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— Overlord, Overloaded —

Melchior rapidly drew iridiscent chains to hold the Soul Spheres to the ground and avoid the dragging; the Gates were unleashing the darkest of energies, swallowing light and feeding the foul forces of death and darkness.

Elemental Alchemist raised an iridiscent dome to protect himself and his friends’ souls; he looked into the Gates and saw countless eyes and limbs in the dark. He gasped. “They are too many…”. He thought. “They are too many… And there won’t be reinforcements…I am on my own”.

An eerie noise of something at the verge of breaking caught Melchior’s attention; the chains holding the Soul Spheres were about to yield, and Elemental Alchemist sighed, strangely aware and serene with it. He looked at the Gates once more and he saw weird, hellish and nightmarish creatures howling and coming out of the Gates.

“Guys…” He said, looking at the Spheres. “I am sorry. I am so, so sorry… I’ll bring you back… Even if it means my own death!”

Melchior shrunk his dome and repeated the same ritual he did with Mary Hellheim; as the dome stopped protecting the Soul Spheres, their chains yielded and ruptured, leaving the remains of the fallen Knights back to the dreadful dragging; Melchior breathed deeply  as he saw the first horde of underworld creatures coming out of their lair.


The Heart of Guatemala mixed its energy with Melchior’s and the iridiscent energy beam hit the foul forces with full throttle; as Melchior kept the Mana flux going, the quintessence overflown caused the demise of countless creatures, whose agonizing howls and screams echoed through. Still, Elemental Alchemist saw the Souls of his friends moving faster and faster towards the Gates, which weren’t even near closing point.

Melchior then concentrated all his Mana in that effort; with his arms wide open and his eyes at verge of closing, he transformed his iridiscent power influx into a large barrier, which he pushed against the Gates; he began to feel drained and weak, and his breath became uneasy as proof of how tired we has.

“Just…A bit…More!” He thought. “I am almost there… Almost… There!”. He took a deep breath and shouted. “FOR THE BLUE MOON KNIGHTS, FOR THE MAYA, FOR THE GUATEMALA AND ALL LIFE!

The Heart of Guatemala glew the brightest and lend Melchior the rest of its power; the Shaman-Stone shattered when Melchior was able to stop the dragging effect of the Gates; with a huge, loud bang the energy spread all around him, covering the borders of Mary Hellheim’s domains in iridescente light. Then, everything seemed lighter and there was no floor to step on; Melchior felt part of his skin ripping apart and wounds opening as his power was completely out of control. His body began to float and he could see the remaining pieces of the Heart of Guatemala floating around him. He also could see the Soul Spheres of his friends, which seemed far away from him.

“So… That’s it, then.”. He serenely whispered, completed exhausted. “I… I did it, after all… For the first time in forever, I didn’t…Mess things up.”

The Soul Spheres began to flutter towards him and Melchior sadly smiled and slowly blank his eyes.

“I… I am so tired, you guys…”. He whispered. “Anael, I am sorry… I broke the Heart. I couldn’t… The power was… Too much. I needed Kukulkan’s help to get there again… To become… Overcharged…”

The Spheres fluttered around him, but they weren’t close enough for Melchior to touch. His smile began to fade as tears came towards his face; more wounds were opened in his arms, legs and torso. Though he was feeling massive pain, he had no strength to scream in agony. He only had enough strength to keep floating and looking at the very core of each of his best friends.

“I was always the outcast.” He whispered. “I was always the weird thing, the talented person people could… Use for their own gain. But then… Then… You appeared in my life.” Tears began to roll from his face and float into little water drops. “You all gave me a purpose and a whole new identity… I was no longer a slave, a freak, a supernatural weird thing… I was… I became… Somebody. I became the mastermind… The mischievous one… The magician… Elemental… Alchemist.”

It became harder and harder for him to breathe; his vision became blurry and the Soul Spheres near him seemed to be fainting. he slowly blank, sighed and tried to breathe once again. More tears began to roll off his face.

"Hang on... A bit... More." Melchior said. "I... I beseech you... Don't leave me... Not now... I... I can save you."


The loud noise of the closing Gates paralyzed Mirabelle's commitive at the very gates of the Necropolis; a huge tide of darkness and iridiscent light were trying to engulf each other in an endless fight; Ushuriel looked around and a new battalion of undead forces appeared from the dreadful houses, gathering at the main road ahead. Ushuriel took a close look to the iridiscent energy and realized it felt somewhat familiar — and he grinned as he realized that.

“Melchior is still fighting!” He growled. “Let’s give them hell, folks!”

Mirabelle and Ushuriel rallied the arcane and vampiric troops towards Mary Hellheim’s final army, shattering their unholy bones as they hissed and tried to bite them with their sharp, long fangs or slice their bodies with dreadful, bony swords.

Mirabelle realized there were zombies and lesser vampires on that battalion and she personally sought their demise; she scorched their pitiful, suffering bodies with fire and shattered what was left of their rotten flesh with strong energy beams.

As they defeated their enemies, they moved forward and gained more and more terrain; as the main road gave the path towards Mary Hellheim’s antechambers, the Warlocks and Vampires sought to lose no more time and get inside her domains as soon as possible.

“The Danish Demon’s antechambers are over there! Move, move!” Mirabelle shouted as she scorched her last foe. “We have no time to lose!”

Ushuriel and Mirabelle took the front stand once more and destroyed the gates sealing Mary Hellheim’s chambers; as they entered the terrain floor of her large towers, they realized it was empty — and there was no way out.

“Damnit!” Ushuriel shouted. “Dead end!”

“Let’s search!” Mirabelle commanded. “Search the shelves, the floor and the walls! There must be a lever or something leading to a secret chamber. Let’s hurry up! My son’s life and the future of our world are on the balance as we speak!”

The arcane commitive began to sweep and search Mary’s lair; they turned carpets over, removed books from shelves, climbed the stairs looking for teleports and levers, anything that could hint a hidden place.

As they were searching, Ushuriel felt something uneasy in the air; he began to feel the sense of pressure coming from every direction — something he hadn’t noticed before.

“Guys!” He shouted with concern. “Something is wrong here!”

Before Ushuriel could say anything else, the ground began to tremble; something began to crumble downstairs and he rushed to protect everyone. They looked up and they saw the tower being unmade by the iridiscent force above. Their countenances were taken by awe and fascination as they saw the tower’s structures being devoured by Melchior’s immense power.

“What’s this?!” One of the Vampires asked. “Is that the Half-Breed’s blood?”

Mirabelle looked forward and she realized it wasn’t only the tower being wiped out: the paviment of the Necropolis was also being engulfed, and the smaller, lighter objects, like books, curtains and even the canopy bed which Mary used to lie down were being dragged up towards the iridiscent matter only to crumble and disappear in the form of small energy spheres.

“My son… What are you doing?”. Mirabelle whispered. “What’s the meaning of all of this?”


Melchior’s cloak had been almost completely torn; its pieces were fluttering away with the Soul Spheres nearby; some of his wounds became deeper in cut and blood began to float in larger drops as Melchior’s strength began to fade away.

“What can I do?” Melchior whispered. “What can I do to save you? What can I do to make up for all I did and for the corruption I brought to our world?”

He looked at the core of his friends’ existance; he realized they were suffering and they hadn’t much time left at that form. He placed his hands over his chest in the exact position where lied his heart; he slowly blank and kept looking at the fluttering spheres; other parts of his clothing began to tear and float altogether in a mix of materials and colours.

“Since I used every ounce of Mana I had to fight…” He whispered mischievously. “…I…I’ll make my ultimate sacrifice…”

He pressed both hands against his chest and concentrated what he had left of powers to remove something; he began to feel a warmth below his hands and his chest glew brighter. Little by little, he removed a large sphere from inside his body. It was, at first, a dark sphere; however, it didn’t take too long for it to show various hints of different colours and change into a iridiscent form, similar to the energy surrounding him.

“So… That’s how…My soul…Looks like…” Melchior whispered as he felt life leaving his body. “It is… More beautiful… Than I thought… It would be.”

He smiled and let his soul flutter away and shine brighter; his vision became even blurrier and began to darken. By the time he did it, most of the Necropolis had already been wiped out; finally, Mirabelle and Ushuriel could see their son: however, their joyful countenances were soon replaced by horror and sadness as they realized their son would never be healed from his wounds.

“I give this to you… I give my soul to the Gods… So that… Everything… Goes back to… The way it should… Always have been.”

Melchior looked to his left and he saw his parents and the late reinforcements that joined them; he smiled at them and his gaze bid them all the warmest of farewells. Mirabelle’s eyes widened as she realized what Melchior did.

“MELCHIOR, NO!” She screamed with all the strength of her lungs. “NO! NO, MY BABY! STOP! PLEASE, I BESEECH YOU!”

Elemental Alchemist exaled and closed his eyes; his Soul Sphere shone brighter and everything was engulfed by the iridiscent matter, which travelled far across Mary Hellheim’s territory and spread over everything it could reach on Earth, fulfilling Melchior’s deathwish.

As the iridiscent light crossed the surface of earth, Melchior’s best memories were shown around; he reminisced the first time he encountered both Anael and Thalas, and how the latter did not accept him at first; he remembered the first reunion he had with Kimi after years without seeing him and how they defeated Eclipse after Maya and Jasmine’s release from her spell and after Iracema’s demise.

He cherished the memories of how the Knights became stronger after the Templar Dragon’s plot of intrigue and deceit failed, and how he saw Maya reborn from darkness stronger and better than when Chalchiutlicue took over her body and mind; he savoured the moment he confessed his feelings to Allegra and got corresponded just as much as he cared and wished he was more straight-forward regarding his relationship with Jasmine, who he believed he had loved the most in his life.

