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— La Cid Campeadora! —

Antoniev found it harder to breathe as he followed the glowing dim purple road ahead; he had no idea of the time passed since he woke up and decided to go after his newest pupil. He only knew for sure that Melchior had to be somewhere inside that treacherous lair where Mary Hellheim reigned.

“He has to be here. I know he is here.” The Ice Elemental Lord thought with a great deal of concern. “I just hope he is still alive. I don’t think Mary would go as far as…”. He shook is head, trying to get rid of the bad thought he just had. 

As he continued to walk, Antoniev felt the soil somewhat smoother to step on; he stopped walking and took a deep breath. He then heard a loud shriek coming from behind and got hit by a sturdy projectile,  which made him brutally fall on the ground. He gasped as he stood up, feeling his upper body unusually heavier.

“Damn it!”He muttered. “Show yourself, Hellheim!”

He heard a familiar laughter echoing on the scenario; however, instead of seeing The Danish Demon, he saw two large Darkness Elementals creeping from the corridor’s walls, revealing large, sharp claws. The Ice Elemental Lord took another deep breath and decided to withstand the opponents at hand.

“I have to get rid of them. Fast.” He thought. “Every second I lose here is one second less for Melchior to live.”. He took a deep breath a blew the coldest breath he managed to conjure, freezing the Elementals. Then, he rapidly removed his daggers from their sheaths and sliced the foul creatures down, making them shatter and become nothing more than purple dust in the steady winds. That dust, however, was far from being harmless. Soon, Antoniev would learn more about that…



“The air is… Changed. Something is odd in here.”

Lunia lit a small ball of flames in one of his hands to give better directions; the air inside the cavern system was barely moving and it felt oddly heavier to breathe. Lunia and Cynthia kept moving through; it didn’t take long for them to find themselves in an antechamber filled with Darkness and Void Elementals. Lunia rapidly blew his flames away and hid with Cythia.

The Elementals didn’t seem to notice their presence there; in fact, the ethereal beings were occupied with odd tasks, such as moving stranged objects carved in obsidian from one side to the other. Moreover, they were whispering in a language far from comprehension as if they were excited about something yet to come.

“This isn’t good…”. Lunia whispered. “This is far from good.”

“What do you mean?”. Cynthia whispered.

“I… I think I know what they are up to.” Lunia whispered in return. “What Hellheim might be up to, I mean. They are saying something about… Spirit channeling or something…”

A loud shriek interrupted Lunia; the Elementals noticed the Elemental Lords’ presence and prepared themselves to charge ahead; Lunia engulfed his hands in fire and ran towards the shadowy beings, punching any in his way.

“Here we go!“. Cynthia growled. “Earth, lend me your strength!”

She conjured vine ropes, tangled tight enough to become a pair of whips in her hands. She charged too and started smashing the darkness against the wall, pushing them back as they screamed loud in agony.

Some of the Elementals showed their claws and struck back, ripping parts of their clothes and skins apart; Warlock blood was spilt on the floor as Hellheim’s minions began to push them back, replacing Lunia’s light for the darkness of their essences. Lunia took a deep breath and blew a large line of yellowish fire and the painful shrieks rose again as the Elementals felt their darkened bodies burning in bright light.

Some began running towards the small entrances on the wall; others, however, stood in their ground trying to absorb Lunia’s magic.

“Magyar Harag!” Lunia scremed, throwing a large fireball against the Elemental group.

Cynthia used her vines to hold some of the Elementals on the ground. Then, she stomped the floor, rising large chunks of solid rock, which she threw against the foul creatures, disassembling their matter.

However, each time Lunia and Cynthia managed to destroy the Elementals, more seemed to come. The Elemental Lords kept conjuring earth and fire to do their bidding against the foul forces of the Danish Necromancer, without noticing a change in their environment: the ground began to tremble.

“What the…?” Lunia said at the verge of losing equilibrium. “Is the ground…?”

“Lunia… I think it is round two now.” Cynthia said with concern in her voice. “Find a safe way and go!”

“What?! No!” Lunia objected. "I am not going to leave you here!”

“At least one of us must find and help Antoniev! Go!” Cynthia asked agitated. “Tierra!

