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— Tragedine of Heavens —

Kaiser began to dream, at last; after several hours or maybe days of intense fighting he finally fell asleep as he used to back in Guatemala; as his mind began to rest, images begin to be shaped, molded and more prominent and defined.

DarkStalker was walking on a dark rain forest completely by himself; he was wandering on a muddy road as he heard the chanting of unseen birds and the growl of beasts far from him. As he kept walking, he saw a glade appearing on the horizon; he also saw his father, his mother and his brother, which were all now deceased; Kaiser smiled and ran towards them, not realizing a constant change on the environment around him.

"Kimi!" He elatedly shouted. "Brother, it's me! I am still here! I am still alive! Mom, dad!"

As Kaiser shouted for his late family, he realized their countenances showed no signs of happiness; indeed they were all looking at Kaiser with anger, displeased by seeing him there.

"You have failed us." Kaiser's father said. "You have done so more than once."

"W-What?" Kaiser gasped, shocked and confused. "What are you talking about?"

"How did your father and I died, my son?" Kaiser's mother inquired with a grin tone.

"You... and father...I..." Kaiser hesitated as his countenance went from elated to sad. "I... I never..."

Before he could say anything else, Kimi rushed towards him and rapidly twisted his arm, forcing DarkStalker to fall on his knees and scream in pain.

"You let them burn to death." Ice Guardian spoke in an eerie, gruesome tone. "You let them suffer for crimes YOU committed... For the things YOU did!"

"I...I just pushed the Prince!" Kaiser screamed in awe and shock. "I never meant for any of this to happen! He was a cruel being and he punished all of us! He punished me too! Don't you remember?!"

Kimi let his brother's arm go and stepped back; his eyes were shining in a cold tone of pale blue; Kaiser looked at his parents and he saw their bodies beginning to rot and burn before his very eyes. Ice Guardian, on the other hand, began to change in a different way.

"It seems that wasn't enough for you to learn..." He hissed as his voice became thicker and beastly. "You haven't learned a thing, Kaiser... You haven't learned at all about your mistakes..."

Kimi's clothes were stripped and torn away as his body became a mass of stone engulfed in freezing blue fire; his skin became dark stone and he gained a pair of horns and wings; he gained light blue claws and strange engravings in his hands. He grinned and showed shiny, sharp blue teeth with a pair of upper fangs.

"You do not belong in the world of the living!" The demonic form of Kimi growled. "You'll meet your final death today, Kaiser das Vaali!"

As he said that, Kaiser screamed and punched his own stomach in an attempt to wake up; he opened his eyes with a scream and found himself out of the abandoned manor; the streets were empty and he was all alone in the darkened roads. He looked back at the settlement and realized all doors and windows were closed.

"That's... Odd." He declared as he frowned his brows. "We had locked everything, and Melchior...!"

He then heard a loud shrieking noise; a large, dark fog appeared to his back, vanished and the sound of steps came out of it; Kaiser looked ahead and he realized his nightmare was only at its beginning.

"Oh, no!" He gasped. "She found a way inside our dreams too?!"


Altagracia found herself playing at the beach with his mother; the sight of María Moon'Seeker stripped out of her formal clothes and dressed in a colorful bath-suit was everything young Altagracia always wanted to witness. Finally they were having their mother and daughter time, and the young Blue Moon Knight didn't want to miss it.

"Mirad, mama! Mirad qué hermosa es esta concha!" Altagracia said as she raised a beautiful coloured shell towards her mother.

"Enhorabuena, mi amor!" María replied as she grabbed the shell. "Tienes un buen ojo!"

The Guatemalan diplomat looked at the shell with care; she admired the way light hit it and changed its colour as she moved the small sea jewel downwards and upwards.

"Oh! A iridescent one!" She said. "It is really a beautiful piece... Just like you..."

Altagracia smiled and hugged her mother; as she did that, she didn't pay attention to the changes happening at her environment. The white, gorgeous anf fluffy sand became darker and harder to step on; she felt her mother's arms holding her tighter than before; she opened her eyes and felt that something wasn't right.

"Mom...Mother!" Altagracia protested, worried. "What are you doing?"

"Why didn't you tell me?" Her mother's voice didn't sound as sweet and soothe as before. "Why did you become a Blue Moon Knight?!"

Altagracia began to feel smothered by her mother's embrace. She struggled to keep the embrace loose enough for her to breathe and reply.