He then saw himself running towards his friends, who seemed to be running towards their place in the afterlife; he ran until his friends looked back at him and offered their hands to help a already tired Melchior to reach them.

He saw all those things… And then everything went dark and he could no longer see, hear or feel anything. He would neither know whether his wish was or wasn’t fulfilled nor if he’d ever be acknowledged for his heroic deeds. After all, he was the magician, the mastermind, the king of mischief. He had existed, been enslaved and freed and died a glorious death, and that was all that there was to it.

The End?

— Eternal Oblivion —

Kukulkán heard Melchior's prayers as he was involved by his magical wings; his body was healed and his garnments were renewed as the Heart of Guatemala had glown brighter. A blast of turquoise enrgy hit Mary Hellheim and made the Gates of the Underworld restless; the Necromancer fell on the floor and slided for a few meters, tearing parts of her clothing and opening wounds on her back.

"Curse you!" Mary Hellheim growled in pain. "You will not defeat me!"

The Danish Demon stood up only to be hit by another turquoise beam of pure energy, putting away the black fire that covered her body. She angrily hit her fist on the ground, raising a small army of a dozen Zombies; Melchior gasped and conjured Lightning to surround his body. As before, both Zombies and Melchior charged against each other. As Melchior electrocuted and shattered each Zombies' body, Mary Hellheim had enough time to stand up and find a way to blackmail Melchior.

"Stop hiding behind minions!" Elemental Alchemist shouted, throwing energy beams at the Zombies. "Fight me at once!"

"You shouldn't keep doing this!" She grinned. "After all... I have the ones you hold the dearest."

Melchior gasped; Mary Hellheim crossed her arms above her chest and six spheres were floating around her, each one of them had different colours and traits. He felt the lack of ability to speak as Mary looked at him triumphantly.

"You know what are these, don't you?" Mary grinned.

The spheres began fluttering around the Danish Demon; one was pale blue coloured, almost white, with blizzard following its fluttering pattern; another one was dark with hints of purple, indigo and lilac looking like a dark, starless night. One of the spheres looked slightly bigger than the others, shining in a baby pink tone and drawing energy butterflies as it fluttered from one side to the other. Tears came to his face as he identified the awkwardly familiar spheres.

"These are..." Melchior gasped at the verge of crying. "These are...The Soul Spheres... Of my friends." He frowned his brow in anger as tears rolled through his face.

The other three ones were easy to identify; one glew in turquoise and petroleum blue tones with lightning coming across it. The other one was similar to "the starless night one" with the addition of searing ruby flames swirling around it. The last one was an emerald sphere with hints of wood and vines holding it tight like chains.

"Correct." Mary coldly replied with a smile. "All of them. Kimi, Kaiser, Altagracia... Anael, Maya and Thalas. All your deceased friends are here. Surrender now or I'll destroy their souls as sacrifice to the mighty Gates!"

Melchior showed his canines to the Danish Demon; he held the Heart of Guatemala knowing that his next move had to be thought carefully. "I cannot let her continue with her plans...". He thought. "But I cannot let her alive; I need to find a way to...".

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Then, he slowly opened them and looked straight to Mary Hellheim.

"Save their souls!" He screamed.

Melchior concentrated all his power in a multitude of elemental spells; he began with fire to repel his friends' Soul Spheres and lead them elsewhere, leaving Mary Hellheim on her own; she responded with darkness, trying to engulf the flames near her; Elemental Alchemist, however, repelled her foul flames with a large tide of freezing water, washing the corruption away.

"Argh!" Hellheim screamed, defenseless against the raging waters.

The Danish Demon stood up furious, conjuring four skeletons to her aid; she gasped as she tried to regain breath; Melchior involved his hands in lightning and shattered the skeletons; Mary Hellheim took advantage of the brief time of distraction and hit Melchior with a fierce darkness beam and Elemental Alchemist fell heavily on the ground.

He gasped and hit the ground with his fist and large spikes made out of hardened, sharp stones arose and forced the Danish Demon to back down; Melchior stood up in pain and conjured a large energy ball, throwing it at Mary Hellheim, who tried to raise a forcefield and ended up losing her scepter, which was hit by Melchior's spell.

"Surrender!" Melchior screamed, throwing fire and energy balls against her. "Give up and leave my friends alone!"

Fire and Energy were mixed together and a ghostly-like sphere of pure Mana was created; it hit Hellheim mercilessly and its energy was spread across the floor and reached the Gates, feeding it. The markings became brighter and the fallen Blue Moon Knights' Spheres became somewhat restless.

"Oh, no!" Melchior whispered.


Mirabelle and Ushuriel finally made past the Lightning Summits area, standing near the courtyard of Equilibrium Temple; the sense of dread and grief took their countenances as they had seen the remains of Elite Dragon laying on the sandy ground. Ushuriel noticed the abscence of the Heart of Guatemala on him.

As they reached the courtyard, Mirabelle noticed something odd about the Temple ahead; it looked like an abandoned, ancient Gothic structure made out of marble, sandstone, cobblestone and other darker stones dividing the structure in half, being one part lighter and the other one darker. As she focused her attentions to it, Melchior's mother noticed a faint purple glow coming from its seemingly open doors.

"Something's odd there." She declared.

"What?" Ushuriel asked. "What do you mean?"

"I think there's something inside." Mirabelle replied, pointing at the Temple's doors. "Maybe it is a... Welcome committee or something."

"Agreed." Ushuriel replied as he clenched his fists and took several steps forward. Then, he looked back at the other Warlocks and Vampires behind. "Mirabelle and I will enter there; at least three or four of you should come. The rest should stay behind and patrol this courtyard. We don't know if the Danish Demon has a trap set for us."

The committee agreed and two Warlocks and one Vampire stepped forward to follow Melchior's parents. They reached the Temple's entrance without problems and opened the large, ancient gates; Ushuriel and the other two Warlocks grabbed one of the doors and forced its opening allowing them all to pass. The door opened slowly and loudly and the small group entered into the darkness ahead.

Mirabelle conjured a small energy ball to lighten the place up; the other two Warlocks did the same and the Temple interior became more visible; there were two lines of large, empty and dented benches ahead of them, leading towards an abandoned altar; the faint light was sitting above the altar, and it converted itself in a small amount of old books.

"What the...?" Mirabelle asked as she slowly came closer to the altar.

The group reached the altar with caution and grabbed the books; Mirabelle opened it and started to analyze its content.The book was written in an ancient, non-intelligible language and decipted images of spheres and a large skull Gate; Mirabelle’s eyes widened in both distress and confusion as she tried to give that book some sort of sense.

“What’s that all about?” She asked out loud.

“What?” One of the Warlocks asked. “Do you find it awkward too?”

“Yes… And no.” Mirabelle replied. “This image… These gates… They seem…”

“…Familiar.” Ushuriel finished the sentence. “These gates are completely familiar, at least for me: these are the Gates to the Underworld, the ultimate barrier between this world and Xibalba.”

“What?!” The other Vampire inquired. “Are these… The Gates?! The actual gates to the home of Camazotz and Mictlantecutli?”

“Yes, and the home to other Gods as well.” Ushuriel replied. “This is a bad sign… This means…”

“That’s what Hellheim was trying the whole time!” The other Warlock replied. “She wants to open the Gates! Is she insane?! It will bring destruction to our world! Life and Death will mean the same and time itself will be ripped apart! It will be the doom and ruin of everything we know, and what for?”

Mirabelle hoved the pages ahead and found an image that seemed more recent than all others in that book: the image of a fair, young Vampire woman beside a fair Warlock, who Mirabelle immediately identified as Mary Hellheim.

“So that she can be united with her lifelong companion and make themselves goddesses.” Mirabelle coldly and disturbedly replied. “She wants to get the remaining parts of Willow’s Soul Sphere and bring her back to life.”

“It says it is needed strong life essences to open the Gates.” One of the Warlocks said. “Where would she get those?”

“The Elemental Lords.” Mirabelle replied shutting the book and putting it on the altar.

“…And Melchior.” Ushuriel finished. “She believes their Soul Spheres are strong enough to do her bidding. Our time is the shortest, we have to move out and stop her! Now!”

The small group raced out of the Temple and met the rest of the committee; Mirabelle quickly reported her findings to the rest of the group and hasten all of them towards the Necropolis. Now, Melchior’s mother knew more than ever the dire peril her son was at; hoping to find at least Thalas alive with him, she guided the Warlock and Vampire commitive towards their final destination and hopefully to Mary Hellheim’s demise.


Melchior felt power pumping his veins stronger than before; he was alive and tired, but his body was healing better than before; he continued to merge Elements as he fought Hellheim; he mixed earth with fire and a blazing metal ball smashes the soil near Hellheim and casted her upwards; she fell and hit the ground and tried to conjure more and more minions, but eventually began to feel sore and tired.

“You are doomed, Hellheim!”

Elemental Alchemist, on the other hand, felt more and more powerful; his Mana was surrounding him and giving Melchior an eerie appearance. Mary Hellheim stood on her knees and her eyes widened.

Elemental Overlord…” She whispered. “He’s doing that again… I… I know what I must do.”

Melchior placed a mana flux around him, preparing himself for his ultimate spell; as his power came closer to the zenith, he became unaware of his surroundings; that gave Mary Hellheim enough time to do her ultimate move.

“I’ll cast your friends into the abyss and I go with them!” She screamed. “GATES OF THE UNDERWORLD, ACCEPT MY HUMBLE SACRIFICE AND CAST THE WORLD IN ETERNAL NIGHT!


Melchior threw the large flux of iridescent energy towards Mary Hellheim, who pulled a dagger and staked her own heart; her body was mercilessly hit and her body hit the gates; her Soul Sphere’s energy spread across the gates and the worst happened as Melchior began to regain consciousness over his moves and deeds.