The Earth Elemental Lord used her powers to raise a large wall of vines, blocking the Darkness Elementals’ advance and leading Lunia through a safeway.

Now!”She growled while holding the wall. 

Lunia nodded and ran towards the safeway created by Cynthia; the Hungarian Hellhound ran towards the darkness without looking back. When Cynthia lost sight of Lunia, she rapidly moved the vines towards the cavern system in where Lunia entered, sealing the passage. As she did it, she felt the ground trembling and pounding once more, and the Darkness Elementals in the hall disappeared, revealing another kind of Elemental there.

Arise, Earth Overcharged Elemental!” The Danish Demon’s voice echoed in the antechamber, revealing Cynthia’s newest foe.

It was a large creature made of mud, rock and purple glowing stones; it growled to Cynthia and the fierce vocals echoed through the other cave systems. At that point, Antoniev hear the noise coming from behind and looked to the shadows seeing nothing. Cynthia took a deep breath and conjured stone to cover her fists and torso, creating a natural armor.

“Let’s do this… For Nathalie!” She growled in anger.

Cynthia ran towards the creature and got smashed by it; her body was mercilessly slammed against the stony walls and shards of pebble and rock flew on the door. She felt blood rushing through her mouth and ribs being broken along with her rocky armor; the Elemental Lord stood up and conjured more stone and raced to the creature. This time, however, she hit it hard, causing parts of the mud to crystallize in a light green color and fall from its body.

“You won’t beat me, Hellheim!” Cynthia growled, punching the Earth Overcharged Elemental faster and fiercer than before. “I’ll never surrender!”

Cynthia kept punching and kicking the Overcharged Elemental with all her might; the creature began to crystallize in several points. However, it got increasingly angry and began to fought the Earth Elemental Lord, slamming its stone and mud fists against Cynthia.

“Surrender, Cynthia…” Hellheim’s voice echoed in the antechamber again. “I have Nathalie’s soul already… She lost her battle and so will you! Your soul will be mine!”

Her blood spilled on the floor and she fell on her knees.

“I…I will never…Ever…Give up!” Cynthia gasped, spitting blood on the floor. “I…Will…Shatter your…Forsaken creation!”

Cynthia stood up and held the creature’s punch with her hands; her body was incredibly wounded and her strength was beginning to fade. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Restoration!” She said in an oddly soothe tone and her wounds began to heal.

“It is useless, Cynthia de Las Asturias…” The Danish Demon’s voice was in the antechamber again. “I’ll get all your souls and cast your bodies in the void… Give up and your death will be less painful…”

Cynthia growled in anger and started to push the Elemental’s fist; the creature then stomped the ground, making the Spanish Conquistadora fall on her knees again and punched her ribs with its free hand and the Elemental Lord was slammed once more against the wall.

Once more Cynthia struggled to get up; she punched the ground and made a new armor to herself. The Overcharged Elemental kept advancing in a slower pace, festering in Cynthia’s struggle. The Spanish Conquistadora finally stood up and lifted her left leg ready to make her strongest move.

Spanish Tree Torada!” She screamed and began moving her skirt in the traditional ways of the Flamenco, stomping on the ground with all her might and magic.

The ground was lifted and shaped in the form of large wooden, horned bulls who charged towards the Earth Overcharged Elemental, crushing it to dust. Cynthia gasped incredibly tired and fell on her knees; the bulls, however, did no disappear: they absorbed the Elemental’s charge and began to crawl up the antechamber’s roof.

“Oh no…” Cynthia whispered. “They are… Bouncing back…”

That said, the magical bulls fell and struck Cynthia with more power her body could withstand; the Spanish Conquistadora loudly screamed in pain as her body was mercilessly impaled and shattered by wood and stone. She opened her eyes for the last time and they lost their life spark; light green wooden like stalagtites were holding her body slightly above the ground; her shoulders and wrists were pierced, and so were her thighs, legs, ankles and he upper body; her clothes were torn and all the impaled limbs were separated from the body and shattered, making that one very gruesome scene to witness.

Her lips were still red and an eerie light green orb came out of her chest, floating away.



