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— Into the Unholy Pit —

October 31st, 2013

The Blue Moon Knights went inside Melchior's manor, where Mirabelle, Ushuriel and Soloyev were awaiting.

"So... These four are the new Elemental Lords?" Soloyev asked. "Are you ready to carry such responsibility?"

"Si." Anael replied. "We are ready; since we became heroes, all we have done is protect people in all ways we can. We can take this one down for good, Soloyev. Trust us."

"I hope you are right..." The Russian Warlock replied. "Since my last encounter, I lost considerable amounts of power and I'd be useless down there with you. The least I can do is help you reach the Necropolis on the entrance I know. We'll be waiting for you and will barge in if you need."

"Alright." Melchior replied. "It's settled, then; I... I am sorry for all that has happened, Solovey." Elemental Alchemist sadly added. "Things were never supposed to end like this; I'll make it up to you and your brother, I promise."

"Melchior... You don't have to promise me anything." Soloyev replied with a resentful sigh. "I don't blame you for my brother and friends' deaths. I really don't. I just want to see justice done here, that's all. Mary Hellheim has been provoking havoc for far too long."

"Indeed." Ushuriel said. "I advise you to move quickly; Mirabelle and I will assemble more Warlocks to raid other Necromancer's settlements to stop that madness. The Danish Demon needs to be an example of what happens to those who trespass the gods' designs."

"First, we'll head to Siberia... To the place she trapped Melchior and my brother." Soloyev explained. "It is the only passage I know to her Necropolis. Are you all ready?"

"No need to ask. We were all born ready." Kaiser replied with confidence. "Just give Anael your directions."

Soloyev agreed and Anael unveiled the Corazón of Guatemala, which was craving for action as it remained not so much used for the past weeks; Elite Dragon then raised his right hand, holding the Corazón slightly above his face.

"Corazón de Guatemala! Please, by the powers of the Lord of Air, Kukulkán, guide us to our destination!"

The liquid Shaman-Stone obeyed and engulfed Soloyev and all Blue Moon Knights in a turquoise cloud of light, which moved them through space and time in a blink of an eye; Quetzal feathers were placed where once they stayed, and Mirabelle and Ushuriel looked at each other.

"It's time for us to do our part, my love." Mirabelle stated. "Let's move,"

Ushuriel agreed and the Warlock opened a dimensional portal, in which both of them passed through.


Siberia, Russia

The Blue Moon Knights arrived at a forsaken spot on the ever frost Siberia; it was a snowy backgroud tainted by an enormous crate emanating darkness and evil. It was open; purple gas and moving shadows swirled as if they were inviting the Knights to join them in their deadly waltz. None of them was ready to back up so easily.

"Listen, I'll head back to the closest Warlock Coven." Soloyev whispered. "My powers are almost entirely depleted; I'll try to recover as fast as I can and meet you inside. I'll help you out here to make her pay for all her crimes."

"Don't worry, Soloyev." Melchior replied. "Focus on your recovery and we'll do our best out here. We will take her down, trust on us."

Soloyev nodded and opened a dimensional portal in which he entered and vanished from that scenario. Now the Knights stared at the hole and took the deepest of their breaths.

"Let's go, then." Anael stated. "Corazón de Guatemala!"

Once more, Anael asked Kukulkan for his blessings; once again all Knights were bathed in the glorious turquoise winds of magic brought by the righteous of all Maya gods. As the Shaman-Stone shone at the zenith of its glory, the Knights received their outfits; for those who were chosen and Elemental Lords, the correspondant Elemental Gift was printed on their foreheads and chest, showing their pledge of allegiance to the elements. Elite Dragon grasped the grip of the Sapphire Sword one last time and held it firmly in his hand. His reptilian eyes rapidly sought for Elemental Alchemist.

"Melchior, you have been here before. Please, lead us." Elite Dragon asked.

Elemental Alchemist agreed and led all the Knights down to the hole. As they walked near the crate, the shadows seemed to swirl and play with their clothes in a rather harmless way, which raised Melchior's suspicions.

"Hm... Weird." Melchior commented. "She either must be expecting us or has absolutely no idea we are headed back. Anyways... Let's move one. Heads up."

The Knights kept moving forward; they entered the unholy pit and continued to move into the dense darkness; Melchior began to feel the dreadful deja vu feeling as he kept moving forward. When they finally hit the plain ground downstairs, Anael used the Corazón to give some light down there, while Maya casted a tiny fireball and Melchior used the crystal ball in his vampiric scepter to do the same. The three different sources of light gave them an insight of what was waiting for them next.

Melchior was expecting to see a cave full of decaying limbs hanging from the muddy walls; instead he found a large ungarded vortex a few meters away from them. His countenance was filled with distrust as he approached the vortex.

"Come through it if you dare." A familiar voice for Melchior echoed through the short corridor.

"Who are you?!" Kaiser asked. "The Danish Demon?!"

"Ha,ha,ha,ha... Yes, impatient child of the Void." Mary Hellheim replied. "That's one of my aliases. So, Melchior... You've decided to bring reinforcements with you... Fresh young Elemental Lords straight out of life and into my domains... Hah... I want to see how this is going to turn out."

"Don't be surprised if it ends with your demise, Danish Demon." Anael angrily hissed. "Your time has come!"

"Ha,ha,ha,ha... Such fury... I like that one." Mary replied with despise. "Let's see how you fare against my challenges, young Elemental Lords."

Mary's voice stopped echoing in the room; Melchior looked at Anael, who nodded at him, implying he should move forward. Melchior obeyed and entered into the vortex, being followed by the rest soon after. As they got to the other side, Melchior realized he had no memory of that part of Hellheim's domains; he was elsewhere, in another kind of village, which pretty much resembled the village they saw in Deeper Finland.

"What the...?" Melchior muttled. "I... This was not were I..."

"Ha,ha,ha,ha! Sweet, naïve Melchior Raven-Hayes!" Mary's voice echoed. "My domains are vast, child. There are at least five other small Necropolis in the Nightmare Realm! You and your friends will never get out of here alive! Enjoy your stay in Hallowed Winter: I am sure none of you will make out of here alive! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

As she finished her sentence, her mad laughter echoed and woke up some frozen undead and Necromancers to do her bidding. The Knights had now no choice than fight.

"Charge!" Anael screamed as he channeled Lightning with the Sapphire Sword. "We are not going to fall here!"

To Be Continued...


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