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- The Last Summer -

Guatemala City, Guatemala: 3 p.m.

Anael and the other Blue Moon Knights are near a skating station; they sat on the concrete benches and watched as the regular folk entertained themselves with their prowess on top of a wooden plan and four wheels.

[Anael] - (Sighs) Do you remember those times when we had nothing to worry about, besides school and other things?

[Thalas] - Yes... (Smiles) I remember. Those were...

[Melchior] - ...The best days ever.

[Kimi] - Yet... They seemed... Boring.

[Maya] - Indeed. We have been through a lot together, haven't we?

[Anael] - Yes... We have. (Stands up) But I think we still have even better times to come.

[Melchior] - Speaking of which, I have gotten the word of a Luau thingy that's going to happen tonight, near 9a Calle! Are you guys in or out?

[Kaiser] - Why not? We haven't actually been to somewhere nice or fun these days.

[Thalas] - Indeed... Well, if Maya wants to join us too, I'll gladly go!

[Maya] - Of course I'll go! (Chuckles) What time will it be?

[Melchior] - Around... 8 p.m.; it is a fair schedule, to be honest.

[Anael] - Agreed!

[Kimi] - I have to go to the Bookstore... (Standing up) Can I meet you folks there?

[Melchior] - Of course, bro!

Kimi bows to everyone and leaves, with Kaiser following him instantly; as the Finn brothers left, a thoughtful Melchior asked:

[Melchior] - What if none of this had ever happened to us? I mean, the Shaman-Stones... The fights... Everything. What if we haven't been The Blue Moon Knights? What would you all be up to?

To be Continued...


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