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Seeking a Revival

Hello everyone!

It's been quite a while since my last post here... Almost a year, to be exact. I had left this porject alone for a while due to my college activities and a lack of motivation to keep on going. However, I decided now to get to work and try finishing it. Why? I'll tell you now.

I have just created an account on Patreon website (click here to find out more; I am using my real name) and I will make new content available there, specially in terms of funding. I am going to give content from The Blue Moon Knights and other projects in grounds of art, comics, books and other stuff.

Yes! There will be a comic book version of the Blue Moon Knights! In fact, there will be a reboot in their universe as soon as I am done with the original storyline. Regarding that, there are some goals for me to achieve here:

1. .Post Season Nine and Final --- Yes, TBMK will end in a total of nine Seasons, which I intent to finish until September of this year. Then, I'll proceed to the new phase of TBMK.

2. Finish 2015's Summer Summit --- I am going to post all remaining chapters of last year's Summit and prepare this year's SS as well! :)

3. Post Final Round of Journals --- The Journals between the first and second parts of Season Nine will be the last of their kind. Also, each Knight will receive new cover drawings, just as tradition.

4. Finish All Remaining Covers --- While this transition happens, I'll make my best efforts to deliver all delayed Covers and give each Chapter their special face xD

5. Give the Blog New Template --- Time to give this blog a special look into it! In order to celebrate all the years of Blue Moon Knights and this new phase of their universe, I'll create a whole new visual identity for this Blog AND the Knights as a whole, turning things a bit more serious business, so to speak.

6. Facebook Page will get new looks and a Cover Photo --- After all those years, I'll give the Facebook page some more attention, and will give a Cover Photo for it as soon as I create a special one.

More news will be unveiled in time. And, regarding the classic downloads, those will be kept as relics. Soon, however, they'll be replaced by revamped versions and the Patreon links will be added as well. Stay tuned for more!

Iridium Blade.


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