The Gates to the Underworld were opened and his friends’ Soul Sphere were being dragged towards it.

To be Continued…

— Apocalypse? —

The Warlocks were caught by surprise at the end of Dark Blaze Steppes; a trap had been set to them. A trap which neither them nor the Blue Moon Knights were aware. The everblazing forest still had part of Black Witch's spirit, whose energy and resolve were well awaken but completely out of control.

The surrounding flames became Fire Elementals driven by her desire of vengeance; the creatures shouted and fiercely charged at the commitive, deadly hitting some of their Vampires.

"Heal us! Help us!" They shouted as they burned. "HELP! HEEEEELP!"

Some Warlocks rushed to help their dearest companions; as they tried to use Water and Ice to heal and save their lifelong partners' lives, they realized nothing was being able to extinguish the magical flames; Ushuriel and the other untouched Vampires came to their aid in vain as they witnessed their friends turning into agonizing dust before their very eyes.

"No...No!" One of the male Warlocks shouted. "Not her! Not my Diane! Damn this fire! Damn this mission! We are being led towards our doom!"

Mirabelle charged onto a Fire Elemental and used Ice to cool it down; as she did it, the Elemental gained Black Witch's forms and looked sad and angrily at her. Then, she understood what happened there.

"Calm down, Bjarn!" Mirabelle said as she hugged the desolated Warlock. "We are going to avenge her and all others. It seems Maya's spirit is trapped here and looking for revenge. We must move out as quickly as possible!"

The grieving Warlock obeyed Mirabelle and stood up; he was holding a scarlet and pink rosary, which had the name "Diane" engraved in its cross. The other Warlocks and Vampires came at them in a rather slower pace, feeling unmotivated to go on as they mourned the sudden losses.

"My love... What are we going to do?" Mirabelle whispered to Ushuriel.

"I... I don't know." Ushuriel replied. "I only know we have to hope our son and at least his friends are still alive. We know Maya and Kimi are already dead; we have to hope the others are still alive."

"What if they are not?" Mirabelle whispered in return. "Or worse: what if they are in a worse condition than dead?"

Ushuriel stopped and froze at his step.

"Do you think they...?" Ushuriel reluctantly asked. "No...No, no! Absolutely not, Mirabelle! They can't be!"

"I...I hope you are right." Mirabelle replied. "For I don't know how much time they have left..."

That said the group of arcane reinforcements continued their grieving march outwards the Dark Blaze Steppes. Bjarn held late Diane's rosary close to his heart and moved along with the rest of the crew. As they walked through the charcoal road leading elsewhere, they could hear two female weepy voices accompanying them and Mirabelle gasped as she recognized both: Maya's and Eclipse's.


On the meantime, Melchior engaged in battle with the Danish Demon; scorched skeletons and melting Elementals ran away while Elemental Alchemist unleashed his fury with full throttle; Mary Hellheim conjured walls of Darkness and rotting corpses to protect herself. He continued to press forward to the courtyard as the Danish Demon constantly retreated.

"Very well!" She grinned. "Your powers will be a useful source for the Gates... DARKNESS TIDES!"

Hellheim conjured a large wave made of dense darkness and shadow; Melchior stomped on the ground and raised a large rocky dome to protect himself. The blackish waves fiercely hit the dome as Melchior stood inside of it in darkness of its own. He was breathing heavily as he felt something else was wrong there.

"You cannot hide forever!" Mary screamed. "Your soul shall be taken for the gods!"

"Not...In a million...Of years!" Melchior replied.

Elemental Alchemist concentrated his Mana and shattered the dome, smothering the foul wave; however, when he did that, he was stricken by a  darkness bolt and fell on the ground. He stood up and shoot an ice bolt against Mary Hellheim, shattering the skull on her hand. She grinned and growled, covering her body in black flames.

Melchior covered his body in an icy armour and charged ahead; Mary tried to punch him, and he was able to hold her assault; the second punch hit his torso and melted part of his armour; he wobbled, stood firmly and punched her back into her face. Mary stumbled and Melchior pressed forwards with punches and kicks, which were defended poorly by her.

"Enough!" She growled, spitting blood on the foul ground. "I'll drag your soul to the bottom of the Gates to the Underworld!"

She conjured a large vortex, which engulfed both Melchior and her. as she did that, parts of the Necropolis' surrounding buildings collapsed and entered the spiral mass of mana, chaos and void...


Melchior fell on the cold ground with the weight of large debris; they were not large enough to smash and kill him, but they weight was enough to weaken an already worn out Elemental Alchemist. He stoop up with difficulty as he tried to understand where he was. He could hear the uneasy steps of Mary Hellheim coming closer.

"Welcome to the borders of this world and the Underworld." She said. "I am growing tired of your futile resistance."

Elemental Alchemist stood up and saw the large Gates ahead; the skull's engraving were glowing in different tones, which seemed gruesomely familiar to him.

"Do you recognize it?" The Danish Demon asked, pointing to the Gates. "Those are the remaining energies of your former masters. Their Soul Spheres were strong enough to fuel the closed Gates to Xibalba, but they are not enough to open it... That's why I require your Soul. After all, you are a living bridge between the two realms and you got... Nothing else. Am I right?"

Melchior grinned and muttled, charging ahead; Mary covered her body in flames once more and the battle continued fiercer than before.

"Those gates will never be opened!" He shouted. "The horrors below will stay there and YOU WILL JOIN THEM IN ETERNAL AGONY! You'll die a freezing death and I'll bring my friends back to life and warmth!"

Punches, kicks and spells were drawn into battle as the Gates seemed to reach to both of their lifeforces; a grin, sinister laughter echoed through the foul place as the two Warlocks continued their battle. Melchior grasped the Heart of Guatemala ready to ask for its protection.


To Be Continued...

— Vengeance —

Melchior was completely alone; he left the Groundshaker Crater only to find himself immersed in complete silence. He held the Heart of Guatemala in complete state of desolation as he looked back to the road from which he came. Elemental Alchemist started to realize his friends were no longer there; as he turned back to the path ahead, leading to a cave and possibly to the gates of Mary Hellheim's Necropolis, he became more and more aware of the fact he was now threading his path alone.

"It's all... My fault." He thought as he walked closer and closer to the cave ahead. "I... I inflated everyone with such trust that I...". He opened his mouth to talk his thoughts out. "I rallied them all to their demise." Tears began to fall from his face as he entered the darkness ahead. "I... I am the only one to blame! I am cursed... Half-Breed... Why do I keep living?! What's all of that for?!"

"So... you are beginning to give up." Mary Hellheim's voice echoed through the dark cavern. "Have you come to realize how futile your mission has been so far?"

"Hellheim!" Melchior shouted through the dark. "Show your face at once! Let's finish this! I am here! Come at me!"

"Tsc, tsc, tsc... Always underestimating your foes." Mary Hellheim replied. "You are alone and weakened by all this fighting. I no longer see you as a threat, but I am still interested on how far your powers go. After all, you saw through some of my most complex charades at this realm. You are a remarkable foe. Move forward and meet me at my Necropolis, if you still wish to fight. You can always try to run backwards, but... I don't think it will be a wise decision..."

She laughed at Elemental Alchemist, who grinned and frowned his brows in anger. He began to run and the cavern's walls began to glow and reveal skeletons attached to its walls, whose bones began to glow in a purple tone revealing the road ahead for Melchior to pass. Never in his life had Elemental Alchemist felt so much anger and hatred towards someone. Though his heart was dominated by grief, he felt he had no other options than move forward and finish what he and Hellheim started months ago.


On the meantime, Ushuriel and Mirabelle's commitive had already crossed the Blizzard Wastes; their path was paved with the bodies and frozen remains of the fallen minions of the Danish Demon. The Warlocks and the Vampires looked at the scene somewhat confused.

"This was not what I was expecting." One Warlock in a blue gown  said. "These guys... They are strong!"

"And they grew stronger over time." Ushuriel replied. "Seven youngsters were able to wreck havoc on a very well-guarded stronghold."

"At the cost of their lives... I presume." Another Warlock, a beautiful copper-skinned female dressed in purple commented. "Look at that pond!"

The Warlock woman pointed at the shattered frost dome around the pond; the group of Mana warriors saw the frozen tentacles of a massive creature; those that did not feel the sense of dread preventing them to move forward could see the shape of a lifeless human being holding one of the tentacles. Mirabelle and Ushuriel knelt down on the freezing pond to give a better look at it.

"It's Kimi." Ushuriel sadly said. "The one chosen to be Ice Elemental Lord..."

"He certainly chose to use all his powers to stop this creature and save his friends." Mirabelle said with tears in her eyes. "Poor young man... We must... We must keep going! We might find them roaming nearby!"

The arcane commitive agreed; Warlocks and Vampires stepped away from Ice Guardian's freezing tomb and moved rightwards, following the trail of cold dead bodies to the roads of Dark Blaze Steppes.


Melchior's road ended near the gates of the Necropolis; the dreadful dark walls looked ten times bigger than before, measuring more than fourty meters in height; the gates had the shape of a sinister, blueish grey skull with large teeth. He took a deep breath and let the rage and grief pump his veins one more time.

"Stop HIDING!" He growled, conjuring a massive stone, which he ingulfed in flames and threw at the very gates.

The first assault damaged the gates; the left bottom part of it fell and burned with it. He repeated the action and the next burning stone rammed the other part down, leaving only the upper right  and the bottom left parts of the skull. He conjured an even bigger stone and rammed the gates down, revealing the Necropolis he once saw.

"Demon, I am home!" He ironically shouted as he walked towards the Necropolis. "Come here and fight!"