"I...I had to!" Altagracia gasped as she tried to reply her angry mother. "Anael shouldn't fight alone! He was my hermano mayor, I didn't want us to grow apart!"

"You...You shouldn't have done this!" María's body began to change and twist as she tried to choke her own offspring. "Both of you are going to die because of this! You are going to lose your life because of you brother's reckless past-time activity! Give up of this and come home... With me!"

Maria released Altagracia only to place her hands tight in Altagracia's neck; as she did that Lotus Flower felt her mother's skin hotter, brittle and sharp, hurting her skin as she tried to get her off her neck.

"No...No!" Altagracia gasped and screamed. "Not like this! You are not mommy! And I will find a way to bring hermano mayor back to life! Young Moon, HEAR MY PRAYER!"

Maria's skin became dark stone with pink and red flames surrounding it and a pair of demonic wings and horns; Altagracia concentrated her will into her Quetzal marking, engulfing her into a light pink fog, pushing her false mother away. Altagracia opened her eyes and hear Kaiser scream as he was being beaten down by a resembling demonic Kimi. DarkStalker was crawling when Altagracia hit his foe and stunned him for a short while.

"Kai!" Altagracia screamed running towards him. "Are you okay?!"

"Run, Gracia, run!" Kimi gasped spitting blood. "It's Mary Hellheim's doing! Call for Thalas and Melchior!"

The demonic form of Kimi conjured a pair of warglaives and charge into Kaiser; he stood up and used his sword to block his foe's attacks. On the meantime Lotus Flower rushed to the settlement and saw and heard the forcefield breaking and shattering into large pieces like iridescent glass.

"Thalas! Melchior!" Altagracia screamed. "Help us! Help...!"

Altagracia was rudely interrupted by an energy beam; she was heavily struck and flew to the opposite direction fiercely hitting the ground; she felt her ribs beginning to shatter as she spit blood on the darkened road; she looked towards the beam's trajectory only to find the demonic form of her mother haunting her on the waking world.

"Damnit! Altagracia!" Kaiser ignored his foe and rushed to help the youngest of all Blue Moon Knights.

Altagracia stood up with difficulty only to be tossed out by another searing, green energy beam; Kaiser arrived at the site shortly after just to try piercing her body with his sword. The demonic creature screamed and turned her focus to Kaiser, tearing parts of his overcoat. Lotus Flower stood up once more; she was bleeding from her open wounds and breathing uneasily.

"Moon Heal!" She screamed as she raised her hands and let the Light involve her body and Kaiser's, healing most of their wounds.

DarkStalker lifted his sword to defend himself from demonic Maria; as for demonic Kimi, he blew cold winds towards the ground, creating a large ice rink line where both Blue Moon Knights slipped and fell on the ground; that fall caused a already weakened Altagracia to faint, leaving Kaiser alone to deal with two enemies at once.

"Thalas! Melchior!" Kaiser screamed as he fought both villains back. "Help me! Help us!"

"It's time for you to die..." Demonic Kimi said with a grin smile. "Your souls shall do our master's bidding..."


The Unholy Pit, Siberia, Russia

December 1st, 2013

A large commitive made out of five full Covens arrived at the Unholy Pit's entrance; a total of sixty brave Warlocks and Vampires were gathered to help with Mirabelle and Ushuriel's cause. Soloyev was finally fully healed and Balthazar joined the arcane army. Mirabelle and Ushuriel took six steps forward before talking.

"Once we enter here, we surrender our fates to the gods." Ushuriel said. "Those of you who don't think you got the nerves or the courage to continue, you may leave. However, you will have to deal with the aftermath of your sole choice. Can you live with it?"

Everyone in the mob agreed with the mightly Vampire's words.

"Fair enough." Ushuriel continued. "Remeber: there's no return once we enter. I hope you have all bid you farewells to those you love and care... And all that sentimental crap. Let's get going and give Mary Hellheim true hell!"

The crowd growled and charged with Melchior's parents as they entered the Unholy Pit; their thrist for revenge filled the dread halls with fury and might. The Warlocks and their fellow Vampires stormed out Danish Demon's territory's borders as they came to help the Blue Moon Knights, hoping to get to them on time...


Thalas and Melchior woke up with screams of agony and a sudden change in temperature; Elemental Alchemist was startled, running towards the entrance somehow knowing they were no longer safe.

"Kaiser?!" He screamed as he stormed from door to door. "Gracia?! Where are you?!"

