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— Eternal Oblivion —

Kukulkán heard Melchior's prayers as he was involved by his magical wings; his body was healed and his garnments were renewed as the Heart of Guatemala had glown brighter. A blast of turquoise enrgy hit Mary Hellheim and made the Gates of the Underworld restless; the Necromancer fell on the floor and slided for a few meters, tearing parts of her clothing and opening wounds on her back.

"Curse you!" Mary Hellheim growled in pain. "You will not defeat me!"

The Danish Demon stood up only to be hit by another turquoise beam of pure energy, putting away the black fire that covered her body. She angrily hit her fist on the ground, raising a small army of a dozen Zombies; Melchior gasped and conjured Lightning to surround his body. As before, both Zombies and Melchior charged against each other. As Melchior electrocuted and shattered each Zombies' body, Mary Hellheim had enough time to stand up and find a way to blackmail Melchior.

"Stop hiding behind minions!" Elemental Alchemist shouted, throwing energy beams at the Zombies. "Fight me at once!"

"You shouldn't keep doing this!" She grinned. "After all... I have the ones you hold the dearest."

Melchior gasped; Mary Hellheim crossed her arms above her chest and six spheres were floating around her, each one of them had different colours and traits. He felt the lack of ability to speak as Mary looked at him triumphantly.

"You know what are these, don't you?" Mary grinned.

The spheres began fluttering around the Danish Demon; one was pale blue coloured, almost white, with blizzard following its fluttering pattern; another one was dark with hints of purple, indigo and lilac looking like a dark, starless night. One of the spheres looked slightly bigger than the others, shining in a baby pink tone and drawing energy butterflies as it fluttered from one side to the other. Tears came to his face as he identified the awkwardly familiar spheres.

"These are..." Melchior gasped at the verge of crying. "These are...The Soul Spheres... Of my friends." He frowned his brow in anger as tears rolled through his face.

The other three ones were easy to identify; one glew in turquoise and petroleum blue tones with lightning coming across it. The other one was similar to "the starless night one" with the addition of searing ruby flames swirling around it. The last one was an emerald sphere with hints of wood and vines holding it tight like chains.

"Correct." Mary coldly replied with a smile. "All of them. Kimi, Kaiser, Altagracia... Anael, Maya and Thalas. All your deceased friends are here. Surrender now or I'll destroy their souls as sacrifice to the mighty Gates!"

Melchior showed his canines to the Danish Demon; he held the Heart of Guatemala knowing that his next move had to be thought carefully. "I cannot let her continue with her plans...". He thought. "But I cannot let her alive; I need to find a way to...".

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Then, he slowly opened them and looked straight to Mary Hellheim.

"Save their souls!" He screamed.

Melchior concentrated all his power in a multitude of elemental spells; he began with fire to repel his friends' Soul Spheres and lead them elsewhere, leaving Mary Hellheim on her own; she responded with darkness, trying to engulf the flames near her; Elemental Alchemist, however, repelled her foul flames with a large tide of freezing water, washing the corruption away.

"Argh!" Hellheim screamed, defenseless against the raging waters.

The Danish Demon stood up furious, conjuring four skeletons to her aid; she gasped as she tried to regain breath; Melchior involved his hands in lightning and shattered the skeletons; Mary Hellheim took advantage of the brief time of distraction and hit Melchior with a fierce darkness beam and Elemental Alchemist fell heavily on the ground.

He gasped and hit the ground with his fist and large spikes made out of hardened, sharp stones arose and forced the Danish Demon to back down; Melchior stood up in pain and conjured a large energy ball, throwing it at Mary Hellheim, who tried to raise a forcefield and ended up losing her scepter, which was hit by Melchior's spell.

"Surrender!" Melchior screamed, throwing fire and energy balls against her. "Give up and leave my friends alone!"

Fire and Energy were mixed together and a ghostly-like sphere of pure Mana was created; it hit Hellheim mercilessly and its energy was spread across the floor and reached the Gates, feeding it. The markings became brighter and the fallen Blue Moon Knights' Spheres became somewhat restless.

"Oh, no!" Melchior whispered.


Mirabelle and Ushuriel finally made past the Lightning Summits area, standing near the courtyard of Equilibrium Temple; the sense of dread and grief took their countenances as they had seen the remains of Elite Dragon laying on the sandy ground. Ushuriel noticed the abscence of the Heart of Guatemala on him.

As they reached the courtyard, Mirabelle noticed something odd about the Temple ahead; it looked like an abandoned, ancient Gothic structure made out of marble, sandstone, cobblestone and other darker stones dividing the structure in half, being one part lighter and the other one darker. As she focused her attentions to it, Melchior's mother noticed a faint purple glow coming from its seemingly open doors.

"Something's odd there." She declared.

"What?" Ushuriel asked. "What do you mean?"