He heard mad, shrieking laughter coming from all directions as a response; he grinned as he saw hordes of purple skeletons and Darkness Elementals coming towards him.

"How wonderful... Here we go again!" He spoke in a grin tone. "Come at me, then! Let's see how many fall before I do!"

As he said that he ran towards the mob and stomped the ground, raising earth and stone as sharp stakes to pierce and tear his foes apart; the first mob got startled and ran away from him in fear, shouting loudly for anyone to hear. Melchior, however, still wasn't satisfied; he ignited his hands and burned the fleeing hordes. Those which withstood the flames were frozen by his breath as he blew the coldest of winds; most Darkness Elementals were frozen up and Melchior used his scepter to break the ice and shatter their existance.

Elemental Alchemist was furious, using all elements to do his bidding and eliminating everything on his sight.

"Wow...Such fury!" Mary Hellheim's voice echoed, but seemed much closer than before. "I can see your soul is tormented... And you are eager to end this torment, aren't you?"

The last Blue Moon Knight grunted and kept destroying all foes in his way.

"I seek to END YOUR MISERABLE LIFE!" He angrily growled. "I seek to end YOUR torment and your reign of terror or die trying! Come and face me!"

Melchior conjured a spire of fire and razed the last dread battalion to dust; he puffed and breathed with difficulties as the curtain of fire rose. He could no longer hear the voice of Mary Hellheim. Instead, he heard the agonizing cries of his remnant foes. When all noise stopped, Melchior made the flames disappear and saw two lines of dreadful skeletons and Darkness Elementals standing by. The two rows were facing each other and someone began to appear in the horizon, walking between them.

It was a middle-aged white woman with black, straight, medium-length hair with a large white hair lock, all combed up in a hive-like hairdo. Her eyes were glowing in a bloody red tone; she was dressed in a black, medieval-like dress with golden details. There was a scepter with a skull tip on her left hand and a darkened crystal ball on her right hand. She was grinning at Melchior, and it became clear to him it was Mary Hellheim.

"Fine. As you wish." She said. "I'll accept your rematch. After all, you deserve a chance to die fighting like your friends did."

To Be Continued...

— L’ Marseille —

"We are lost, Melchior." Thalas grunted as he looked around.

"What about that tree?". Melchior asked. "It seems new...! Oh, wait...We have passed through it already... By the fourth time.". Elemental Alchemist sighed.

None of them had any idea of how long had it been since they entered the Crater. The light seemed brighter behind the dense greenish clouds as they kept trying to move forward; the jungle itself seemed to be clustering around them as they got even more and more impatient. Thalas was breathing heavily and decided to sit down for a while.

"Well... And now what?". Electro Archer asked. "Are we trapped here for good?"

"I don't know..." Melchior hanged his head dejectedly as he sat down. "I still feel that familiar energy flow, but it seems to have spread out; I am not sure of its direction anymore."

"Then you should get more focus." Thalas harshly replied. "I doubt Mary Hellheim has forgotten about us. She killed our friends, you know."

Melchior nodded agreeing with Thalas. Then, he took a deep breath and crossed his legs, changing the way he was sitting on the grassy floor.

"I'll try again." Melchior sighed. "Cynthia taught me how to use Earth in my favor... Let's see if I can get us some hints on our walking..."

Elemental Alchemist closed his eyes and put his hands on the soil; his Mana began to flow from his skin and touch the ground. Some images began to appear inside his mind; he saw more landscapes of Groundshaker Crater as he remained focused; he then began to see a glade far away. There was an altar in the center of it and some shapeless beings surrounding it. As he tried to see more, one of the things charged and interrupted his spell so fiercely that he fell on his back and spitted blood.

"Argh!" Melchior screamed in pain. "My head!"

"Are you okay?" Thalas asked.

"I've been worse.... And I've been better than that." Elemental Alchemist replied, standing up. "There's a glade to the east, I think. It was the only different part I saw, but I think we won't make past it without a fight..."

"So be it..." Thalas sighed. "Let's do this while I still got hope."

Electro Archer and elemental Alchemist stood up and moved eastwards; both of them were holding their weapons of choice and looking around while marching forward. The humidity began to diminish and soon it the winds began to blow and the heat went down. Once again the last two Blue Moon Knights remained in silence as they carried on.

Soon the glade began to appear in the horizon; the strange altar was made out of a fallen tree and its branches were holding a large, empty crystal ball like the previous altars. Thalas frowned his brow and positioned his pointing and middle fingers around the bow rope. Melchior held his scepter tighter and kept moving on. The glade was oddly silent; it was so quiet both of them could hear their heartbeats; Electro Archer walked closer to the altar to inspect it; then, he felt something was wrong.

"The Earth..." He thought. "Something is... Moving! Oh, damnit!"

The French Guatemalan did not think twice before throwing himself on Melchior just to be violently caught by a line of strong, giant vines. Melchior fell on the ground and stared in awe.

"Thalas!" He shouted, conjuring fireballs. "Let him go!"

 Elemental Alchemist conjured a line of raging fire with his scepter, releasing Thalas from his captors; he ran and jumped to catch his friend in the air and prevent his fall. he then looked at the raging vines and realized they were part of what he had seen.

"These... Vines... They are..." Melchior babbled horrified.

"Leave them to me." Thalas asked barely able to stand up.

"Thalas, no!" Melchior objected. "You are the only one I have left! Please, don't do this!"

"Hahahaha,,, Only one of you might get out of here alive; that is only if both of you don't end up perishing anyways."

Electro Archer stood up; Elemental Alchemist went on his path to prevent him from walking and both of them got violently grasped by the wild vines; Thalas' torso and neck were violently held while Melchior was being held by his feet and his hands. At that point he realized his friend would soon die and he had the chance to prevent it.

"S-Stop!" Melchior shouted. "Let him go, Hellheim! It's me that you want! Kill me and put this to an end! Leave Thalas be and take me, I beseech you!"

"Shut up, Melchior!" Thalas shouted as he was suffocating. "If...argh...If you do that... If you... Surrender... I...argh... I will never... Ever... Forgive you!"

"I'll get you out, Thalas!" Melchior shouted as he began to ignite his hands. "You will live... I... I swear you will!"

Melchior's fiery hands ignited the vines that held him; as he began to fall downwards another vine caught his torso and held him up. Thalas was breathing heavily and with major difficulties as the vines kept holding him tighter and tighter.

"Melchior... Leave at once!" Electro Archer held the vine closer to his hand and shook his head. "It is clear to me... You are the one meant to face Hellheim. I... I just ask you... Take... The Heart of Guatemala... With you."

The vines began to rumble and slowly yield; they could hear laughter coming from down below as they reached a dead-lock situation; Melchior began to cry as he felt forced to make the ultimate decision. He ignited the vines holding both him and Thalas; Electro Archer threw the Heart of Guatemala to Melchior and shoot an arrow down below the vines; the burning living pieces of botany hit Melchior and tossed him away.

He saw a fiery light raising from the open wound in the ground and heard Thalas' loud cries of pain and agony; Elemental Alchemist put the Heart of Guatemala around his chest and ran away, running around the massive hole.


Electro Archer found the source of all vines; seven plant beings made out of vines, wood and leaves were the responsible party for all troubles Melchior and him faced that far; he conjured magical arrows and threw at his foes, hitting bullseye marks every time he could, However, each time he eliminated one, two more came to him; he tried loading and shooting faster, but it was of no use; soon he found himself surrounded and completely outnumbered.

"So... This is how it's going to end." Thalas sighed as he put his bow and quiver away. "Well... Good game. Thanks for the fight! SPANISH TREE TORADA!"

Thalas concentrated all his power; he remembered everything Melchior had put him through; all their disagreements, confusions, fights, anger and laughter. Everything that made them friends and rivals at the same time. He stomped the floor with all his might as each memory came into his mind; then, he saw the bulls running over his foes.

"Good game...". He grinned as he knelt down.

The wooden bulls swept all plant beings, crushing and shattering in wood pieces as they eliminated their targets. The shattering pieces, however, flew towards the cavern's walls and began to crumble them. Thalas felt the ground shaking stronger than ever and he smiled, knowing his work was done. Rock and mud slit downwards and Thalas could neither see nor hear anything anymore.


Melchior left the glade with difficulty as ground kept trembling; he fell on the ground and it suddenly stopped. He looked away and he heard the sound of crystal shattering. Elemental Alchemist stood on his knees and as loud as he could, as tears fell from his face and his heart was taken by grief, sadness and loneliness.

To Be Continued...

— Keeper of the Seven Keys: Groundshaker —

Thalas stood on his knees, cowering his body as he continued to cry. Melchior stood up in silence, crying for the two friends he had already lost. As Melchior continued to be trapped in his sadness and mourning, another feeling was taking care of Thalas' soul and desolace; an ugly, growing ans somewhat fueling feeling.

"Had I woken up earlier, I might had prevented their deaths...". He thought. "Why didn't I wake up sooner? Why?!"

Thalas slowly stood up as melchior continued to weep and mourn; he looked at his fellow Blue Moon Knight with anger and contempt. His blue eyes met Melchior's dark eyes and his gaze made Elemental Alchemist stop mopping. They stood there in silence, looking at each other; Melchior had no idea of how to react, for he had never seen Thalas looking at him like that.

"You've got to be kidding me." Thalas said.

"What?" Melchior replied, shocked.

"Never in a million of years would I have thought you capable of something like this." Thalas continued with passive anger. "Even though I disagree with you in many aspects, I never thought you'd send us to our demise. Never... Until now."

"Thalas... Thalas, what the hell?!" Melchior objected. "You know me! I'd never do such thing! You all are like family to me!"

