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- Where the Flowers Shine Brighter - 

[Maya] - The first place I want to visit is in Melchior's former land! La Ruta de las Flores*!

[Melchior] - That place? (Mischievous) Well, that doesn't surprise me, considering your likes and dislikes...

[Maya] - I always wanted to know more about the wilderness of El Salvador. So, you guys care to join me?

[Thalas] - Of course! Kaiser, can you give us the fastest way of reaching the place?

[Kaiser] - (Smiling) Sure thing! Let's just move somewhere more discrete and we'll be good to go.

That said, the Knights moved elsewhere; they found an empty back alley a few blocks away from Maya's and got inside as the shadows guaranteed they'd be covered. Then, Kaiser focused on the wall near him and the shadows responded swirling near his hand and opening a purple-glowing vortex.

[Kaiser] - The door is open, guys. (Shows the vortex) Before we go, I need you, Maya, to guide us; is that okay?

[Maya] - Of course! (Steps near the vortex) Follow me, folks!

The Honduran magician stepped into the glowing vortex followed by the rest of the Blue Moon Knights. In a matter of seconds, they left Guatemala City and ended up in the western part of El Salvador only a few kilometers away from Guatemala in a town called Ahuachapán**.

That town was bustling with colors, sounds and voices coming from all directions; the shops and smaller, antique buildings featured beautiful, dazzling handmade fabric patterns inspired on the flowers found in the region.

[Maya] - (Stunned) Wow...Looks so much better than I thought I'd be!

[Melchior] - (Mischievous) Well, it is much better... Seems that people took an effort to rebuild some of the historical things here...And it still smells like coffee!

[Anael] - (Smiling, looking around) Well... Where to, Maya?

[Maya] - Let's see... (Gets a map from backpack and opens it) The first city of the route is Juayua, a small town following the road ahead.

[Melchior] - We still got time and... (Looks around) None seems to be staring at us.

[Thalas] - Melchior... What are you up to?

[Melchior] - A bit of magic! (Conjures up a Kombi)

[Kimi] - (Startled) What the hell?!

[Melchior] - He, he, he...

[Kaiser] - (Sighs) Alright, we better hop in... Kimi and I are the eldest, so... We'll drive.

[Thalas] - (Facepalm) Oh god... Here we go.

[Maya] - (Excited) This keeps getting better and better!

The Knights entered in the brand new Kombi; Kaiser and Kimi went on front, and the rest stayed on the passenger's area. Then, Kaiser turned the vehicle on, hit the gas and followed the spring road into the following town, leaving the smell of coffee behind...

To Be Continued...



(*): La Ruta de las Flores (Flower Route) is a touristical destination in El Salvador; a road surrounded by tropical flowers, which extend to twenty miles and features five small towns of El Salvador, each of them unique in their way.

(**): Ahuachapán is a city and municipality and the capital of the Ahuachapán Department in western El Salvador. The municipality including the city covers an area of 244.84 km² and as of 2007 has a population of 110,511 people. Situated near the Guatemalan border, it is the westernmost city in the country and is the center of an agricultural region producing primarily coffee.

Ahuachapán is the site of a geothermal power plant and a hydroelectric station. The local geothermal activity produces many steam vents, visible throughout the surrounding mountains.

Among other things, Ahuachapan is also the birthplace of notable Salvadoran poet Alfredo Espino and is about an hour's drive from the national wildlife park El Imposible.


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