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— Keeper of the Seven Keys: Lightining —

The pain of losing both Maya and Kimi on the same day was too much for the Blue Moon Knights to bear; Thalas was completely heartbroken with no solace, and Melchior wasn’t being able to cope with so much guilt. Hadn’t he had the idea of seek revenge for the fallen Elemental Lords, the new ones wouldn’t fall too. Once again the Ice Elemental Lord and the Fire Elemental Mistress laid eternal rest much prior to their time.

As Thalas began to get calmer, Anael and Altagracia helped him to stand up, and Kaiser went to Melchior.

“Don’t worry.” Kaiser kindly whispered. “It is not your fault, Melchior. We couldn’t know she’d use our foes from the past against us.”

“I…I know…” Melchior nodded, crying. “But… It’s so low! Such a dirty move, bro!” He wiped his tears and tried to stop sobbing. “I..First Kimi, and now…”

“Hold yourself together!” Thalas firmly spoke, interrupting both Melchior and Kaiser. “We have to keep moving. Melchior, guide us.”

Melchior nodded and took the front row of the group; Thalas did not lay a single look at Melchior while he moved forward, nor when he kept guiding them through that horrifying, nightmarish dimension that was Danish Demon’s domains.


November 15th, 2013

Warlock Court of Europe, 17h

It was a rainy Friday evening in the Warlock Court of Europe, located in the Baviera region of Germany; after weeks of discrete travel by regular human means, Mirabelle and Ushuriel finally arrived at the crossroads in the heart of the Black Forest, which gave access to the magical castle hidden through a magical dimensional shroud.

The charriot that led them to the almost untouchable, muddy path of leaves through the forest. As they arrived at the correct place, the charriot driver let them get out of the vehicle and he continued ahead.

"Will they help us?" Mirabelle asked feeling quite unsure.

"I hope so." Ushuriel replied. "There's no doubt Mary Hellheim is a threat to all of us, Warlocks and Vampires; her malpractices draw too much of unwanted attention to us... Let's think on what we are going to say when we advocate for this matter.”

“How do you think they are?” Mirabelle asked. “Melchior and his friends? Do you think…”

“Relax, wife!” Ushuriel interrupted as he held her shoulders. “They are going to be alright! They are the fiercest kids on the block, okay? They’ll kick Hellheim’s ass in no time!”

“They should have given news already…” Mirabelle gloomy replied. “It’s been almost two weeks!”

“Don’t worry!” Ushuriel replied as he guided her through the woods. “It is rumored that time goes by slower at Hellheim’s domains than anywhere else. They might be doing fine, my dear. Trust me. It’s Melchior and his friends we are talking about.”

Mirabelle nodded and followed her Vampire consort through the path through the woods; as they walked some bright, ancient markings appeared in the ground with different colours, each one representing an Element. As they walked a few meters inside a large gate appeared along with a large, German Gothic castle of dark cobblestone and garnet décor on the windows and tower roofs. The door were adorned with a large Celtic cross with other engravings; as the couple stepped near the staircase, the doors opened and two other elderly Warlocks appeared, one dressed in white and the other dressed in grenade.

“Mirabelle and Ushuriel… It’s been a long, long time.” The elder in white spoke. “I thought you had vanished since your last endeavour in… Where was it again?”

“Guatemala.” Mirabelle replied. “And yes, we are safe, sound and alive.”

“I suppose you have important matters to discuss here, am I right?” The elder in grenade intervened.
“Yes… As a matter of fact, we do.” Ushuriel replied. “We came to talk about Mary Hellheim… Or ‘Danish Demon’, as some prefer to say.”

The elders looked at each other with fright; then, they signed for both Mirabelle and Ushuriel to come. As they passed through the doors the rain intensified and the doors closed with the sound of a thunder following it.

“So… Is the Necromancer still alive and causing rabble?” The elder in grenade asked.

“Yes, she is… She tried to kill our son.” Mirabelle replied.

“You mean the Half-Breed?” The elder in white asked. “Melchior?”

“Yes, the very same.” Ushuriel replied. “She also caused the deaths of the Elemental Lords… A heinous crime against her own kind. Not to mention the murder of her Vampire companion.”

