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— Keeper of the Seven Keys: Blizzard —

“Curses! It is not working!”

The Danish Demon muttled as she failed on a particular endeavour of hers; she finally finished rebuild the gates to her domains after Melchior’s first assault. Her body was still recovering from the injuries she got; sill, she was feeling something she had never felt before. A dreadful, alarming feeling regarding her last battle. The burnts imprinted on her half-dead skin were a constant reminder of that awful, unwanted feeling: fear.

“That child… That Half-Breed maggot!”. She angrily thought. “He is going to ruin everything I worked so hard to build! But this part… This gate… Oh…Ha,ha,ha…! He won’t be able to ruin that for sure!”

Mary Hellheim was not talking about the gate for her domains, though. She was talking about something else that lied further inside the so-called Nightmare Realm. Something dreadful that she wasn’t being able to open.

“I have to try again…”She muttled between her teeth. “Once I open this place… The gods will reward me with the eternal life I so much desire… And a place among them as their loyal and most faithful servant! Come on, Soul Spheres! You are the strongest ones I have! Open the gates to the Underworld!” She yelled.

The Danish Demon began a gruesome chanting as she raised the shadows to chain the four Soul Spheres at her grasp; as she did that, the gates in front of her began to respond; it was a large construction merged with the black rocks which gave Mary Hellheim's domain an end. The gates were two halves of a large skull carved in the stone with Maya engravings whose colors shifted according to the Sphere closest to its range.

As her chant continued, the Soul Spheres of Antoniev, Cynthia, Lunia and Nathalie began to twist and lose their forms as they began energy dust and were sucked by the gate's energetic eyes. As it happened, all four screamed loudly in pain and agony. The scream was so loud and agonizing that it felt like music to Hellheim's ears, who did nothing more than grin and laugh at the scene as she was seeing some kind of cruel, gruesome dream coming true.

The former Elemental Lords' screams were so loud they could be heard miles from their origin; the Blue Moon Knights were in the range to hear and so they did as they were charging against the frost army ahead.

"Lunia! Antoniev!" Melchior screamed as he threw a beam of fire against the frozen Ghouls ahead. "Cynthia and Nathalie too! She is... Torturing their souls!"

Elite Dragon roared as his sword cut through the frozen decaying flesh ahead and churned them with his lightning. The very idea of someone being able to torture the core of a being's existence was far too repulsive for Anael to withstand. Thalas kept shooting arrows at all enemies at his sight, and it was up to Maya to purge and burn the raid battalions coming in. Kaiser kept charging along with Anael as he sent Danish demon's frozen minions to a one-round trip to the Void. 

Kimi, on the other hand, began to sense something was utterly wrong on that scenario; the houses were too resembling to those of Deeper Finland to be a mere coincidence. In fact, even the raiding party sounded way too familiar for Kimi to ignore the coincidence, and things got worse when he saw a foe from the old times rising in the horizon.

"By the gods!" Kimi muttled. "She... She took them! The... Emperor's army!"

His skin was pale in a blueish tone, as if it had been frozen a long time ago; he had a long hair and a large scar in his neck as if it neck and head had been sown back together. His hair was black and long and his eyes were green and lifeless. Judging by the clothes, Kimi knew who he was right away.

"Emperor El!" Ice Guardian screamed. "Guys! Guys!" He looked back to warn his friends. "It's the Emperor's army! The Demon resurrected my people! Kaiser!"

"It's of no use, Kimi." El spoke in a nightmarish tone. "She will take everything that stopped breathing to her own purposes. Surrender now or your death will be the most agonizing one."

"We are not here to give up on our lives, El" Kimi replied as he made Ice surround his arms and legs. "Not a single one of us. I promise to give you a clean and honorable new death."

El drew his sword and engulfed it in dark blaze; Kimi charged at him, throwing ice shards; the former Elven Emperor deflected some of the shards and went for Kimi with killing intentions. Ice Guardian made his best to punch the sword and avoid the flames. El kept pressing him and keeping Kimi farther and farther from his friends.


"Damn it! She's using my people too?!"

At that point DarkStalker realized he was fighting against risen Elven brethren; he conjured dark flames of his own to purge their enslaved existences. As all Blue Moon Knights kept fighting, soon one of them notice something that would change the whole course of the battle. The youngest of all Knights notice something in the middle of the frozen village: a strange altar with a crystal bulb on top of a silvery candelabrum.

As Altagracia looked around she realized there was a large Gothic wall on the horizon, from which she could hear the last screams from the former Elemental Lords before they vanish into nothingness.

"Run... Little child. Run..." Mary's voice echoed. "To find me again, you all will have to make sacrifices. You are not  as sanctified or righteous as you think you are... And to come here... And try to 'teach me a lesson'... It's pathetic. And you will have what you deserve. One by one."

"Oh no..." Altagracia gasped. "Hermano mayor? Hermano mayor!" She screamed as she began to run and cast Light spheres against her foes as she rushed back to her beloved brother with gruesome news. News that were going to change everything for each and every Blue Moon Knight.

To be Continued...


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