Lunia looked back and felt the air escaping from his lungs; the air was harder to breathe and felt somewhat toxic.

“She’s gone, Lunia…” Mary Hellheim’s voice echoed through the dark corridor. “She lost against her own Element.”

“Why?!” The Hungarian Hellhound growled in pain and out of anger. “Why do you keep doing this?! What do you want from us?!”

 “Isn’t it obvious?” Mary’s voice replied. “I want to unleash and hold a power unknown even to Warlocks, and your souls are the key for me to get it.”

Lunia stopped and stared the darkness with horror stamped in his face.

“Oh… So you heard the whispers from the Elementals…” Mary Hellheim said with a grin laughter. “You know what the depths of these tunnels hold… And you certainly are going to help me with it.”

“No!” Lunia strongly objected. “I am not going to be your puppet!”

“Yes…You are.” Mary Hellheim’s voice sounded strangely soothing at that time. “You were once and you’ll be another time. Then, in the end, your soul will serve me just fine…”

Lunia rushed through the darkness within; he felt as if there were vines in his way, cutting through his already injured skin; he angrily snapped his fingers and laid fire in the dark grapevine conjured by Danish Demon and ran through the raging iluminated way seeking revenge for his friends’ deaths. Even though it was harder and harder to breathe as he moved, he continued his race in the cursed tunnel, hoping to find Antoniev and Melchior alive.


Hellheim grinned in pleasure as she witnessed the appearance of another Soul Sphere in her antechamber; the light green glow of Cynthia’s soul was a beautiful image to gaze upon. Mary Hellheim approached the water mirror to see what the Sphere had to reveal.

“Hello, Spanish Conquistadora…”

The sphere revealed a whole undiscovered Cynthia; born in Valencia, she was raised by her father, for her mother died in labor. Her father was a well-known geologist and the previous Earth Elemental Lord and taught Cynthia everything he knew. However, he was a jealous man and died soon after Cynthia’s wedding, which he never attended and broke his daughter’s heart. She met Nathalie in a Warlock coven and eventually enhanced her studies; she was once pregnant, but miscarried after a fight against other Earth Warlocks, which was one of the reasons to be abandoned by her husband. She lived most of her Warlock life alone, and happened to die alone.

“Ah… What a sad, yet beautiful story…” Mary Hellheim said as she grabbed the soul sphere. “Your soul will be well cared and used, Cynthia… You can be assured of that.”

That said, she put the Soul Sphere next to Nathalie’s and then turned her attention to the water mirror once more.

“Now…Which one will it be?” She asked herself in a condescent way, grinning at the reflections provided by the massive water mirror. “Melchior, Lunia or Antoniev?”

To be Continued…

— Fury of the Storm —

“With great power lied great sadness and a burden never experienced before; it was up to a strange quartet of four Warlocks to decide the fate of one so promising, yet so young; in this whirlpool of magic and madness, whose side are you on?”

Moscow, Russia – 9:00 p.m.

Lunia took a deep breath as he left the apartment with theother two Elemental Lords; the streets of Moscow were colder and covered in mists in a odd way, as if the city was meant to look mystic and frightening. The Hungarian Hellhound led both Irish Illusionist and La Cid Campeadora to a strange, dark alley near the brightest Kremlin.

“Are you sure this is the correct way?” Nathalie, the Irish Illusionist asked.

“As sure as the sun rises on the East and falls on the West.” The Hungarian Hellhound replied. “See, Necromancers are also the masters of Shadows and dread, so to speak; they do like to make darkness thicker were their lairs are set. Sometimes, they use it as a shield to their true homes, distracting their hunters and pursuers and making them either give up or get caught in their awful, bloody traps. I am here to prevent all cases and possibilities.”

The Hungarian Hellhound led them into the darkest corner of that alley, which seemed to be engulfed in thick mass of shadows; instead of finding themselves completely blinded, the trio detected a small portion of light in the end of the way: a dim, purple sphere of light lied ahead in their path.

“I hope you are right about this, Lunia…” Cynthia, the Spanish Conquistadora said. “We cannot have setbacks now.”

“We won’t.” Lunia replied with a smile. “We found one of their gates… and it seems no Necromancer is nearby to reclaim it.”

