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— Puppet Master! —

“Oh god…I hate this…”

Soloyev woke up in pain, having no idea of which day it was; the Russian Warlock crawled from his bed to the kitchen, trying to get something to eat. He didn’t remember much of the past few days; at best, his memory went to the events of the dreadful night in which Melchior and Antoniev were abducted.

He stood up and tried to make himself some breakfast. As he tried to cook, he reminisced about the past few days and ways of how could he have prevented the whole situation. Had he warned Antoniev to stay in Moscow and train Melchior there, they wouldn’t have been kidnapped. Another solution would have been teaching him Water first and then Ice, or even had let Melchior rest and recover for a few more days instead of rushing his training in Siberia.

“If I were an Elemental Lord… I could have helped.” Soloyed sadly thought. “I wouldn’t have been so useless…”

The blonde Russian looked at his counter’s top; an old telephone was there. He looked at it with sad eyes, waiting for someone to give him a call. He hoped his friends would eventually call and tell him good news, but it never happened. It was never going to happen. He had no idea but at that point two of the most powerful Warlocks he knew were dead and their souls were unable to rest.

“Maybe they just need more time.” Soloyed thought as he grabbed his breakfast and slowly went back to his room. “They will make it. I know they will… At least, I hope they do.”

Soloyev went back to his room, slowly sat in his bed and started eating; even the smallest amounts of food went down to his throat as razor edges cutting through unprotected flesh, causing him a lot of pain. Yet, he forced himself to eat and drink something; after that agonizing meal, he went back to sleep, hoping to find all his friends in his dreams.


Melchior was ready; he felt ready, at last. His uniform was deeply changed, thanks to the Vampiric Crest given by his father. He was wearing an Obsidian armor protecting his torso, Judas-coloured puffy legs, a pair of black leather boots and gloves, a long black cape with silver and grenade ornaments and a silver scepter with a purple and grenade crystal ball adorned with a silver bat holding it in its place. He felt invigorated and his skin recovered its colour.

“Now… It is time for my revenge against the Necromancer!” Melchior thought with a grin smile.
He closed his eyes and placed the scepter in front of him; then, he concentrated his mana into the crystal ball and threw the energy against the chains which held him. He effortlessly broke them and the remaining pieces crumbled into lilac dust, which was spread in the air. The sound generated by Melchior’s strike caught the Elemental’s attention. He grinned.

“Showtime!” He thought. “Out of my way, vermin!” He shouted, pointing the scepter towards the gruesome bars of his cell, blasting them and causing the shards to pierce all Elementals in his way.

As the creatures started melting down and falling apart, Melchior took the extra bowl of blood and drank it completely; when he was done, he threw the bowl on the forsaken ground and rushed out of the prison, looking for a way to find Antoniev still alive.

His antechamber was filled with purple crystal shards and bone remains; he took a look around and whispers were heard. Voices which sounded awkwardly familiar.

“What’s happening?” Melchior whispered, intrigued.

“I have no other choice… I am sorry, Melchior…”. It was Nathalie’s voice, echoing.

“Nathalie?”. Melchior asked, startled.

“She is gone… Melchior.” It was Mary Hellheim’s voice in the air filled with contempt and despise. “And so is Cynthia too. Soon, Lunia and Antoniev will meet their fates… And there will be nothing you will be able to do to stop me.”

“Why? Why?!” Melchior asked as he tried to advance further in the dark. “Why do you prey on their lives?! What’s wrong with you?!”

“Ah… Such special creature.”. Hellheim replied with contempt. “Yet, you have no idea of how powerful your soul and body are. You see… I have special designs for each and every one of you. This world has no use for the Light it carries… And soon I’ll give it an end once and for all. Enjoy your last minutes, Melchior.”

“I won’t let you!” Melchior objected. “I’ll end your life, Mary Hellheim! Mark my words!”

“Oh… Threatening me, Half-Breed?”. Mary’s voice echoed once more. “You shouldn’t go down this road, lad… You see, I believe there’s a Hellhound after you… And I don’t think you’ll want to be where you are when he catches you…. Hahahahaha!”

Elemental Alchemist’s countenance was taken by despair; he had to get out of that place as soon as possible. “Had she gotten Lunia again?!”. He thought as he began to run. “Damn it! Damn it! If he catches Antoniev, he might…”.

The Salvadorian hero rushed in his way out the antechamber, stepping on the broken bones and shattered shards that gave him a path through that horrible tunnel system; he held his scepter as hard as he could, hoping that his assumption would be wrong. He hoped Lunia was able to fight Mary Hellheim’s control once more…


“Hello?! Anyone here?!”

Finally Antoniev could start seeing more light in that horrible place; as the place became brighter, he could see of what the wall were made of: stones and corpses. He felt disgusted and stepped away from the windows. Some parts of the bodies were sticking up from the walls, as if they were trying to grip Antoniev and drag him to the walls as well.

“Disgusting! Repulsive way of magic!” Antoniev shouted, freezing some of the wands that insisted on trying to get him.

He then started to hear the sound of something burning anf breaking in the end of the foul hall. He then grasped for his daggers, preparing himself to some sort of combat.

“Someone there?!” He shouted. “You better show up at once! I am sick of these games, Hellheim!”

“Me too.”

Antoniev froze in his stand; someone replied, but it wasn’t Hellheim’s voice as he thought. It was a male voice. The Ice Elemental Lord held his daggers tighter as he saw another Warlock appearing in the halls. It was Lunia; however, he looked touched by undeath; his eyes were blackened and his iris were blood-red coloured and glowing brightly in the dark. His body was also surrounded by a foul, dark aura.

“Lunia?!” Antoniev asked. “What the hell happened to you?!”

“It’s done.” Lunia coldly replied. “Cynthia and Nathalie are gone… She took their souls… Her schemes will be completed. Now… It will be your turn to surrender your soul to her!”

Lunia took a deep breath and spitted a large line of blaze towards Antoniev, who screamed in agony as the flames touched his skin. At that moment, Melchior heard the screams and followed the creepy path where he found Antoniev and Lunia fighting against each other.

“Oh no! She took him!”

To be Continued…


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