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- While Your Ink is Still Fresh -

Guatemala City, Guatemala -- 11:45 a.m.

Maya and the rest of the Knights arrived in Guatemala a few hours after their quick stand at Salcoatitán; as she arrived at her place, her uncle and aunt rushed to receive her back home with arms wide open. They gave her another celebration and all the time they had left on that summer as a way to be part of another year of Maya's life.

The Altahuela household had their humble, yet loving party; Maya's uncle gave her a brand new set of quill pen and inks with some exquisite blends of papers for Maya to write on; Maya's aunt gave her some new clothes and a bracelet with a lot of adornments that were simply Maya in a nutshell: Cancer symbol with Aries, a quill pen, a flower, a Mayan stone engraving meaning 'Moon', another other meaning 'Fire', a third one meaning 'South' and a flag of Honduras to complete the set.

Maya hugged them with tears in her eyes; never in all her years of life had she had such an amazing time at her birthday. Never in a million of years would she have thought that the ones who once were her enemies would be the best of her friends. Maya was always a shy, gloomy person who thought she was too weird to belong anywhere; now, she was part of a marvelous group of young heroes and felt completely part of it.

She went to her room and got her journal. "Maya's Writing Lair" was its name. She opened the brand new set of quill pens and decided to debut it on her oldest and most loyal companion.

"To my Silent Friend, the Notebook,

I am on cloud nine; these past few months had been quite a roller coaster ride. Everything changed for me in a blink of an eye and sometimes I still get myself asking whether this is real or a dream. Everything changed so deeply for me that I cannot even imagine my life without Thalas, Melchior, Anael, Kaiser, Kimi and Altagracia.

I still miss Jasmine, and I miss Iracema even more. Even if we were bind together by a spell, I still believe our friendship was somehow meant to be. We gave hopes and strengths to each other every time and always bounced back stronger and better. I know life drifted us, but all changes and everything that happened as aftermath of our deeds has made me a better person.

I prayed for Iracema and Jasmine today in Salcoatitan; I prayed for Iracema's soul to find eternal rest and for Jasmine to pursue her dreams and always remember me and our friendship of old. Someday we'll all be together again. In the meantime, I'll make the best out of the chances I've been given...

Maya Altahuela."

End of 2015's Summer Summit.


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