"Were. We were all like family to you." Thalas rudely interrupted, crossing his arms up to his chest. "We were until you found your parents; until you began this godforsaken journey and decided to take revenge for people that were your masters, not your closer kin."

Melchior gasped and bowed his head down as Thalas prepared to speak more.

"I am too pissed off to carry this on." Electro Archer said. "Look at us. Look at us, Melchior! Kimi froze to death; Maya became a beacon of flames; Anael died electrocuted and I am carrying the Heart of Guatemala! Altagracia and Kaiser have just died and we cannot come back from where we came from! Do you understand now how serious this is?!"

"Thalas, I always knew how serious this issue was!" Melchior replied. "I never thought we would end up like this! Please, believe me! I didn't set you guys up!"

"Right now... I don't know what to believe." Thalas sighed as he uncrossed his arms. "I just want to get the hell out of here and find a way to bring my friends back to life... For I don't know if they are yours too anymore."

Thalas turned around and walked straight ahead; Melchior looked to Electro Archer and felt completely lonely; all his friends were killed and the only one left was shutting him out. Elemental Alchemist sighed and followed Thalas' lead. The French Guatemalan hero looked at the grin walls that defined the Necropolis' area; they looked far bigger and more detailed than before.

"We are close now." Thalas said. "If you find somewhere you recognize, tell me. Our time is running out."

Melchior nodded and kept moving forward.

"I still don't recognize the place, but its energies feel somewhat familiar." Elemental Alchemist shyly commented.

They kept moving forward and rightwards as the darkened road began to change; step by step they left the abandoned courtyard of the Equilibrium Temple and marched to somewhere damper, slightly hotter and somewhat pleasing, which was confusing for the remaining Blue Moon Knights.

"Well... Another scenario for us. Great." Melchior woefully commented.

Thalas did not reply Melchior's remark. Indeed he kept moving forward, oblivious to anything Elemental Alchemist would say as an attempt of breaking the ice between them. He kept moving forward as he noticed the road becoming full of mud, moss and bordered by fern and bushes.

"She's leading us to... A forest?". Electro Archer thought. "Oh...Great. Just my luck.". He rapidly conjured his magical bow and held it very tight, arming himself for whatever was about to come. They kept walking until they found a cave entrance at the end of road; Thalas halted and lifted his head upwards to smell the air. He took a deep breath, nodded and moved forward. Melchior sighed and followed his friend to the cavern and beyond.


Mary Hellheim was smiling; the Gates to the Underworld seemed to finally be yielding as she wanted; she grinned as she conjured more and more ghouls and zombies to do her bidding, which was simply pass through a ritualistic circle and faded into bloody dust, which was absorbed by the Gate's engravings. She then looked at her floating crystal ball: it depicted Melchior and Thalas marching in silence towards her next scenario.

"Hm... Not so confident anymore, are you?" Hellheim commented with a grin smile. "It is tough to keep your heads high after all the deaths they witnessed...". She sighed with a sinister smile. "Ah, if only Melchior had given up of his silly quest... His friends would still be alive and well by now. Well... At least until I finished my... Masterpiece."

She looked at the portal and her smile became even larger; the enormous structure seemed pleased with her bloody sacrifices; she then held the crystal ball on her hands and kept looking at the two remaining Blue Moon Knights.

"Now... You are heading to the Groundshaker Crater... Which will be their final challenge. After all, they won't be able to catch me anyways..."

She closed her eyes for a moment, took a deep breath and turned her back to the gates; she began walking away from it, going forward towards her buildings. Though she looked confident, something inside Mary Hellheim was telling her that her ultimate battle was about to come. Sothing was telling her that either one of them was going to reach her and try to bring her doom.

"Not today." She thought as she kept walking. "Not today... I'll prevail and those Blue Moon Knights will all be mine to command... I already killed five of them anyways and the Warlock community doesn't dare to intervene on my schemes... I really don't have anything to worry about... Or do I?".

She kept walking forward but her smile began to disappear from her face; her countenance was taken by worry and paranoia as she kept walking away from the gates; she heard a loud choir of laughter and turned around just to realize she was utterly alone. She sighed and entered into her antechambers, sat on her bed and tried to calm herself down.


Melchior and Thalas arrived at the other side of the tunnel with no troubles; their noses soon were filled with the smell of running water, muddy earth, fresh plants, blossoming flowers and ripe fruit. As oddly as it could be, both of them couldn't help themselves as they began to smile.

"Feels like..." Melchior began.

"...Home." Thalas and Melchior said at the same time. "Feels like home."

Melchior held his scepter tighter and came closer to Thalas, walking side by side with him; Electro Archer looked around and saw nothing much more than the dense forest ahead.

"That's odd." He commented. "That's the only place that seems untainted by Hellheim's power. How's that even possible? Isn't that her domain?"

"I don't know." Melchior replied as he looked around. "This feels weird, Thalas... Keep your eyes open. I haven't come across that jungle before but I think the path I know to the Necropolis lies nearby."

"Well... I don't have another option than trust your judgement, then." Thalas replied. "We'll move slow and steady. Guide me through, then."

Melchior nodded and took the lead as they entered into the dense jungle; it began to get slightly hotter and damper than before; they began to hear strange noises. Some resembled growls, while others were more like dry wood pressuring healthy branches. The remaining Blue Moon Knights felt uneasy as they advanced through the strange rainforest of Groundshaker Crater...

To Be Continued...

— Tragedine of Heavens —

Kaiser began to dream, at last; after several hours or maybe days of intense fighting he finally fell asleep as he used to back in Guatemala; as his mind began to rest, images begin to be shaped, molded and more prominent and defined.

DarkStalker was walking on a dark rain forest completely by himself; he was wandering on a muddy road as he heard the chanting of unseen birds and the growl of beasts far from him. As he kept walking, he saw a glade appearing on the horizon; he also saw his father, his mother and his brother, which were all now deceased; Kaiser smiled and ran towards them, not realizing a constant change on the environment around him.

"Kimi!" He elatedly shouted. "Brother, it's me! I am still here! I am still alive! Mom, dad!"

As Kaiser shouted for his late family, he realized their countenances showed no signs of happiness; indeed they were all looking at Kaiser with anger, displeased by seeing him there.

"You have failed us." Kaiser's father said. "You have done so more than once."

"W-What?" Kaiser gasped, shocked and confused. "What are you talking about?"

"How did your father and I died, my son?" Kaiser's mother inquired with a grin tone.

"You... and father...I..." Kaiser hesitated as his countenance went from elated to sad. "I... I never..."

Before he could say anything else, Kimi rushed towards him and rapidly twisted his arm, forcing DarkStalker to fall on his knees and scream in pain.

"You let them burn to death." Ice Guardian spoke in an eerie, gruesome tone. "You let them suffer for crimes YOU committed... For the things YOU did!"

"I...I just pushed the Prince!" Kaiser screamed in awe and shock. "I never meant for any of this to happen! He was a cruel being and he punished all of us! He punished me too! Don't you remember?!"

Kimi let his brother's arm go and stepped back; his eyes were shining in a cold tone of pale blue; Kaiser looked at his parents and he saw their bodies beginning to rot and burn before his very eyes. Ice Guardian, on the other hand, began to change in a different way.

"It seems that wasn't enough for you to learn..." He hissed as his voice became thicker and beastly. "You haven't learned a thing, Kaiser... You haven't learned at all about your mistakes..."

Kimi's clothes were stripped and torn away as his body became a mass of stone engulfed in freezing blue fire; his skin became dark stone and he gained a pair of horns and wings; he gained light blue claws and strange engravings in his hands. He grinned and showed shiny, sharp blue teeth with a pair of upper fangs.

"You do not belong in the world of the living!" The demonic form of Kimi growled. "You'll meet your final death today, Kaiser das Vaali!"

As he said that, Kaiser screamed and punched his own stomach in an attempt to wake up; he opened his eyes with a scream and found himself out of the abandoned manor; the streets were empty and he was all alone in the darkened roads. He looked back at the settlement and realized all doors and windows were closed.

"That's... Odd." He declared as he frowned his brows. "We had locked everything, and Melchior...!"

He then heard a loud shrieking noise; a large, dark fog appeared to his back, vanished and the sound of steps came out of it; Kaiser looked ahead and he realized his nightmare was only at its beginning.

"Oh, no!" He gasped. "She found a way inside our dreams too?!"


Altagracia found herself playing at the beach with his mother; the sight of María Moon'Seeker stripped out of her formal clothes and dressed in a colorful bath-suit was everything young Altagracia always wanted to witness. Finally they were having their mother and daughter time, and the young Blue Moon Knight didn't want to miss it.

"Mirad, mama! Mirad qué hermosa es esta concha!" Altagracia said as she raised a beautiful coloured shell towards her mother.

"Enhorabuena, mi amor!" María replied as she grabbed the shell. "Tienes un buen ojo!"

The Guatemalan diplomat looked at the shell with care; she admired the way light hit it and changed its colour as she moved the small sea jewel downwards and upwards.

"Oh! A iridescent one!" She said. "It is really a beautiful piece... Just like you..."

Altagracia smiled and hugged her mother; as she did that, she didn't pay attention to the changes happening at her environment. The white, gorgeous anf fluffy sand became darker and harder to step on; she felt her mother's arms holding her tighter than before; she opened her eyes and felt that something wasn't right.

"Mom...Mother!" Altagracia protested, worried. "What are you doing?"

"Why didn't you tell me?" Her mother's voice didn't sound as sweet and soothe as before. "Why did you become a Blue Moon Knight?!"

Altagracia began to feel smothered by her mother's embrace. She struggled to keep the embrace loose enough for her to breathe and reply.

"I...I had to!" Altagracia gasped as she tried to reply her angry mother. "Anael shouldn't fight alone! He was my hermano mayor, I didn't want us to grow apart!"