"Outside!" Thalas' voice could be heard from afar. "They're outside!"

"What?!" Melchior inquired. "No way! No way, I sealed this place! They weren't supposed to..."

Thalas pointed towards the window and Melchior could see both Altagracia and Kaiser at dire peril; Anael's sister was fallen on the ground apparently unconscious while Kaiser was being beaten up by a demonic duo. Melchior gasped and stepped back.

"This is... Stuff of nightmares!" He gasped. "Thalas... Mary Hellheim... This reality... She's using our minds against us!"

"We have no time to lose!" The French Guatemalan replied, kicking the door ahead. "Let's go!"

"How wonderful..." Melchior sighed.

Electro Archer pulled his magical bow's string and shoot a powerful arrow at one of the demonic beings; who turned in his direction; he began to ran ahead and rightwards as he opened way for Melchior to shoot blaze at the other demonic being. Altagracia stood up at the limit of her strength and Kaiser stood on his knees as he spitted blood.

"Thanks to all gods you decided to wake up!" Kaiser harshly replied. "They came out of... Nowhere!"

DarkStalker stood up and Kimi's demonic form grinned; though Melchior was fighting it, he could
not stop his foe from shapeshifting into pure energy and charging straight for Altagracia's murder.

"ALTAGRACIA, LOOK OUT!" Kaiser screamed, running towards the girl.

"NO!" Altagracia shouted as she crawled to defend herself.

Kaiser threw himself on Altagracia and the demonic energy beam struck his body without mercy; his eyes widened, as he was unable to scream in pain; he fell on the ground and stood there paralyzed.

"Kai?! Kai!" Altagracia cried. "Please! Please wake up! Wake up!"

She shook his shoulders and got almost no response; Melchior ran towards him and DarkStalker began to rise up once again.

"Phew!" Melchior sighed with relief. "Thank all the gods you stood up! I thought she had gotten another one..."

Kaiser was standing up but he was no longer the same; he looked sadly at Melchior as his body began to change. He who once was solid rapidly became an elemental made out of black, purple and lilac fog. His eyes began to disappear and his body showed starlight inside it, as if we has part of outer space.

"I am... Going back to the Void..." He whispered. "She will destroy us inside out... If she must..." By the time he looked at Altagracia, his body was vanishing in the air like dust. "I am sorry, Gracia... I am not as strong as your brother... Sorry I could... Save us."

Kaiser closed his eyes and disappeared for good; Melchior looked a bit to his right and saw another altar with two hanging crystal balls; one was filled with dark fog and shattered a few moments after Kaiser's death. Melchior's eyes were filled with tears.

On the meantime, Thalas continued to fight the demonic form of Maria Moon'Seeker; he began to struggle as she came closer and closer to him.

"Melchior! Altagracia!" He shouted. "I need help!"

Those few seconds of distraction were all the demonic creature needed to become pure energy and charge towards Altagracia; she came so fast Melchior hadn't had the time to raise a protective wall; Altagracia was fiercely hit before their eyes and tossed a few meters away.

"Altagracia!" Both of them screamed as they ran to her aid.

They young Blue Moon Knight stood up in tears, putting her hands over her chest and crying.

"It..It hurts!" Altagracia cried. "Sorry...I am sorry!"

Instead of becoming dust like Kaiser, Lotus Flower's body became brighter and begin to shatter like glass.

"No..." Thalas gasped in tears. "Not like this..."

"Wait!" Melchior shouted. "I...I'll try to fix this! I'll try to heal you!"

Melchior conjured vines and leaves to cure Altagracia, but it was of no use; the vines couldn't keep her body together and she shattered into a lot of pieces, which became dust and were blown by the wind the same way as DarkStalker; Thalas looked at the altar furious, sad and desolated as the second crystal ball was filled with light pink fog and shattered a few seconds after her death.

"Your dreams are no safe places..." The Danish Demon's voice echoed through. "You are at MY domains, children. Five down... Two more to go! YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE THIS PLACE ALIVE, HAHAHAHAHAHA...!"

Mary Hellheim's wall looked incredibly closer as if it was at least one kilometer away; Melchior's head was bowed low and Thalas knelt on the floor and began punching it.

"Damn it! Damn it!" Melchior yelled as he raised his head to the sky. "We need backup! We cannot do this anymore! I want them back! I want all of them back! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS, HELLHEIM! MARK MY WORDS!"

To Be Continued...


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