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— Overlord Awakening! —

"Such power...". Mary Hellheim muttled as she got the amber sphere. "Yet, he was never grateful for the things I've done for him. I released him from the burden of banality; I introduced him to the Warlock society; I embraced him as a son... And he decided to outcast me as soon as he got a chance. Ungrateful bastard!". She angrily placed his soul in the shelf behind her, along with the brave souls of Nathalie and Cynthia.

The Danish Demon soon turned her attention to the remaining spherTwo spheres of pure energy entered into Mary Hellheim's chamber; one was red coloured, showing tones of amber as if it was a large blob of floating lava. The other sphere was icy blue and left small snowflakes in the air as it made its way into Mary Hellheim's well.

"Very well... Lunia Kardós Karpatí and Vladmir Antoniev Karkaroff...". She grinned as she came closer to the well. "We finally meet again. You fought hard and well, I must admit."

The amber sphere reached the waters first; as it touched the somehow sacred waters, it revealed Lunia's past; he was a bright young boy born in a soviet-taken Hungary, whose parents were held in prison and tortured due to their participation in massive protests against Soviet government. He was taken by the soviet government and raised from age ten to eighteen in an orphanage, where he discovered his massive talent with Mathematics and magic; raised as a skeptic, he was eventually taken by a couple of scientists, where he learned scientific ways to explain his supernatural background. When the Soviet Union was finally dismantled and Hungary became free and independent once more, Lunia met the Warlock society and thus came to know Antoniev, Cynthia and Natalie. The sphere also showed his greatest desire of reuniting with his parents and eventually having a family of his own; two things which never came to pass.e. It was floating over the waters with no sigh of being sucked by the water mirror; Hellheim looked at it fairly intrigued.

"Even after death, you decide to remain fighting.". She grinned. "Impressive, Antoniev. Very impressive."

She came closer to the sphere and saw a couple of boys playing in the snow. One was blond, green-eyed, shorter and visibly younger; the other one was slightly taller with black hair and violet eyes; they seemed to be happy children living in a Warlock village in Russia, which seemed far away from civilization, yet it featured a large train station with three connecting railroads. Their parents were showing them how to control water and ice, using them to do their bidding as they pleased.

The Danish Demon leaned over the water mirror and kept watching; the two brothers started to grow apart as their parents' expectations shifted. Antoniev was far more powerful and faster learner than his younger brother, who had been entitled with healing and minor spells of defence. As for the elder one, the most complex spells were given. While Soloyev had a lighter, more entertaining training, Antoniev had to deal with the highest level of standards, which prevented him of having a normal childhood.

As the Soviet Union came to be dissolved, Antoniev and Soloyev had already grown apart; at their parents' funeral, Antoniev showed up already engaged to a beautiful Warlock, while Soloyev remained alone. They came to reunite after Antoniev's bride's death, where Soloyev saved his brother from himself as Antoniev tried to commit suicide. Now, they were apart once more, for Soloyev was still alive and Antoniev came to perish by Mary Hellheim's hand.

"A sad end to a sad story. How fitting." Hellheim said as she grabbed the icy blue sphere. "Life sure wasn't good to you two... Well, life is unfair anyways. Unlife, on the other hands, can come to all... And it is far more interesting."

She placed the sphere among the others; all four Elemental Lords' souls were now within Mary Hellheim's grasp, just waiting for her to devise the darkest of plans. As she did it, she locked the shelves with a magical purple glass and walked to the doors of her antechamber. Alas, there was still one soul she was hoping to collect for her plan...


Zombies. Weakened Vampires. Darkness Elementals. Ghouls. Other creatures with no name or identification. Those were the contenders Elemental Alchemist found within his grasp at Hellheim's Necropolis. He wasted no time as he used all elements he had at his disposal; this time, however, more complex spells were made.

He danced with fire as he burned and purged the sorry walking corpses; with a couple of movements done by Melchior's hands, their screams were used as fuel to shatter and cut the Darkness Elementals within grasp. Their bodies shattered and became nothing more than purple and black ashes, which danced in the violent air Melchior tamed for his sole purposes.

"Wretched creatures!" Melchior screamed. "You'll all be wiped out!"

Melchior then conjured a massive tidal wave which swoop the weaker ghouls; like a puppeteer, Melchior commanded the waves to hit the houses nearby, squashing the ghouls in the path of the running waters. He looked to his right and realized more Zombies and Vampires were coming for him; he rapidly stomped the ground and a line of stone and earth came to his aid, impaling the reckless foes, fool enough to let themselves be crushed by the might of the Earth.

"Hellheim! Here I stand, proud and alive!". Melchior shouted to the profane skies with his arms wide open. "Come and fight me if you dare!"

Elemental Alchemist joined hands and conjured flames; he blasted the Vampires within his grasp. As they screamed loud in agony, Melchior hesitated, feeling some kind of solidary pain towards those he ignited; he took a deep breath and went two steps behind as the agonizing Vampires went out of his way and crumbled on the other enemies, burning them altogether.

The Salvadorian Blue Moon Knight eventually saw a large tower on the horizon meters away from the center of the Necropolis; from there he witnessed a dark cloud moving from one of the windows.

"I am here, Melchior Raven-Hayes!". Mary Hellheim's voice echoed once more. "I dare to fight you and reap your soul from your Half-Breed body!"

The dark cloud soared fast and hit the ground near Melchior; he flew several meters away due to the impact and crashed on the ground, breaking a few cobblestone pavements in his way. As he began to stand up, Mary Hellheim was in front of him, ready to fight.

Melchior began with Energy; he rubbed his hands against each other and created enough static to hit Hellheim with a bang; she was caught off guard and retreated a few steps with her torso slightly injured. Melchior pressed again with lightning and she managed to deflect it with a shadow shield she conjured.

The Elemental Alchemist was hit and felt his body grow weaker; he realized he was running out of Mana in his system. Mary Hellheim conjured an armor made of dark, hardened bones and charged upon him, hitting his stomach with her hardened fists.

"Argh!" Melchior screamed as he felt his body paralyzing.

"You are no match for me!" Hellheim declared as she kept punching him. "I should have killed you in Czech Republic when I got the chance!"

The Danish Demon punched Melchior so hard he flew a few meters away, falling on the cold floor of the Necropolis. As he tried to stand up, he felt his body weaker, heavier and colder than before. He closed his eyes and began thinking on the journey he had so far.

"I...I cannot... Give up... Like this!" Melchior thought as he spitted his blood on the floor. "I have to... Resist! I need to... Resist!". Melchior heard Hellheim's steps coming closer and he took the deepest of his breath; he stood up and clenched his fists.

"You...Will...Fall!" He shouted, charging on Hellheim.

He suddenly felt a burst of energy inside his body; his aura became golden with hints of purple. As he reminisced every path of his journey, including good and bad days, he felt stronger than before. His body was covered in pure energy and he struck Hellheim back with no mercy; she tried to defend herself with the Darkness and began to feel disadvantaged.

"Oh, no...!" She shouted as she tried to evade and block Melchior's attacks. "He is... An Elemental Overlord!'

The Danish Demon jumped back and conjured a massive amount of Darkness shards and Elementals to giver her cover; Melchior rubbed his hands and conjured all four main Elements altogether, causing the large spell to collide against the foul forces of Mary Hellheim. Darkness and Light struck themselves with a loud, heavy bang and then all seemed to fade away. No noise could be heard afterwards and nothing else could be seen.

To Be Continued...


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