"You...You shouldn't have done this!" María's body began to change and twist as she tried to choke her own offspring. "Both of you are going to die because of this! You are going to lose your life because of you brother's reckless past-time activity! Give up of this and come home... With me!"

Maria released Altagracia only to place her hands tight in Altagracia's neck; as she did that Lotus Flower felt her mother's skin hotter, brittle and sharp, hurting her skin as she tried to get her off her neck.

"No...No!" Altagracia gasped and screamed. "Not like this! You are not mommy! And I will find a way to bring hermano mayor back to life! Young Moon, HEAR MY PRAYER!"

Maria's skin became dark stone with pink and red flames surrounding it and a pair of demonic wings and horns; Altagracia concentrated her will into her Quetzal marking, engulfing her into a light pink fog, pushing her false mother away. Altagracia opened her eyes and hear Kaiser scream as he was being beaten down by a resembling demonic Kimi. DarkStalker was crawling when Altagracia hit his foe and stunned him for a short while.

"Kai!" Altagracia screamed running towards him. "Are you okay?!"

"Run, Gracia, run!" Kimi gasped spitting blood. "It's Mary Hellheim's doing! Call for Thalas and Melchior!"

The demonic form of Kimi conjured a pair of warglaives and charge into Kaiser; he stood up and used his sword to block his foe's attacks. On the meantime Lotus Flower rushed to the settlement and saw and heard the forcefield breaking and shattering into large pieces like iridescent glass.

"Thalas! Melchior!" Altagracia screamed. "Help us! Help...!"

Altagracia was rudely interrupted by an energy beam; she was heavily struck and flew to the opposite direction fiercely hitting the ground; she felt her ribs beginning to shatter as she spit blood on the darkened road; she looked towards the beam's trajectory only to find the demonic form of her mother haunting her on the waking world.

"Damnit! Altagracia!" Kaiser ignored his foe and rushed to help the youngest of all Blue Moon Knights.

Altagracia stood up with difficulty only to be tossed out by another searing, green energy beam; Kaiser arrived at the site shortly after just to try piercing her body with his sword. The demonic creature screamed and turned her focus to Kaiser, tearing parts of his overcoat. Lotus Flower stood up once more; she was bleeding from her open wounds and breathing uneasily.

"Moon Heal!" She screamed as she raised her hands and let the Light involve her body and Kaiser's, healing most of their wounds.

DarkStalker lifted his sword to defend himself from demonic Maria; as for demonic Kimi, he blew cold winds towards the ground, creating a large ice rink line where both Blue Moon Knights slipped and fell on the ground; that fall caused a already weakened Altagracia to faint, leaving Kaiser alone to deal with two enemies at once.

"Thalas! Melchior!" Kaiser screamed as he fought both villains back. "Help me! Help us!"

"It's time for you to die..." Demonic Kimi said with a grin smile. "Your souls shall do our master's bidding..."


The Unholy Pit, Siberia, Russia

December 1st, 2013

A large commitive made out of five full Covens arrived at the Unholy Pit's entrance; a total of sixty brave Warlocks and Vampires were gathered to help with Mirabelle and Ushuriel's cause. Soloyev was finally fully healed and Balthazar joined the arcane army. Mirabelle and Ushuriel took six steps forward before talking.

"Once we enter here, we surrender our fates to the gods." Ushuriel said. "Those of you who don't think you got the nerves or the courage to continue, you may leave. However, you will have to deal with the aftermath of your sole choice. Can you live with it?"

Everyone in the mob agreed with the mightly Vampire's words.

"Fair enough." Ushuriel continued. "Remeber: there's no return once we enter. I hope you have all bid you farewells to those you love and care... And all that sentimental crap. Let's get going and give Mary Hellheim true hell!"

The crowd growled and charged with Melchior's parents as they entered the Unholy Pit; their thrist for revenge filled the dread halls with fury and might. The Warlocks and their fellow Vampires stormed out Danish Demon's territory's borders as they came to help the Blue Moon Knights, hoping to get to them on time...


Thalas and Melchior woke up with screams of agony and a sudden change in temperature; Elemental Alchemist was startled, running towards the entrance somehow knowing they were no longer safe.

"Kaiser?!" He screamed as he stormed from door to door. "Gracia?! Where are you?!"

"Outside!" Thalas' voice could be heard from afar. "They're outside!"

"What?!" Melchior inquired. "No way! No way, I sealed this place! They weren't supposed to..."

Thalas pointed towards the window and Melchior could see both Altagracia and Kaiser at dire peril; Anael's sister was fallen on the ground apparently unconscious while Kaiser was being beaten up by a demonic duo. Melchior gasped and stepped back.

"This is... Stuff of nightmares!" He gasped. "Thalas... Mary Hellheim... This reality... She's using our minds against us!"

"We have no time to lose!" The French Guatemalan replied, kicking the door ahead. "Let's go!"

"How wonderful..." Melchior sighed.

Electro Archer pulled his magical bow's string and shoot a powerful arrow at one of the demonic beings; who turned in his direction; he began to ran ahead and rightwards as he opened way for Melchior to shoot blaze at the other demonic being. Altagracia stood up at the limit of her strength and Kaiser stood on his knees as he spitted blood.

"Thanks to all gods you decided to wake up!" Kaiser harshly replied. "They came out of... Nowhere!"

DarkStalker stood up and Kimi's demonic form grinned; though Melchior was fighting it, he could
not stop his foe from shapeshifting into pure energy and charging straight for Altagracia's murder.

"ALTAGRACIA, LOOK OUT!" Kaiser screamed, running towards the girl.

"NO!" Altagracia shouted as she crawled to defend herself.

Kaiser threw himself on Altagracia and the demonic energy beam struck his body without mercy; his eyes widened, as he was unable to scream in pain; he fell on the ground and stood there paralyzed.

"Kai?! Kai!" Altagracia cried. "Please! Please wake up! Wake up!"

She shook his shoulders and got almost no response; Melchior ran towards him and DarkStalker began to rise up once again.

"Phew!" Melchior sighed with relief. "Thank all the gods you stood up! I thought she had gotten another one..."

Kaiser was standing up but he was no longer the same; he looked sadly at Melchior as his body began to change. He who once was solid rapidly became an elemental made out of black, purple and lilac fog. His eyes began to disappear and his body showed starlight inside it, as if we has part of outer space.

"I am... Going back to the Void..." He whispered. "She will destroy us inside out... If she must..." By the time he looked at Altagracia, his body was vanishing in the air like dust. "I am sorry, Gracia... I am not as strong as your brother... Sorry I could... Save us."

Kaiser closed his eyes and disappeared for good; Melchior looked a bit to his right and saw another altar with two hanging crystal balls; one was filled with dark fog and shattered a few moments after Kaiser's death. Melchior's eyes were filled with tears.

On the meantime, Thalas continued to fight the demonic form of Maria Moon'Seeker; he began to struggle as she came closer and closer to him.

"Melchior! Altagracia!" He shouted. "I need help!"

Those few seconds of distraction were all the demonic creature needed to become pure energy and charge towards Altagracia; she came so fast Melchior hadn't had the time to raise a protective wall; Altagracia was fiercely hit before their eyes and tossed a few meters away.

"Altagracia!" Both of them screamed as they ran to her aid.

They young Blue Moon Knight stood up in tears, putting her hands over her chest and crying.

"It..It hurts!" Altagracia cried. "Sorry...I am sorry!"

Instead of becoming dust like Kaiser, Lotus Flower's body became brighter and begin to shatter like glass.

"No..." Thalas gasped in tears. "Not like this..."

"Wait!" Melchior shouted. "I...I'll try to fix this! I'll try to heal you!"

Melchior conjured vines and leaves to cure Altagracia, but it was of no use; the vines couldn't keep her body together and she shattered into a lot of pieces, which became dust and were blown by the wind the same way as DarkStalker; Thalas looked at the altar furious, sad and desolated as the second crystal ball was filled with light pink fog and shattered a few seconds after her death.

"Your dreams are no safe places..." The Danish Demon's voice echoed through. "You are at MY domains, children. Five down... Two more to go! YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE THIS PLACE ALIVE, HAHAHAHAHAHA...!"

Mary Hellheim's wall looked incredibly closer as if it was at least one kilometer away; Melchior's head was bowed low and Thalas knelt on the floor and began punching it.

"Damn it! Damn it!" Melchior yelled as he raised his head to the sky. "We need backup! We cannot do this anymore! I want them back! I want all of them back! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS, HELLHEIM! MARK MY WORDS!"

To Be Continued...

— Keeper of the Seven Keys: Equilibrium —

Altagracia continued to weep as Kaiser held her; Melchior looked at Anael's corpse without believing in his eyes; another Blue Moon Knight had fallen in battle.

"Three down...! Four more to go... HAHAHAHAHA!" Mary Hellheim's voice echoed through the empty, barren Lightning Summits.

Then, they saw something glowing on the sand; Melchior looked at it with tears in his eyes as he realized it was another one of the dreadful crystal orbs, filled with a scaled thunderstorm which shattered and converted part of the adjacent sand into a marvelous glass of many colours; Elemental Alchemist fell in his knees as he realized it was Anael's soul bidding them farewell.

Thalas looked at his best friend's lifeless body in a utter state of shock; he took the Corazón de Guatemala and looked at it as he reminisced the days of old.

"Life is strange..." He whispered as he looked at the powerful Shaman-Stone. "It is something so lonely... Everyone lives it the best way they can, but they are ultimately alone in their experiences... At least I thought so, until I met you..."

Kaiser and Altagracia sadly looked at Thalas as he continued to speak.

