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- Rumble in the Stone Jungle -

Guatemala City, Guatemala - 4:15 p.m.

Kimi and Kaiser arrived at a bookstore near San Marino School, where they attended High School with everyone else; the bookstore, which once belonged to late Mr. Zelaya, had been closed since his death. Kimi managed to get the keys and deed of ownership from the late History teacher prior to his demise.

[Kimi] - (Opens the door) Well... Another day of work.

[Kaiser] - Another day of running away, if that's what you mean. (Crosses arms)

[Kimi] - What are you implying? (Feels slightly insulted)

[Kaiser] - You know it very well, veli. Why do you keep shunning everyone out of your life?

[Kimi] - (Annoyed) I am not... Stop that, Kai! Every single time you do that! (Sighs)

[Kaiser] - (Sadly sighs) Kimi... I am trying to understand you. You seem aloof these days and I want to know why!

Ice Guardian enters the shop Kaiser comes after him, closing the door; Kimi sits in front of an empty table and glances over his brother with a melancholic countenance.

[Kimi] - I... I am trying to understand myself, actually. (Sighs) I was... Thinking at that lie... That very lie I had to tell the Empress. I am thinking of how I prevented her from knowing the truth about her husband.

[Kaiser] - Ah, Kimi! (Sits near his brother and pats his shoulder) Is that why you are so upset?

[Kimi] - I should have told her the truth...! Belarus was one of my oldest friends... I should have...

[Kaiser] - ...Made her hate you? (Looks deep into his brother's eyes) Belarus would have you killed for sure! She wouldn't care whether you tried to control your impulses or not!

[Kimi] - Every time I am having a blast with you guys, I get myself thinking on it. I feel like such a hypocrite...

[Kaiser] - Of course not! (Frowns) See, the fact Cody died and you are still here are not completely related! Cody might have died anyways!... What if you were dead? How could I live?

Kimi looks at Kaiser, thoughtful. His melancholy is slowly replaced by joy as he thinks about his brother`s words.

[Kaiser] - If you were dead instead of Cody, I would have never become such an amazing person... You are responsible for me, you know? You precticaly raised me, brought me up and brought me into you world and into your life, even when I had the darkest of actions and thoughts! Cody was an wonderful guy, but you are even better!

[Kimi] - (Touched) Kai... Thank you so much.

Kimi hugs his brother really tight; Kaiser positively respond to his brother's embrace. A few minutes later, they begin to organize and rummage the empty bookstore they now run together.

To Be Continued...


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