“Let’s head inside, then!” Nathalie said impatiently. “Time is of the essence!”

The other two Warlocks agreed. Lunia snapped his right hand’s fingers and created a bright, small flame, which he used to draw the Necromancer’s symbol: A skull with a snake surrounding it. He slowly drew the marking in the air near the sphere, which took the shape of the according design; a few seconds after, it started moving and turning into a dimensional vortex, in which the trio bravely entered.

A few seconds later, they were on the other side: and were fiercely met with a dozen of dark shards thrown at them, causing the Warlocks to fall on their backs.

“Damn it!” Cynthia shouted. “Nature’s Defense!

The Earth Elemental Lord tapped her hands on the ground and a massive wall of vines and stone, blocking the second wave of dark projectiles. Lunia and Nathalie slowly stood up, feeling slightly stunned.

“Let’s do this!” Nathalie declared as she clenched her fists and prepared to fight. “Celtic Lightning Circle!

Magyar Harag!

The Energy Elemental Lord snapped both hands’ fingers creating lightning, using it to draw circles which made the light spell beams increase in width, beating the black bodies of the dark, evil creatures. The Hungarian Hellhound did not fall behind and conjured a massive fire beam, which put at least three Darkness Elementals to their final deaths. Cynthia commanded her living wall to beat the remaining foes and their shards, shattering the core of their existance as the projectiles ripped through their magical essences and made them nothing more than dust in the wind.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA! I knew you would come! I knew ALL of you would come!”

The sinister, female voice echoed through the icy steppes of Siberia. The trio of Elemental Lords stared into the darkness, looking around in a way to find their true foe.

“Mary! Come out and surrender!” Cynthia growled. “It is time for you to face your fate!”

“Aaah… No, no, no, Cynthia dearest!” The voice replied, making the shadows thicken near them. “YOU are the only ones facing your demise today! Arise, Energy Overcharged Elemental!

The sky changed it’s colour to an aggressive, stormy shade of gray; the trio saw a massive bolt of lightning crossing the clouds with fury until it hit the ground, making a huge shockwave, which made the Elemental Lords be tossed in the air and fall ten meters away from the shockwave’s target. The ground opened in a fearsome roar and a massive body of pulsing electric energy came out of it, roaring to the trio as it gave them a final warning.

“What in the world…?” Lunia asked, startled.

“Leave it to me.” Natalie said as she stood up. “I am going to show Hellheim what we are truly made of. She won’t mess up with our disciple and live to tell the tale!”

Lunia and Cynthia looked at each other hesitantly; they didn’t want to leave Natalie there for what could be her certain death. However, Melchior and Antoniev would be in dire peril if they didn’t make their decision.

“Where would the entrace be?” Cynthia asked to Lunia.

“To where? Danish Demon’s lair? Underground.” The Hungarian Hellhound replied. “Maybe that crater opened by the creature be a suitable entrance to both of us…”


“Argh… Where… Where am I?”

Melchior finally could wake up; his body felt heavier than one thousand pounds of solid lead, and it gave him a excruciating amount of effort to open his eyes; he saw a cage made out of a strange, eerie foundation, which glew in different tones of colours as if it was responding to his own emotions and reactions. He noticed some bowls filled with a reddish liquid, which he assumed to be blood as soon as the familiar smell hit his nose.

“Oh my… Argh!” He muttled as he felt pain moving his body. “I think I’ll need a fix…”

Elemental Alchemist felt his stomach rumble as he smelled the blood on the bowls. He tried to reach them, but he felt trapped; he looked to his back and he saw a pair of chains attached to the rock solid wall; they glew in the same patterns as the cage’s bars, which made him conlcude they were all made of the same material.

Then, he heard a metallic-like sound approaching; Elemental Alchemist held back and hid in the shadows, seeing a large Darkness Elemental passing by his cage, as if it was guarding it.

“Damnit... Totally trapped.” Melchior thought in frustration. “I wonder where Antoniev is… I hope he isn’t injured or dead because of me…”

He lied low until the shadowy creature went away from his imposed chambers; when it disappeared, Melchior reached for one of the bowls and drank it all up rapidly, seeking to quench his thirst. On the meantime, he closed his eyes and tried to get some rest. As he did it, some of his best memories came to show up.

