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— Keeper of the Seven Keys: Dark Blaze —

Altagracia and Maya gave Kaiser a helping hand as he was still in state of shock; they continued their raid in a weeping vibe as they ran away from the Blizzard Wastes, leaving Kimi's body behind. Time was of the essence for them.

"We will honour his death, Kaiser." Anael said as he followed the road ahead with Melchior on his side. "We will make a funeral for him after everything is done."

Kaiser woefully nodded as Anael said those caring words; they were all taken by grief as they carried on with their task. The icy roads were soon replaced by stony pavements of igneous rocks, shining in different tones of amber. Maya briefly stopped to admire the rocks, which gave her an uneasy feeling as she looked at them. The Black Witch shook her head and began to run to catch up with her comrades.

As Black Witch left the curious spot, she soon heard a voice echoing through her mind.

"Ah, Black Witch..." It was the Danish demon once more. "You were always a troublesome one, am I right?"

Maya stopped once again and looked around, searching for Mary Hellheim in the darkness.

"Changing allegiances as you saw fit... You are just like me, but younger. Ha,ha,ha,ha..." Hellheim continued to speak. "Let me see how you and your friends will fare now at Dark Blaze Steppes... You could use some heat, after all."

The Danish Demon's voice stopped to echo inside Maya's head; she felt something touching her shoulder and she violently turned into its direction just to realize it was Thalas who was touching her, and he had a worried countenance as he gazed upon her.

"Are you okay?" Electro Archer asked.

"Yes...Yes, I am." She slowly replied. "We've got to keep our eyes wide open and our guards high; the Danish Demon is about to make her newest move."

Thalas agreed and led Maya to the rest of the group; they arrived at a glade made of magma and blaze, with houses similar to those found in ancient Maya villages. The temperature was almost the extreme opposite of Blizzard Wastes, and soon the rabble began as burning corpses rose on the field to fight against the Blue Moon Knights.

"It's about time!" Anael hissed, angry. "Charge!"

Without Kimi's Ice coverage, Melchior decided to go full Ice and Water on his foes, washing away the flames and cooling down the magma as the waves of forsaken foes came out from the wretched village; Kaiser charged fiercely at Mary Hellheim's minions, for that was his way to mourn in grief.

Altagracia used her blessings to heal their wounds as the minions began to fight back; they were more vicious and aggressive than those found in Blizzard Wastes, and it didn't take much effort for them to start hurting the Knights; Anael's armour began to melt as two Magma Elementals hit him harder with their large, heavy fists; the Elite Dragon tried to electrocute them with average success, as they retreated for a brief moment before hurting him back.

Thalas was the one facing the most disadvantages; every vine he conjured began to burst in flames as the burning Ghouls came closer to it; the earth melt as he tried to conjure it to do his bidding, and wood was converted in torches as soon as it emerged from the barren soil. He saw no other alternatives than use his Electro bow and arrows to inflict damage in his foes.

"Damnit... I need backup!" Thalas screamed as he kept shooting his foes. "Earth is useless against Fire!"

"Thalas! I'm coming!" Maya shouted as she began to run towards Electro Archer.

Instead of shooting fireballs towards them all, Maya tried to absorb their flames and cool their bodies; she began by using her Shaman-Stone's powers and Mana to attract the flames to the tip of her fingers. The burning minions began to twist and scream in agony as their lifeforce was being drained away.

The Black Witch felt dizzy and dazzled as she finished to absorb the vital fire of ten Elementals at once; she almost fell on her knees and took a deep breath as Thalas held her shoulders and prevented the Honduran hero to fall on the ground.

"Are you okay, my dear?" Thalas asked, worried.

"I am fine..." She puffed. "Just a bit tired... Didn't think I was going to pull this off." She firmly stood up and shook her head. "Let's keep moving... Danish Demon can't be too far from here."

Thalas agreed and ran together with his girlfriend; however, as they were running to reunite he noticed something on the horizon. The walls to Danish Demon's domains were closer and there was a strange altar on the courtyard, which was several meters away from them. Like the altar found in Blizzard Wastes, it displayed a large, empty crystal ball hanging from a basin. Electro Archer stopped running and looked at it with a worried and grin countenance. He place his clenched hand near his heart knowing what that sight meant.

"She plans to take... All of us." He thought as he began to run again. "I have to warn the others. One of us will be her next victims!"

As the French Guatemalan kept running, he shot his arrows against the enemies, who seemed to be multiplying as the temperature rose in Dark Blaze Steppes. Altagracia began coffing and losing breath as she felt the heat getting the best of her. Melchior did his best to freeze everything within his grasp, halting the advances of Danish Demon's blazing undead. As Elemental Alchemist did that, Black Witch advanced and began to channel and absorb the fire near her, blasting the forsaken troops with large fireballs. She began to gain confidence and kept doing it.


In the meantime, Mary Hellheim watched the battle from her crystal ball as she realized a shy hailstorm began near the Gates to the Underworld. She smiled as she saw the reaction Thalas had towards the altar and grinned in a cruel laughter as she saw their efforts to stop her burning brigade.

"Silly Black Witch..." Mary Hellheim whispered. "She has no idea of the powers within her grasp... Lunia's legacy is too much for her... And she will pay for the malpractice of the Elemental path. Alas, she is a mere low-born shaman who thinks herself to be a good magician..."

She stood sitting in the ground as the crystal ball came closer to her. She kept looking at it very closely, paying attention to the Knights' every move. The Danish Demon stopped smiling as Maya's deeds became stronger and more prominent.

"Doesn't matter..." She grinned, grabbing the crystal ball with one of her hands. "They'll all burn, and their souls with them."

She let her hand be engulfed in dark blaze as she pronounced that terrible prophecy. She then blew the flames away, closed her eyes and went back to her meditation.

To Be Continued...


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