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- Reminiscence -

Guatemala City, Guatemala - 7:45 p.m.

At last, all Blue Moon Knights finished their endeavours for the afternoon and went to 9a Calle to meet Melchior for the Luau. Anael and Altagracia arrived first, followed by Kaiser, Kimi, Thalas and Maya. Elemental Alchemist was waiting for them at the entrance of the event.

[Melchior] - I thought you guys would never come! (Mischievous smile) Come here, I have your tickets!

[Thalas] - Wasn't the event for free? (Raises a brow)

[Melchior] - The entrances were about 10 quetzales each, nothing much! (Gives tickets to each Knight) 

[Anael] - (Mocking) This better be good! You tend to send us to... Quite weird events!

[Melchior] - Come on! Give old Melchior a break, will you? Let's have some smooth,easy fun!

[Kimi] - (Shrugs, smiles) If you say so...

[Melchior] - See? Even Kimi agrees! Let's do this!

The other Knights looked at each other, shruged and smiled, following Melchior inside the event. There were thousands of youngsters and even families gathered together, sitting on the floor as some improvised, rounded stages had been placed in several spots of the 9a Calle.

The Lual was composed by several traditional bands, who played songs based on formulas and instruments from the ancient Maya times; as the bands were playing, The Knights sat near one of the stages and began to appreciate the show at hand.

[Anael] - It wouldn't be the same thing.

[Melchior] - What?

[Anael] - If we hadn't become the Blue Moon Knights... It wouldn't be the same thing. We all here have a great friendship, that's true... But our lives would be too... Regular, and some of us wouldn't have even met each other if not for the Corazón of Guatemala...

[Altagracia] - (Smiles, yawns) Yeah... That's true... I am happy this whole thing happened... Despite the bad things that came with it. (Hugs Anael and cuddles to sleep)

[Kaiser] - If you guys had never become Knights in the first place, I'd still be trapped in that bloody book and haunting my brother! (Chuckles)

[Kimi] - Damn it Kai!

[Kaiser] - Jokes aside now. Those powers and responsibilities gave me freedom and a second chance in life! For that. I'll be always thankful to all of you. (Smiles)

[Maya] - (Puts her hand in Kaiser's shoulder) I know exactly how you feel. If it wasn't for Thalas and all of you, I might have lost all my memories and my life to protect Eclipse's best interests... I am quite happy I didn't have to. (Hold Thalas' hands)

[Melchior] - I called all of you to that Lual as my way to say "thanks". Thanks for everything, lads. Thanks to you, now I have a home, a family and the best friends I could have always wished for. I feel like the luckiest of all people ever!

The Knights agreed and each one gave Melchior a hug; as they gathered together, they began to realize how fortunate they were for Kukulkan choosing them to carry on the noble mission of keeping Central America and the world safe and sound.

As the bands kept playing, they all made their secretive wishes for the future: good, noble, selfless and hopeful wishes for a brighter future to come...

End of 2016's Summer Summit.


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