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- City of Quetzalcoatl -

Salcoatitán, El Salvador -- 7:15 a.m.

The Knights reached the next city at the dawn of the following day; though Maya's birthday was on the day after, they decided to proceed with the festivities, as they would still have a few free hours before going back to the regular agenda.

Kaiser's vortex led them to the city of Salcoatitán, known as "City of Quetzalcoatl"; as they passed through the city portal, which had a Quetzalcoatl figure carved into stone and painted brightly, their spirits seemed renewed somehow.

[Maya] -- This town reminds me of somewhere my uncle and aunt have told me in the past... A town a few miles away from Tegucigalpa... (Sighs, smiles). So, I know that this city has some of the most beautiful artisan works and some great pupusas to go. They also have some churches to take a loot at, and after yesterday, I... I was thinking on going there.

[Kimi] -- On the church? (Confused) Why?

[Maya] -- Some respects I'd like to pay... And a little prayer I want to make. Could you all join me?

[Altagracia] -- Of course! (Excited) I`ll take some photos! (To Anael, holding a camera) Hermano mayor, can you teach me how to use it? I was taking some photos with Maya, but I didn't understand how to use it... (Mops)

[Anael] -- (Smiles) Of course I can, mi rayo de Sol! Come on, we follow Maya and we'll take some pictures in there! (Holds Altagracia's hand)

[Melchior] -- (Shrugs) Well, it is Maya's birthday after all. I don't think a religious moment will do us harm.

[Thalas] -- Agreed. (Smiles, holds Maya's hand) Lead us the way, milady.

[Maya] -- (Shy) Sure! (Chuckles)

Maya led the group towards one of the churches: the one known as Iglesia Colonial de Salcoatitan, founded in 1824, being the oldest in the city; for it was damaged in the earthquakes that afflicted el Salvador, The Blue Moon Knights had to enter into the yellow replica of the church. It was a simple piece of Christian architecture, where some wooden benches and an altar could be found along the large aisle.

Black Witch saw there was a priest arranging the candles in the small altar to her left; she came near him and asked if she could light a candle. The priest allowed her to do so and she lit one of the candles in the center of the piece, knelt down on the floor, joined hands, closed her eyes and began her silent prayer for a friend which came to be a guarding angel...

To Be Continued...


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