his arms, legs and torso. Though he was feeling massive pain, he had no strength to scream in agony. He only had enough strength to keep floating and looking at the very core of each of his best friends.

“I was always the outcast.” He whispered. “I was always the weird thing, the talented person people could… Use for their own gain. But then… Then… You appeared in my life.” Tears began to roll from his face and float into little water drops. “You all gave me a purpose and a whole new identity… I was no longer a slave, a freak, a supernatural weird thing… I was… I became… Somebody. I became the mastermind… The mischievous one… The magician… Elemental… Alchemist.”

It became harder and harder for him to breathe; his vision became blurry and the Soul Spheres near him seemed to be fainting. he slowly blank, sighed and tried to breathe once again. More tears began to roll off his face.

"Hang on... A bit... More." Melchior said. "I... I beseech you... Don't leave me... Not now... I... I can save you."


The loud noise of the closing Gates paralyzed Mirabelle's commitive at the very gates of the Necropolis; a huge tide of darkness and iridiscent light were trying to engulf each other in an endless fight; Ushuriel looked around and a new battalion of undead forces appeared from the dreadful houses, gathering at the main road ahead. Ushuriel took a close look to the iridiscent energy and realized it felt somewhat familiar — and he grinned as he realized that.

“Melchior is still fighting!” He growled. “Let’s give them hell, folks!”

Mirabelle and Ushuriel rallied the arcane and vampiric troops towards Mary Hellheim’s final army, shattering their unholy bones as they hissed and tried to bite them with their sharp, long fangs or slice their bodies with dreadful, bony swords.

Mirabelle realized there were zombies and lesser vampires on that battalion and she personally sought their demise; she scorched their pitiful, suffering bodies with fire and shattered what was left of their rotten flesh with strong energy beams.

As they defeated their enemies, they moved forward and gained more and more terrain; as the main road gave the path towards Mary Hellheim’s antechambers, the Warlocks and Vampires sought to lose no more time and get inside her domains as soon as possible.

“The Danish Demon’s antechambers are over there! Move, move!” Mirabelle shouted as she scorched her last foe. “We have no time to lose!”

Ushuriel and Mirabelle took the front stand once more and destroyed the gates sealing Mary Hellheim’s chambers; as they entered the terrain floor of her large towers, they realized it was empty — and there was no way out.

“Damnit!” Ushuriel shouted. “Dead end!”

“Let’s search!” Mirabelle commanded. “Search the shelves, the floor and the walls! There must be a lever or something leading to a secret chamber. Let’s hurry up! My son’s life and the future of our world are on the balance as we speak!”

The arcane commitive began to sweep and search Mary’s lair; they turned carpets over, removed books from shelves, climbed the stairs looking for teleports and levers, anything that could hint a hidden place.

As they were searching, Ushuriel felt something uneasy in the air; he began to feel the sense of pressure coming from every direction — something he hadn’t noticed before.

“Guys!” He shouted with concern. “Something is wrong here!”

Before Ushuriel could say anything else, the ground began to tremble; something began to crumble downstairs and he rushed to protect everyone. They looked up and they saw the tower being unmade by the iridiscent force above. Their countenances were taken by awe and fascination as they saw the tower’s structures being devoured by Melchior’s immense power.

“What’s this?!” One of the Vampires asked. “Is that the Half-Breed’s blood?”

Mirabelle looked forward and she realized it wasn’t only the tower being wiped out: the paviment of the Necropolis was also being engulfed, and the smaller, lighter objects, like books, curtains and even the canopy bed which Mary used to lie down were being dragged up towards the iridiscent matter only to crumble and disappear in the form of small energy spheres.

“My son… What are you doing?”. Mirabelle whispered. “What’s the meaning of all of this?”


Melchior’s cloak had been almost completely torn; its pieces were fluttering away with the Soul Spheres nearby; some of his wounds became deeper in cut and blood began to float in larger drops as Melchior’s strength began to fade away.

“What can I do?” Melchior whispered. “What can I do to save you? What can I do to make up for all I did and for the corruption I brought to our world?”

He looked at the core of his friends’ existance; he realized they were suffering and they hadn’t much time left at that form. He placed his hands over his chest in the exact position where lied his heart; he slowly blank and kept looking at the fluttering spheres; other parts of his clothing began to tear and float altogether in a mix of materials and colours.

“Since I used every ounce of Mana I had to fight…” He whispered mischievously. “…I…I’ll make my ultimate sacrifice…”

He pressed both hands against his chest and concentrated what he had left of powers to remove something; he began to feel a warmth below his hands and his chest glew brighter. Little by little, he removed a large sphere from inside his body. It was, at first, a dark sphere; however, it didn’t take too long for it to show various hints of different colours and change into a iridiscent form, similar to the energy surrounding him.

“So… That’s how…My soul…Looks like…” Melchior whispered as he felt life leaving his body. “It is… More beautiful… Than I thought… It would be.”

He smiled and let his soul flutter away and shine brighter; his vision became even blurrier and began to darken. By the time he did it, most of the Necropolis had already been wiped out; finally, Mirabelle and Ushuriel could see their son: however, their joyful countenances were soon replaced by horror and sadness as they realized their son would never be healed from his wounds.

“I give this to you… I give my soul to the Gods… So that… Everything… Goes back to… The way it should… Always have been.”

Melchior looked to his left and he saw his parents and the late reinforcements that joined them; he smiled at them and his gaze bid them all the warmest of farewells. Mirabelle’s eyes widened as she realized what Melchior did.

“MELCHIOR, NO!” She screamed with all the strength of her lungs. “NO! NO, MY BABY! STOP! PLEASE, I BESEECH YOU!”

Elemental Alchemist exaled and closed his eyes; his Soul Sphere shone brighter and everything was engulfed by the iridiscent matter, which travelled far across Mary Hellheim’s territory and spread over everything it could reach on Earth, fulfilling Melchior’s deathwish.

As the iridiscent light crossed the surface of earth, Melchior’s best memories were shown around; he reminisced the first time he encountered both Anael and Thalas, and how the latter did not accept him at first; he remembered the first reunion he had with Kimi after years without seeing him and how they defeated Eclipse after Maya and Jasmine’s release from her spell and after Iracema’s demise.

He cherished the memories of how the Knights became stronger after the Templar Dragon’s plot of intrigue and deceit failed, and how he saw Maya reborn from darkness stronger and better than when Chalchiutlicue took over her body and mind; he savoured the moment he confessed his feelings to Allegra and got corresponded just as much as he cared and wished he was more straight-forward regarding his relationship with Jasmine, who he believed he had loved the most in his life.

He then saw himself running towards his friends, who seemed to be running towards their place in the afterlife; he ran until his friends looked back at him and offered their hands to help a already tired Melchior to reach them.

He saw all those things… And then everything went dark and he could no longer see, hear or feel anything. He would neither know whether his wish was or wasn’t fulfilled nor if he’d ever be acknowledged for his heroic deeds. After all, he was the magician, the mastermind, the king of mischief. He had existed, been enslaved and freed and died a glorious death, and that was all that there was to it.

The End?


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