The day he met Anael and Thalas.

The day he found Kimi and reminisced about the happiest times of his early childhood.

The day he realized how nice Jasmine truly was.

The day he understood what he was and freed himself from the grasp of Lucia.

The day he was finally accepted in Mirabelle’s life as her son.

As these memories went all over his mind, Melchior felt his strength coming back to his body. Slowly but steadily his body was no longer heavy and unlikely to be moved; in fact, Elemental Alchemist started to feel stronger and more conscious of his whereabouts. He slowly opened his eyes and knelt on the gelid floor, touching the Quetzal tattoed in his body. The marking began to shine with the Elemental Bracelet altogether.

“It’s showtime!” Melchior grinned.


A huge bolt of lightning struck Nathalie harder than she predicted; the Irish Illusionist fell on the floor  and the snow began to burn her already injured skin.

“Ouch!” She said as she stood up. “I won’t stand for this!”

She looked to her front and saw both Cynthia and Lunia heading towards the open crater on the ground. The Elemental got distracted enough for them to jump in and disappear.

“It is you and me now!” Nathalie screamed, snaping her fingers and generating lightning.

She threw her bolts against the creature, causing it to cease advancing towards her. The Irish Illusionst then rapidly move her hand in the air, using it as a whip. The creature began roaring in anger, throwing bolts of lightning on the ground near Nathalie. She was hit on the legs and screamed loudly in pain.

As a response, she ran towards the large mass of pure energy and began hitting it with her bare fists, charging them with energy of her own. It was energy against energy as the creature was hit and became slightly crystallized in the afflicted areas. The creature decided to hit back as small shards fell out of it’s body; it materialized fists and hammered it towards Natalie’s head.

The Irish Illusionist was stunned due to the hit, and the Elemental took advantage of it, slamming its heavy fists on her torso, causing her to spit blood as the crystals ripped her light armour and her skin. When the creature charged once more, Nathalie was finally able to bounce back, holding the creature with her two arms.

“I am not done… Yet!” She growled, concentrating her power on her hands and electrocuting the elemental.

The massive creature went back, scared. Nathalie’s breathing was uneasy; her body was heavily injured due to physical strikes. The creature roared towards her and crystallized more of it’s body; moreover, it got slightly bigger than it previously were. The Irish Illusionist cleansed the blood coming out of her mouth, clenched her fingers and charged towards the creature once more.

“You won’t take us down!”

She started hitting it faster and stronger; the creature either defended itself or evaded Nathalie’s strong fists and legs; more and more of it’s shards fell on the snow, reacting with it. Nathalie hit the creature in its head, took a deep breath and blew the air into a raging mass of clouds and electricity, breaking the charged elemental’s armour and tossing it meters away.

“Ha,ha,ha,ha… You fool! You are only making it worse!” Mary Hellheim’s voice echoed on the skies.  

“Shut up!” Nathalie growled to the air. “First, I’ll take your minion down! Then, I’ll be coming for YOU, Hellheim!”

She heard static noises ahead; the creature stood up with bright, purple shards falling from it’s body. Instead of looking weaker, the massive energy elemental looked stronger than ever.
“What the hell?” Nathalie slowly said.

“There’s a reason why this Elemental is an Overcharged one.” The Danish Demon’s voice could be heard once more. “My goal here is not only to defeat you, but to take your powers… And Souls to my own purposes.”

The charged beast changed it’s shape to a familiar form: It looked like a taller, stronger and fearsome version of the Irish Illusionst herself, carrying a large claymore made of pure energy crystal matter.

“What?!” Nathalie replied. “Preposterous! I won’t let you, Hellheim!”

Nathalie ran towards her taller image, charging her fists once more; she was willing to take her own reflection down by any means necessary. She punched the hand holding the claymore, and the elemental lost its grip; she punched the elemental on the stomach, but she was quickly overtaken and hit on her stomach by the elemental, who used her knee to do so.

“Argh!” She shouted.

