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— Vengeance —

Melchior was completely alone; he left the Groundshaker Crater only to find himself immersed in complete silence. He held the Heart of Guatemala in complete state of desolation as he looked back to the road from which he came. Elemental Alchemist started to realize his friends were no longer there; as he turned back to the path ahead, leading to a cave and possibly to the gates of Mary Hellheim's Necropolis, he became more and more aware of the fact he was now threading his path alone.

"It's all... My fault." He thought as he walked closer and closer to the cave ahead. "I... I inflated everyone with such trust that I...". He opened his mouth to talk his thoughts out. "I rallied them all to their demise." Tears began to fall from his face as he entered the darkness ahead. "I... I am the only one to blame! I am cursed... Half-Breed... Why do I keep living?! What's all of that for?!"

"So... you are beginning to give up." Mary Hellheim's voice echoed through the dark cavern. "Have you come to realize how futile your mission has been so far?"

"Hellheim!" Melchior shouted through the dark. "Show your face at once! Let's finish this! I am here! Come at me!"

"Tsc, tsc, tsc... Always underestimating your foes." Mary Hellheim replied. "You are alone and weakened by all this fighting. I no longer see you as a threat, but I am still interested on how far your powers go. After all, you saw through some of my most complex charades at this realm. You are a remarkable foe. Move forward and meet me at my Necropolis, if you still wish to fight. You can always try to run backwards, but... I don't think it will be a wise decision..."

She laughed at Elemental Alchemist, who grinned and frowned his brows in anger. He began to run and the cavern's walls began to glow and reveal skeletons attached to its walls, whose bones began to glow in a purple tone revealing the road ahead for Melchior to pass. Never in his life had Elemental Alchemist felt so much anger and hatred towards someone. Though his heart was dominated by grief, he felt he had no other options than move forward and finish what he and Hellheim started months ago.


On the meantime, Ushuriel and Mirabelle's commitive had already crossed the Blizzard Wastes; their path was paved with the bodies and frozen remains of the fallen minions of the Danish Demon. The Warlocks and the Vampires looked at the scene somewhat confused.

"This was not what I was expecting." One Warlock in a blue gown  said. "These guys... They are strong!"

"And they grew stronger over time." Ushuriel replied. "Seven youngsters were able to wreck havoc on a very well-guarded stronghold."

"At the cost of their lives... I presume." Another Warlock, a beautiful copper-skinned female dressed in purple commented. "Look at that pond!"

The Warlock woman pointed at the shattered frost dome around the pond; the group of Mana warriors saw the frozen tentacles of a massive creature; those that did not feel the sense of dread preventing them to move forward could see the shape of a lifeless human being holding one of the tentacles. Mirabelle and Ushuriel knelt down on the freezing pond to give a better look at it.

"It's Kimi." Ushuriel sadly said. "The one chosen to be Ice Elemental Lord..."

"He certainly chose to use all his powers to stop this creature and save his friends." Mirabelle said with tears in her eyes. "Poor young man... We must... We must keep going! We might find them roaming nearby!"

The arcane commitive agreed; Warlocks and Vampires stepped away from Ice Guardian's freezing tomb and moved rightwards, following the trail of cold dead bodies to the roads of Dark Blaze Steppes.


Melchior's road ended near the gates of the Necropolis; the dreadful dark walls looked ten times bigger than before, measuring more than fourty meters in height; the gates had the shape of a sinister, blueish grey skull with large teeth. He took a deep breath and let the rage and grief pump his veins one more time.

"Stop HIDING!" He growled, conjuring a massive stone, which he ingulfed in flames and threw at the very gates.

The first assault damaged the gates; the left bottom part of it fell and burned with it. He repeated the action and the next burning stone rammed the other part down, leaving only the upper right  and the bottom left parts of the skull. He conjured an even bigger stone and rammed the gates down, revealing the Necropolis he once saw.

"Demon, I am home!" He ironically shouted as he walked towards the Necropolis. "Come here and fight!"

He heard mad, shrieking laughter coming from all directions as a response; he grinned as he saw hordes of purple skeletons and Darkness Elementals coming towards him.

"How wonderful... Here we go again!" He spoke in a grin tone. "Come at me, then! Let's see how many fall before I do!"

As he said that he ran towards the mob and stomped the ground, raising earth and stone as sharp stakes to pierce and tear his foes apart; the first mob got startled and ran away from him in fear, shouting loudly for anyone to hear. Melchior, however, still wasn't satisfied; he ignited his hands and burned the fleeing hordes. Those which withstood the flames were frozen by his breath as he blew the coldest of winds; most Darkness Elementals were frozen up and Melchior used his scepter to break the ice and shatter their existance.

Elemental Alchemist was furious, using all elements to do his bidding and eliminating everything on his sight.

"Wow...Such fury!" Mary Hellheim's voice echoed, but seemed much closer than before. "I can see your soul is tormented... And you are eager to end this torment, aren't you?"

The last Blue Moon Knight grunted and kept destroying all foes in his way.

"I seek to END YOUR MISERABLE LIFE!" He angrily growled. "I seek to end YOUR torment and your reign of terror or die trying! Come and face me!"

Melchior conjured a spire of fire and razed the last dread battalion to dust; he puffed and breathed with difficulties as the curtain of fire rose. He could no longer hear the voice of Mary Hellheim. Instead, he heard the agonizing cries of his remnant foes. When all noise stopped, Melchior made the flames disappear and saw two lines of dreadful skeletons and Darkness Elementals standing by. The two rows were facing each other and someone began to appear in the horizon, walking between them.

It was a middle-aged white woman with black, straight, medium-length hair with a large white hair lock, all combed up in a hive-like hairdo. Her eyes were glowing in a bloody red tone; she was dressed in a black, medieval-like dress with golden details. There was a scepter with a skull tip on her left hand and a darkened crystal ball on her right hand. She was grinning at Melchior, and it became clear to him it was Mary Hellheim.

"Fine. As you wish." She said. "I'll accept your rematch. After all, you deserve a chance to die fighting like your friends did."

To Be Continued...


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