"I think there's something inside." Mirabelle replied, pointing at the Temple's doors. "Maybe it is a... Welcome committee or something."

"Agreed." Ushuriel replied as he clenched his fists and took several steps forward. Then, he looked back at the other Warlocks and Vampires behind. "Mirabelle and I will enter there; at least three or four of you should come. The rest should stay behind and patrol this courtyard. We don't know if the Danish Demon has a trap set for us."

The committee agreed and two Warlocks and one Vampire stepped forward to follow Melchior's parents. They reached the Temple's entrance without problems and opened the large, ancient gates; Ushuriel and the other two Warlocks grabbed one of the doors and forced its opening allowing them all to pass. The door opened slowly and loudly and the small group entered into the darkness ahead.

Mirabelle conjured a small energy ball to lighten the place up; the other two Warlocks did the same and the Temple interior became more visible; there were two lines of large, empty and dented benches ahead of them, leading towards an abandoned altar; the faint light was sitting above the altar, and it converted itself in a small amount of old books.

"What the...?" Mirabelle asked as she slowly came closer to the altar.

The group reached the altar with caution and grabbed the books; Mirabelle opened it and started to analyze its content.The book was written in an ancient, non-intelligible language and decipted images of spheres and a large skull Gate; Mirabelle’s eyes widened in both distress and confusion as she tried to give that book some sort of sense.

“What’s that all about?” She asked out loud.

“What?” One of the Warlocks asked. “Do you find it awkward too?”

“Yes… And no.” Mirabelle replied. “This image… These gates… They seem…”

“…Familiar.” Ushuriel finished the sentence. “These gates are completely familiar, at least for me: these are the Gates to the Underworld, the ultimate barrier between this world and Xibalba.”

“What?!” The other Vampire inquired. “Are these… The Gates?! The actual gates to the home of Camazotz and Mictlantecutli?”

“Yes, and the home to other Gods as well.” Ushuriel replied. “This is a bad sign… This means…”

“That’s what Hellheim was trying the whole time!” The other Warlock replied. “She wants to open the Gates! Is she insane?! It will bring destruction to our world! Life and Death will mean the same and time itself will be ripped apart! It will be the doom and ruin of everything we know, and what for?”

Mirabelle hoved the pages ahead and found an image that seemed more recent than all others in that book: the image of a fair, young Vampire woman beside a fair Warlock, who Mirabelle immediately identified as Mary Hellheim.

“So that she can be united with her lifelong companion and make themselves goddesses.” Mirabelle coldly and disturbedly replied. “She wants to get the remaining parts of Willow’s Soul Sphere and bring her back to life.”

“It says it is needed strong life essences to open the Gates.” One of the Warlocks said. “Where would she get those?”

“The Elemental Lords.” Mirabelle replied shutting the book and putting it on the altar.

“…And Melchior.” Ushuriel finished. “She believes their Soul Spheres are strong enough to do her bidding. Our time is the shortest, we have to move out and stop her! Now!”

The small group raced out of the Temple and met the rest of the committee; Mirabelle quickly reported her findings to the rest of the group and hasten all of them towards the Necropolis. Now, Melchior’s mother knew more than ever the dire peril her son was at; hoping to find at least Thalas alive with him, she guided the Warlock and Vampire commitive towards their final destination and hopefully to Mary Hellheim’s demise.


Melchior felt power pumping his veins stronger than before; he was alive and tired, but his body was healing better than before; he continued to merge Elements as he fought Hellheim; he mixed earth with fire and a blazing metal ball smashes the soil near Hellheim and casted her upwards; she fell and hit the ground and tried to conjure more and more minions, but eventually began to feel sore and tired.

“You are doomed, Hellheim!”

Elemental Alchemist, on the other hand, felt more and more powerful; his Mana was surrounding him and giving Melchior an eerie appearance. Mary Hellheim stood on her knees and her eyes widened.

Elemental Overlord…” She whispered. “He’s doing that again… I… I know what I must do.”

Melchior placed a mana flux around him, preparing himself for his ultimate spell; as his power came closer to the zenith, he became unaware of his surroundings; that gave Mary Hellheim enough time to do her ultimate move.

“I’ll cast your friends into the abyss and I go with them!” She screamed. “GATES OF THE UNDERWORLD, ACCEPT MY HUMBLE SACRIFICE AND CAST THE WORLD IN ETERNAL NIGHT!


Melchior threw the large flux of iridescent energy towards Mary Hellheim, who pulled a dagger and staked her own heart; her body was mercilessly hit and her body hit the gates; her Soul Sphere’s energy spread across the gates and the worst happened as Melchior began to regain consciousness over his moves and deeds.

The Gates to the Underworld were opened and his friends’ Soul Sphere were being dragged towards it.

To be Continued…


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