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- A City for Artists, Coffee and Flowers -

Ruta de Las Flores, El Salvador -- 3:15 p.m.

The Knights rode away in the amidst of the most beautiful flowers ever seen. Maya and Altagracia grabbed their cameras and starting taking pictures of everything, from landscape to road signs and even mischievous plays and interactions within the van.

It took them a few hours by car to reach the first destination of the route: the small city of Juayua, the village known for its coffee, exquisite food and flower-themed signs and frameworks.As soon as they passed through the humble entrance of the small town, the car was filled with the most pleasant smell of fresh tamales* filled with black beans, scrambled eggs and roasted vegetables with a hint of Izote** flower, giving the Knights the most intriguing experience.

[Melchior] -- Hmmm... (Licks lips) I missed the food around here!

[Maya] -- Let's stop! I want to take some pictures and get some of the food for the rest of the journey! (Smiling)

[Kaiser] -- Alright then, folks! (Stops the van. Turns the engine of and pulls the hand brake) Let's get some thing to go... The city looks great for a small village.

[Kimi] -- Indeed! (Gets off the van) I'll check the landscape out.

[Anael] -- Let's go, Gracia. I'll help you out. (Smiles)

[Altagracia] -- No need to! (chuckles) I'm a big lady already!

The seven heroes got out of the van and decided to check the city out. The small, humble and historic houses were all ornamented with flowers and all things talking about spring. They started visiting all shacks and shops, looking for anything interesting to eat and get as souvenir; each one of them chose their set of food: pupusas*** of various flavors, tomato sauces and sour creams to join them, tortas de yema**** with coconut shavings, cinnamon and ice cream .

They sat at a round wooden table in the largest avenue of the city, shielded by a large sun umbrella. They talked, laughed and ate as they watched the crowd moving from one site with the other.

[Maya] -- (Excited) Hey, guys! Look over there! (Points to her front) It seems there'll be a live performance there.

[Anael] -- Oh! A marimba group! This is going to be good!

The group composed of ten musicians climbed on top of a wooden stage; three large marimbas were brought into it and the performers started playing their songs. The heroes looked at the scene and listened very carefully to the music that was being played, which seemed more than perfect for such sunny, bright day of July.

To be Continued...



(*): Fresh Mesoamerican corncakes, usually filled with black beans, tomatoes, chicken, potatoes or even other exquisite fillings.

(**): Common type of flower largely used in Salvadoran cuisine. It grows all over Central America, and its roots (Yuca) are also up for consume. The flowers have a bitter, yet pleasing taste which makes them highly sought for culinary purposes. Izote is also cultivated alongside coffee plantations to avoid soil erosion on steep slopes.

(***): Traditional dish of Mayan origin, they consist on large, thick tortillas made out of corn or rice flour, stuffed with cheese, chicharrĂ³n, refried beans or loroco.

(****): Yolk-made Salvadoran pies.


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