“Yes… Those are heavy crimes indeed.” The elder in grenade replied. “We were unsure whether she was living or dead, for she became more of a legend than a real person herself. There is a small gathering happening at one of the Covens near the Carpathians… I’ll summon them and then try to reach other Warlocks across the globe.”

“She is not the first Necromancer to give us trouble.” The elder in white spoke again. “There were others in different ages that attempted to do what she does, but Mary Hellheim is a prodigy and a symbol of her kind. Her mastery of the dark arts surpasses her masters by far, and I wonder what she is trying to unveil at her large Necropolis…”

Mirabelle and Ushuriel looked at each other with concern as the two Elders guided them to one of the largest ballrooms inside the castle; they then waited for the elders to summon the nearby Warlocks for the most important of the gatherings to begin…


The sound of static began to overcome the mourning silence bestowed upon the Blue Moon Knights' raid; the skies were now cloudy and the clouds shone in tones of lilac, grey and blue. The wind blew stronger and the soil was sandy and greyish white. There were a few settlements made out of fossilized haystacks in the shapes of half coconuts turned downwards, located in high, yet short-wide plateaus of about fifty to a hundred meters in height; the highest plateau was hidden amongst the dense and darkest clouds, and there were several encarved stairs in each of the plateaus."Mary Hellheim's wall seemed even closer than before, and it could be seen on the horizon.

"So... You've made thus far. Impressive." The Danish Demon's voice echoed through. "You tamed the Blizzard Wastes and conquered the Dark Blaze Steppes... Let's see how you fare against the inhabitants of Lightning Summits. You should all surrender, you know. Your deaths wouldn't be so painful and agonizing as they are."

"You will fall, wretched monster!" Anael angrily hissed. "We won't surrender to your hateful schemes and purposes! Blue Moon Knights, on me!"

Anael charged and flew towards the closest plateau to his right, holding Altagracia on his arms; Melchior conjured a flying carpet for Thalas and Kaiser to ride along with him; Elite Dragon was holding the grip of his Sapphire Sword with fury and strength; As he saw the top of the plateau, he landed instantly and gently put Altagracia on the ground just to charge at the electrified skeletons and the Zombified Warlocks that were there.

At that point, he began to feel tired; his vision became blurry and his sword and armour felt much heavier than before. They had absolutely no idea of the time that had passed since they entered into the Unholy Pit and began their journey; Elemental Alchemist, DarkStalker and Electro Archer took care of the troops that began to overwhelm their leader's might.

"Hermano mayor!" Altagracia shouted as she joined her hands in a prayer. "Dream Heal!"

As the youngest Blue Moon Knight said those words, Light had flown from her body and reached her brother, bathing him and healing most of his wounds. His endurance, however, was already compromised as Kaiser and Thalas had to give most of the backup to Elite Dragon.

Electro Archer finally began to reach the glory of his new powers; he used Wood to stop the lightning that was coming crashing the plateau and protected everyone under a dome of vines, which whipped the nearest foes. In the meantime, the Knights tried to aid his leader while protected by the earthly dome.

"Damnit...I feel weak!" Anael puffed.

"So am I...!" Kaiser replied. "We have been battling for... For how long?"

"I don't know..." Altagracia replied. "What are we going to do?"

"I hate to say this... But we should go back and get reinforcements." Thalas repliced. "We might not last much longer on our own."

"We cannot go back now!" Anael weakly growled. "To give up now is to declare the Danish Demon a winner and dishonour the sacrifices of both Kimi and Maya. We cannot... Go back!"

"My parents should have sent reinforcements already!" Melchior mottled. "Why aren't they here yet? How long have we been down here?"

"Doesn't matter! Urgh!" Anael complained as he slowly stood up. "We have to keep fighting. At least we have to be alive to shout for help. Let's go out and strike down as many of them as we can!"

Everyone agreed and Thalas had his dome undone, removing the Knights' protection; they came towards their newest foes with all their fury. As Thalas kept taking most of the foes to himself and eliminating them with less troubles and difficulties, Melchior could focus on keeping Anael and Kaiser alives as he saw something happening with the environment down below.

"Oh, how wonderful..." He ironically stated as a startled complaint.

Tornadores made out of sand ans static began to rise, making the floor below unseen and practically unreacheable; he then looked ahead as he tried to locate the source of power. Instead, he realized something was shining ahead.

"Oh-oh...! This isn't good.... This isn't good at all!"

To be Continued...


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