"You gave me friendship when no one else did." Electro Archer continued. "Thanks to you I could withstand the burden of my background without feeling guilty all the time for something I myself did not do, but others did centuries ago..." Tears began to form in Thalas' eyes. "If you haven't been my friend, I'd never have gotten so far in my life; never I would have had that trip into Tikal that changed our lives forever. Thanks to you I met the girl I ended up loving and being loved by, and I'd never have confessed my feelings to her if it wasn't for you. Thank you, Anael Nathaniel Moon'Seeker. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!"

Tears fell from his eyes as he put the necklace and held the Shaman-Stone closely; Altagracia came to him and gave him a solace hug as she came to cry again. Kaiser stood up and looked at Melchior, who was crying in silence.

"Melchior... We have to rest." Kaiser sadly said. "I want vengeance, but we are no match against the Danish Demon. Not at this rate; we are too tired to even proceed."

"I can't rest..." Altagracia sobbed. "Not while hermano mayor is here... He is resting, but... He won't wake up... Not anymore."

"Come here, Gracia." Thalas knelt down and gently hugged Altagracia. "He is at a better place now... And we will make something out of his death; we will avenge him and find a way to bring him back from the dead."

"He...He came back once." Altagracia sobbed.

"Oui..." Thalas replied with a frail smile. "And he might come back again; we have to keep fighting for that to happen, though."

Little Lotus Flower agreed and wiped the tears out of her face; Thalas stood up while Kaiser kept staring at Melchior.

"What should we do, Melchior?" DarkStalker asked. "What now?"

Electro Archer looked at Elemental Alchemist with increased anger; as the Salvadorian hero took a longer time to give them a reply, the French Guatemalan hero felt hatred taking his heart and countenance as Melchior hesitated.

"I... I don't know." Melchior replied with a low tone. "We should rest... We should find somewhere... We can go and..."

"You seem to be having the time of your life!" Thalas stated as he crossed his arms. "I bet you are enjoying surviving these blasted sick games!"

"What?! No! No, I am not!" Melchior replied in awe. "I am hating this! I never wanted any of you to lose your lives! Ever!"

"Look at him!" Thalas pointed at Anael's fallen body. "This is YOUR doing! Just like the former Elemental Lords, you are killing us, Melchior!"

"No!" Melchior objected, shocked and sad. "I...I am not! How absurd!"

"Shut up, you idiot!" Thalas angrily shouted. "Maya and Kimi's blood are on your hands and Hellheim's! You are no better than her!"

Melchior looked at Thalas in a utter and complete state of shock; his eyes had almost no spark as tears watered his vision down. Thalas prepared to engage and punch Melchior, and Kaiser saw that no good would come out of that.

"Stop, both of you!" Kaiser intervened keeping Melchior and Thalas apart. "You are tired, sad and confused." He then looked at Thalas with a serious countenance. "I understand your pain; Kimi was my twin brother, Maya was a friend who was an outcast like me and Anael saw me as an equal after everything I have done for you even though I had been a villain in the past. However, it is not Melchior's fault." Then, he looked at Melchior frowning his brows. "But you, Melchior, needed to give more support to us. You should have trained them more rather than throwing us into that pit with no reinforcements at all. It was not a smart move and you should know it."

That said DarkStalker pushed both of them away and passed, walking to the road ahead of them.

"We need to find somewhere to rest for a bit." DarkStalker said. "We cannot continue like this..."

"How are we going to rest here?!" Thalas angrily asked. "Don't you know where you are?! These are enemy lands! We won't rest until it is done!"

"Nevertheless, we should try." Kaiser calmly replied as he looked back to face Thalas. "Thalas... Look at us. We are at the end of our strength; don't you feel like you are going to pass out and never wake up? Doesn't your body feel so heavy you cannot even make a single step? Don't you feel all your muscles hurting and sore, including those you didn't even know they existed at all?"

Electro Archer was about to draw breath to object, but he stopped and slowly agreed with DarkStalker; he was too tired even to argue against his statements; Elemental Alchemist agreed and Lotus Flower yawned and began to blink slowly, showing all signs of sleepiness and exhaustion.

"Let's go then..." Melchior said. "Her walls are near, but we might find somewhere to rest. If we are lucky we might come across one empty villa forgotten by her minions."

"Agreed." Kaiser replied. "Let's do it, then. Gracia, come here." Kaiser opened his arms and hugged Altagracia, carrying her in his arms. "Put your head between my shoulder and my neck; sleep tight, I'll carry you out of here."

The youngest Blue Moon Knight agreed and closed her eyes, falling asleep almost immediately. DarkStalker petted her head as he gently passed his fingers through her locks; Melchior took the lead of the pack and guided them to the road ahead. As they were walking, the grey-stoned paved road with sand bunks was gradually being replaced by circular, shiny stones that were either black or white and constantly changed colours as the remaining Blue Moon Knights passed through it and entered in the darkness ahead...


Mary Hellheim was asleep in her chambers; the sound of the agonizing screams of Black Witch's soul and Elite Dragon's soul's weeping were being used as a gruesome lullaby for her; as she slept she dreamt about her undead conquest and the reward of immortality which was almost on her grasp. She smiled as Kimi's soul wandered near her canopy bed and let a frail hailstorm fall on her face and soothe her dreams.

"Shrine of Equilibrium Glades..." She whispered. "You can run... But you cannot... Hide."

As the Danish Demon slept, so did her troops, who gave the Knights a brief pause on their battles as the group arrived into a glade with several humble settlements and a large temple in the end of the village, surrounded by shifting mists which unveiled and covered Danish Demon's wall from time to time. The four remaining Blue Moon Knights entered into the first villa and found no sign of Hellheim's minions; they inspected the place and found several beds to sleep in. Melchior sealed the doors and the house with forcefields and went to sleep in the first bed he found.

Kaiser put Altagracia to sleep in a room with two beds; he put the young girl to sleep under the linen sheets and lied down on the other bed. He slowly blinked until he finally fell asleep and found Kimi inside his dreams, alive, safe and sound with his parents, like he always wanted.

Thalas lied down alone in the last vacant room; he closed his eyes and tried to sleep hoping to find Maya and Anael alive in his mind. Electro Archer began to sing a Guatemalan lullaby to fasten the sleeping process as he tried to find solace to all the pain he was feeling.

"Tengo, tengo, tengo. Tú no tienes nada." He sang in a low, whispering tone. "Tengo tres ovejas en una cabaña." He began to cry and tried to hold the tone as he sang. "Una me da leche, otra me da lana, y otra me mantiene toda la semana." Electro Archer felt his throat heavier and tears fell profusely from his face as he continued to sing the last verses. "Caballito blanco llévame de aquí. Llévame hasta el pueblo donde yo nací...".

Thalas sang the song three more times before falling asleep the saddest way he ever did in many, many years. As he closed his eyes and let his mind rest for a while, he tried to let the nothingness take care of his mind and give solace to his wounded heart and soul...

To Be Continued...

— Wilting Wind Dragon —

The winds chanted a funeral march as the Blue Moon Knights insisted on fighting; the tornadoes surrounding the plateaus made it harder for the Knights to stand on a chosen spot;  to prevent most of them to fly without control Thalas conjured vine belts and anchor stones to keep the Knights on the right track. Except for Elite Dragon, all of them were attached to Thalas' savior bindings.

"Keep them all tied to the ground, Thalas!" Anael screamed. "I'll fly ahead and see who's to blame for this!"

"Take care, Anael!" Thalas shouted back. "We cannot afford to lose anyone anymore!"

Anael nodded and smiled mischievously as he took impulse upwards, opened his wings and flew away in the aggressive mass of air, lightning and sand seeking to destroy the source of the evil enslaving the air to do her or his bidding.

As Elite Dragon was approaching the mass of air, the sand inside the hurricane became glass, which was violently thrown at him; Anael used his wings to defend himself and Lightning to shatter the glass and ended up losing height and injuring his wings, torn by the sharp glass.

"Something is wrong up there... Anael!" Melchior shouted. "I'll help you!"

Elemental Alchemist conjured a dense cloud which held Anael in the air; the Guatemala hero then stood up and tried to remove the largest shards from his injured wings. He looked at Melchior and nodded in appreciation for his gesture.

"Mourn me!" A metallic voice screamed amongst the aggressive, roaring tornadoes. "Forgive me!"

Anael's countenance was taken by a strange curiosity. "This voice..." He thought as he opened his wings once more. "...Sounds familiar. Too familiar to be ignored!"

"Mourn me!" The voice chanted through the air once more. "Forgive me!"

Anael than began to fly towards the tornadoes, much for his friend's dismay and despair. Thalas, who was making all efforts to keep everyone in touch with the ground, notice Anael's brave yet foolish decision to keep flying forward.

"What the hell?!" Thalas inquired. "Anael! Anael, don't go in there! Anael!"

By the time Thalas screamed for his best friend, he was no longer within reach to hear his voice. Instead, all of them had to deal with the masses of wind which torn Thalas' vines and threw them from that plateau to another; as they were mercilessly transported through the air, the trapped souls of former Air Warlocks in glass embodiments tried to shed and rip their bodies with their long, glass-made claws. Their screams of pain were mixed with their conjures and spells as they kept trying to disassemble their bodies.

Anael, on the other hand, kept flying away in the amidst of the glass storm; his wings were heavily injured and his armour was shattering; most of the protection of his legs and his arms were shattered into pieces and he landed heavily into the ground in pain and bleeding through his open wounds.

"Mourn me... Forgive me..." The voice came back, but closer and more distinguishable. "I am being forced to do this... I want to rest... Please forgive me..."

Anael raised his eyes and looked at the figure who was responsible for the voice; his countenance was taken by horror, surprise and sadness as he realized who the figure truly was.

"No...! No!" He stated in dread. "Not you!"