Her blood fell directly on the white snow, and she felt something poking through her insides; Nathalie’s breath became unstable. The creature pushed her back and ran to get its claymore. Nathalie’s hand reached the wound: she had been pierced by the overcharged creature.

The massive energy being rushed to her; the Irish Illusionist closed her eyes and pointed her hands up.

“I have no other choice…” She whispered dominated by her pain. “I am sorry, Melchior…”

Nathalie’s foe held the claymore ready to behead the Energy Elemental Lord, who gave it a fierce smile.


The air became agitated and two small tornadoes took place, charged with all Nathalie’s might and fury; she raced with the unstable air, running towards her foe. Energy and Energy crashed in a loud noise and heavy bang, trembling and shattering the earth nearby.

Nathalie screamed in the amidst of the white and purple mass of power; she screamed as she felt her body being torn apart by the very element she learned to love, trust and tame. She opened her eyes for the last time and witnessed the charged elemental being torn apart by its own fuel. She smiled one last time, closed her eyes and let her demise become true.

“I won’t be able to visit you, Melchior…”


Cynthia and Lunia looked behind; the earth above and below their heads began trembling massively. The Conquistadora lost no time and rapidly conjured a web of tangled vines to surround and protect herself and the Hungarian Hellhound. They heard the earth sliding against the vines in a loud, firghtening noise.

A few minutes later, it stopped. The tunnel corridor became just as silent as a graveyard at night.
“What was that?” Lunia whispered.

“It was… Nathalie.” Cynthia sadly replied. “I think… I think she… She’s gone, Lunia!”

Cynthia muffled a scream and tears fell from her face. Lunia came near her and gave the most caring hug he could, for he was also sad for the loss they just had.

“Hellheim won’t get away with this, I swear.” Lunia declared. “Nathalie may have fallen, but we aren’t. You, me and Antoniev will get out of here alive and well: and so will Melchior with us.”
“I don’t think so, Lunia.” Hellheim’s voice was there once more.

Cynthia and Lunia looked around and stepped back, looking for Hellheim. Once more, all they could find was darkness — and a point of no return. The corridor behind them was blocked by large chunks of earth, rock, mud and snow.

“Damnit.” Cynthia muttled. “We are trapped.”

“We must go forward.” Lunia replied. “Soloyev said Melchior and Antoniev were caught by Hellheim… We might have a chance of finding them in our way. Maybe they already freed themselves.”

“I hope you are right, Lunia…” Cynthia said, crossing her arms and staring at the blackness ahead. “I really hope so.”


Deep into the cave system, lied a pair of purple sealed door; behind it, an antechamber with a large library, a large, black wooden desk with a black wooden chair, a large canopy bed, decorated with fine silk and well-made linen, and a large water mirror in the middle. The environment was decorated with skull candle holders, which gave a dim light to the room. Amidst the shadows lied Mary Hellheim, with her face contemplating the waters.

She smiled as she saw what they revealed; in the snowy grounds of Siberia, there were some metallic remains of a tragic battle; crystalline purple shards scattered in the snow, with blood and unidentified human remains.

Her face and body became visible when a small, bright, lilac sphere of aether came out of the water and blurred the former vision.

“…And here it is.” Hellheim grinned. “The Soul Orb of Nathalie Soulstone, the Elemental Lord of Air, Sound and Lightning.”

The Orb landed in her hands, revealing pictures of Nathalie as a child; a Warlock raised by two full-fledged Warlocks, in a stone home near Glasgow, in a village famous for its wool and cheese. The Necromancer witnessed as Natalie came to walk, talk, write and dance for the first time. Her parent’s died when she was 15; she became a professional dancer immediately; she met Cynthia five years later and became an Elemental Lord a decade later. She witnessed the first moment Natalie opened her eyes until the moment where she came to close them for the last time.

“Quite a fighter. Her soul will be very useful to me.” Muttled the Danish Demon, putting the orb on a shelf nearby.

“Now… Let’s see who will be the next addition.”


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It's been quite a while since my last post here... Almost a year, to be exact. I had left this porject alone for a while due to my college activities and a lack of motivation to keep on going. However, I decided now to get to work and try finishing it. Why? I'll tell you now.

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