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- A Friend from the Other Side -

Anael and Maya found themselves in utter state of shock; the other Knights looked at the ghost without believing in their own eyes; was that Iracema in front of them? Was it real or just a trick played by their minds, still wounded by that terrible loss?

[Anael] -- I... I can't believe this... (Sad, shocked)

[Maya] -- (Lifts hand towards ghost) Is that you, Iracema? Is that you, mi amiga?

[Iracema] -- (Serene, eerie voice) Yes, it is... It is me. I missed you and Jasmine... Missed all of you, to be precise. (Smiles)

[Maya] -- How's that even possible? (Rubs hand in her face, drying the tears)

[Iracema] -- (Points at Anael) The Corazón. It still keeps my soul here... Maybe it is because of my dearest memories of my life, I don`t know. But I like it nevertheless... I came by to say "happy birthday", dear Maya. May your days be long and full of joy and adventures yet to come.

[Maya] -- Yours too, Iracema... I believe your soul will join us back in this realm one day.

[Iracema] -- I don`t know... (Chuckles) I like being a ghost and all. Being an observer has made me much more mature than I ever was. I have seen the mistakes of people I liked and learnt with them; perhaps, if it is for my soul to join this world again I might come back as someone much wiser for my age. (Laughs)

Iracema's spectral image came closer to the Knights; Maya left the water and joined the crowd, who gave Iracema a warm hug; for a few moments, she was able to materialize and assume a magical human form, allowing her to receive that hug. Then, they all made a circle with Maya in the middle.

[Everyone but Maya] -- Cumpleaños felices, deseamos a ti! Cumpleaños felices, deseamos a ti! Que lo pases muy bien, cumpleaños felices!

The chanted the verse about four or five times; as they did it, Iracema's spirit began to dissolve in the wind, leaving them with her blessing and best wishes. The moon shone brighter in the sky as Iracema's spirit finally disappeared. The Knights sat near the waters and watched as it reflected the moon light, creating a beautiful, transcendent scenario for them to admire and even dream about.

To be Continued...


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