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- Laguna de Las Ninfas -

Apaneca, El Salvador -- 7:15 p.m

As the hours passed by, Kaiser suggested getting into a safer place and use the vortexes once more; Maya's birthday was passing faster than they wanted and there was plenty of things she hadn't seen yet.

[Thalas] -- Where to now? (Holds Maya's hand)

[Maya] -- (Holds Thalas' hand) My guess would be Apaneca*, but... (shrugs) It's getting late and we have classes soon, so... (Sighs)

[Kaiser] -- Not a big deal! (Smiles) See... I have a better idea: I`ll conjure us there! It was nice driving and all, but... Vortexes are infinite times superior. So... Where to?

[Maya] -- (Smiles) Laguna de Las Ninfas**. There`s a reason why, I can assure all of you...

[Melchior] -- (Mischievous, puts a hand on one of Maya`s shoulders) No need to assure us of anything, Mayacita. It`s your day! (Smiles)

[Maya] -- If you say so... (Smiles) Please, Kaiser... Open the vortex!

[Kaiser] -- (Smiles) Your wish is my command! (Reverence to Maya, creates a vortex in front of him) All aboard!

All seven Blue Moon Knights entered on the vortex; Maya went on first and found herself in a large glade which protected an enormous, round lagoon. The moon was already shining on a open, cloudless night sky. She came close to the waters and saw the nymph-like flowers floating in it.

She snapped her fingers and changed into her bathsuit -- a dark beige swimsuit with baby yellow flower pattern -- and entered on the cold, still waters.

[Maya] -- Look at this! (Amazed) Don't know if we should enter, but... It is so beautiful!

As Black Witch made her seventh step on the lagoon, it started to shine brightly, as if it was under some kind of spell; the others started looking at the waters with a hint of concern. As Anael was preparing himself to use the powers of Corazón de Guatemala, the water's surface began to twist and levitate. Then, it took the shape of a female. The waters came down once more, and it revealed to be a female spirit.

She was medium-heighted, slightly chubby, white-skinned with straight, short, dark-brown hair with an edgy bang which covered her left eye. The exposed eye showed to be dark-brown with wide eyelashes. Maya muffled a scream as tears appeared on her eyes.

[Maya] -- (Shocked, at the verge of crying) Dios mio! Iracema!? How...?!

To Be Continued...



(*): One of the towns featured in Ruta de Las Flores; it is one of the smallest and features two large lagoons near it: Laguna Verde and Laguna de Las Ninfas.

(**): One of the most beautiful lagoons of El Salvador, is a large water mass 1.5 miles away from Apaneca/ it receives its name due to the amount of aquatic flowers in it.


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