November 25th, 2013

Warlock Coven of Munich, 21h

Mirabelle and Ushuriel arrived at a preserved manor in the center of Munich followed by two dozens of Warlocks and their Vampire companions; as the powerful couple knocked on the door, other Warlocks stared at them from the large windows of stained glass.

Time was of the essence; as soon as they opened the door, Mirabelle and Ushuriel presented the case and the importance of solving it as quickly as possible; the elders responsible for that Coven heard their pleas and gathered the current residents to discuss and decide if they were going to join their task force.

The clock was ticking, and Time wouldn't be favouring the Blue Moon Knights, as soon would Mirabelle and Ushuriel discover...


The central plateau had only one large household, similar to the others seen in the first plateau, with light blue and lilac hieroglyphic engravings and entirely made out of metal; a strange altar, similar to those found in Blizzard Wastes and Dark Blaze Steppes was also there, in the center of the sandy plateau; instead of finding many enemies waiting for him there, there was only one foe. A female one, which was very familiar.

"Forgive me... Forgive me, please..." She continued to moan in a dreadful, metallic sad tone.

Anael stood on his knees as he looked at his foe; it was a girl around thirteen years with light copper skin, straight, long dark brown with a large bang covering her left eye; she was dressed in a metallic blue jumpsuit that covered her arms and neck completely, leaving her legs uncovered below her kness; she was wearing a pair of indigo ankle boots with low heels and a pair of  blue dream-catcher earrings. She also had a pair of blue feathered wings which looked both metallic and organic. That girl was in front of the altar controlling lightning and air around her, creating small shards of glass which were dancing as she pleased, ensorcelled the same way as she was.

"Iracema?" Anael asked horrified. "What has she done to you?"

The girl identified as Iracema stopped doing what she once was; the tornadoes began to lose their strength and the other plateaus started to get more and more visible as the air got calmer. Elite Dragon finally stood up as he waited for her response.

"Yes... I am Iracema. I was Iracema." She replied in a metallic, sad tone. "I once lived and then I died... Where was I from?"

"Brazil, my dear." Anael responded firmly as he tried no to cry. "You were from Brazil... You were a great person whose life was cut short because of someone else's agenda."

"Yes... Eclipse..." She replied walking a few steps away from the altar. "I remember her... Her promises... I remember other things, too..."

"Like what?" Anael hesitantly asked, almost unable to hold his tears.

"Like you killing her, for instance." Mary Hellheim's voice echoed through. Iracema screamed in pain as she held her head with both hands.

"Argh! It hurts! It hurts!" She screamed. "Mourn me, Anael! Forgive me!"

"Iracema!" Anael screamed, grasping his sword. "Fight her! Please, fight her! I mourn you! You have nothing to be forgiven for! You are not to blame!"

From another plateau, Thalas and the others could finally see what lied in the central plateau; they saw their leader at the limit of his strength as he seemed to struggle with an urgent matter. As they saw Iracema, they immediately understood what was going to happen.

"No...Not this again!" Thalas objected. "We have to defeat them! Hurry!"

Thalas and Melchior led the offense against the Glass and Zombie inhabitants of Lightning Summits; as they kept fighting, their bodies began to feel the cost of non-stop fighting, for Altagracia's healing seemed less effective, Kaiser's strength and Void abilities were diminishing and Thalas began to lose his grip as exhaustion began to get at all of them.

Iracema than began to attack Anael; she rampaged with lightning as she used pure energy to hit Anael's increasingly frail body and armour; Elite Dragon used his sword to repel some of her attacks, but he was unwilling to fight her.

"Always feeling guilty, aren't you?" Mary Hellheim's voice echoed. "Your powers and dragon-like abilities feel somewhat like a curse to you, don't they?As if you were always on the edge, always about to take someone's life away... Even if you don't think you meant it."

Iracema's Lightning waves struck Anael mercilessly; he was feeling weaker and weaker as she kept advancing.

"She is forcing me, Anael!" Iracema screamed in a begging tone. "She won't let me rest... She won't let you mourn me anymore! Please... I beg you... Release me and forgive me! Please!"

Anael repelled most of her attacks; those he couldn’t struck his chest, abdomen and tights, shattering the armour which covered the latter ones; he fell on his knees feeling a lot of pain and blood began to leak from his wounds and from his mouth.

“You are not fit to be a warrior Anael, and you know it.” Mary’s voice echoed through again. “You are way too soft and kind for it.”

Iracema raised her hands and sand began to float near her; he was breathing faster and uneasily as he saw the skies get darker and angrier than before. He could hear the growl of the thunder and lightning above him as Iracema bend Energy to convert sand into glass once more. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he let fury be his fuel.


The liquid Shaman-Stone began to glow, answering Anael’s prayer; it created a dense turquoise fog surrounding Elite Dragon and protecting him from the shards of glass and lightning beams thrown by Iracema; as he was there, the powers granted by the Lord of Air began to heal Elite Dragon’s beaten body and armour, giving him a renewing breath for the fight he had at hand.

He put his sword away as he turned it into a necklace pin; then he conjured Lightning around his fists, charging them. He opened his wings and adopted a more aggressive stand.

“I AM a warrior, Demon!” He shouted. “A warrior with a heart and soul, willing to lose everything for a purpose a thousand times bigger than I; I won’t give in without a fight!”

Iracema pounded the ground near her with Lightning creating a large glass polearm; as for Anael, he decided to fight her bare handed. He charged at her and she threw one of the charged polearms; Elite Dragon dodged and the weapon touched the ground, exploding and generating more shards of glass, which pierced Anael's already frail wings.

"ARGH! MY WINGS!" He growled, throwing pure Lightning against Iracema. "LIGHTNING, OBEY MY COMMAND!"

The Lightning beams hit Iracema fiercely, shredding part of her thin, yet strong armour; she retreated and Elite Dragon charged punching her body; she threw her other polearm and Anael kicked her far, but got electrified by the incoming weapon as it hit the ground near him.

Electro Archer heard the cries of his best friend; the last wave of enemies was finally down and he realized there was no time to lose.

"Guys, on me! We've got to help Anael!" Thalas shouted. "Earth, hear my call and let us through!" 

Electro Archer then conjured a large bridge made out of wood and vines connecting that plateau to the central one, where Elite Dragon stood; he signed for everyone to follow him towards that path. The bridge wobbled as they walked through it, even at their slowest pace. The walls protecting Hellheim's domais were even closer than the other previous scenarios, and the strange lilac glow could be seen by all Blue Moon Knights.

"It's calling..." Thalas whispered. "The orb is calling for one of our souls...! It is a soul collecting vessel!"

Iracema and Anael got even more aggressive; the skies raged with lightning and rain as glass and thunder soared through the Lightning Summits; Iracema's body began to burn and twitch as Anael's strikes became stronger and more accurate. On the other hand, she was also severely damaging Elite Dragon as his armour was no longer being able to protect him from the direct Lightning Iracema conjured at him; his heart was pumping at a irregular, dangerous pace as Iracema decided to use Air against him once more.

"I have no other option!" She screamed. "A hurricane will give us a better death! Forgive me!"

The former Eclipse Warrior began channeling Air and Lightning to do her bidding, and Anael did what he thought he wouldn't be able to: he drew his sword and pointed it at Iracema, channeling Lightning for his own purposes.

"Please... Forgive me." He whispered. "For I'll be responsible for your second death in this existence."

He charged forward with his sword at hand and Iracema combined Lightning and Air into a powerful, deadly spell which she threw on Elite Dragon, who countered it with Lightning of his own. The two spells collided but Iracema's prevailed and Elite Dragon was caught in the energy whirlpool.

The Guatemalan warrior cried out loud in pain and agony as he felt the energy coursing through his veins carelessly, boiling his blood and burning his veins. However, he was not afraid; he was grinning at his opponent, standing in the middle of the destructive forces with pride and glory.

"To use Lightning against me... Is to make the worst of jokes! What do you take me for?!" He shouted as he oddly withstood the energy. "I'll put an end to this... For both of us...! RAINMAKER DANCE!"

Elite Dragon used his Sapphire Sword to channel all Energy and let his body fall downwards vertically; he knelt as he hit the ground and buried his sword deep into the ground and the massive amount of energy did the rest as it exploded and took it all to the air above; Thalas' bridge was torn apart and the Knights fell into the soft sands below. Iracema's body was violently thrown upwards and then fell into the ground below the Summits. Elite Dragon's body also fell in the sands near his friends.

He felt his heart pumping in a strange rhythm as his eyes were gradually losing the spark of life; Thalas stood up with difficulty with the other Knights as they realized the fight was over. Electro Archer saw his best friend lying on the ground with his wings severely torn and his armour shattered. Havoc and dread took him over as he ran towards the Welsh Guatemalan warrior.

"Anael! Anael!" He shouted. "Not this again! Not this way! Not you!"

"Tha-Tha...Thalas..." Anael agonized. "I am... I am... Sorry..."

Anael's body was heavy electrified, and Melchior perceived it; Altagracia tried to come closer, but Elemental Alchemist didn't allow it to happen. The youngest Blue Moon Knight felt tears coming to her face.

"Hermano mayor... Hermano mayor!" She shouted as she tried to hold her tears. "Please... No me dejes sola... Por favor! No hagas esto, te lo pido!"

"Alta...Gracia..." He agonized as he tried to stay with his face faced up. "Mi...Mi rayo... De Sol... Lo siento... I am sorry..." His voice became lower as he spoke his last words. "I... I won't... Make it... My heart... Iracema... Avenge... Me."

Anael closed his eyes and his heart stopped completely; Altagracia covered her mouth with her hands to muffle a cry, but she couldn't hold it much longer, specially when Kaiser held her in his arms.


To be Continued...

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