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- Natural Born Magician -

Guatemala City, Guatemala — 11:15 a. m.

It was a bright 4th July in the capital of the Eternal Spring country, where our well-known heroes dwelled. Finally, their vacation time had come and they would be able to rest as much as they always wanted and so desperately needed. This time, however, they had different plans in mind.

The boys, and the boys only, arranged to meet at Anael’s house — they all had special plans in mind for the recess, and that plan involved someone else. Specifically, another magician which was already part of the group. The group sat on the available space on Anael’s room, assuring to close the door and let nobody else inside.

[Anael] — So, does ever agree we should do it?

[Kaiser] — (Excited) Of course! I think it is going to be more than awesome!

[Kimi] — Hate to sound pessimist, but isn’t there a possibility that we may upset her?

[Melchior](Mischievous) You don’t hate sounding pessimist, Kimi. You are pessimist! (Laughs) Seriously now, I don’t think she’ll hate it. Considering the person who helped us in the first place, I think it is very likely that we hit perfect score on this.

[Kimi] (Ironic laughter) Funny you, Melchior! (Gives him a joking slap on his head)

[Anael] (Serious) Thalas, what do you think? Is she going to like it?

[Thalas] (Thinks for a moment in silence)

[Melchior] (Impatient) Come on, spit it out, man! Will we have all this trouble just for her to be sad and rampage on us again?

[Thalas](Confident, smiling) Of course not! This is going to be flawless. She will love that! Trust me; it is going to be perfect!

[Kimi] (Sighs, smiles) I hope so… We kind of worked hard on this…

On the meantime, someone else was hearing the conversation through the closed door; someone short, copper-skinned and dark brown-haired. She rapidly ran into her room and snapped her fingers, conjuring a pink sort of Communicator. Then, she pressed the only button attached to it and began speaking.

[Altagracia] — Hey there, how you doing? Listen, I think the boys are up to something and you should come here and check things– 

Suddenly, she heard some knocks on her door.

[Anael] (Baffled voice) Rayo de Sol, we are heading over Maya’s now. Want to join us?

[Altagracia](Faking annoyance) No! You guys are hiding something and I am not going unless you tell me, hermano mayor! (Hangs Communicator off)

[Anael](Chuckles) Fine… Listen, I’ll tell you on the way but you have to promise not to tell anyone, okay?

[Altagracia](Thinks for a moment)(Excited and childish) Fine! I am coming! (Jumps off bed and races to the door, opening it)

The little Blue Moon Knight joined the rest of the party in their sort of quest, getting out of Anael's place and heading to their target's home, which was on the other side of the town. On the meantime, they began to explain to Altagracia what they were up to and how important it was for them for her to be part of it. As they enlightened her, Altagracia got more and more interested in the boy's plot.

After some minutes of walking and talking, they arrived at their target's home. Thalas knocked on the door and all of them waited; a few minutes later, the last Blue Moon Knight appeared in front of them; the Honduran which all of them liked.

[Everyone] — (Shout, excited) ¡Cumpleaños feliz, Maya!

[Maya](Surprised, thrilled) Oh my god! You guys remembered!¡Muchas gracias! (Hugs all of them, starting with Anael, then Melchior, Kimi, Kaiser, Altagracia and Thalas)

[Anael] — You're welcome, sis! (Mischievous smile) Any plans for your day?

[Maya] — Not really... (Sighs) I don't usually celebrate my birthdays...

[Melchior] — Very well! (Mischievous) Let us celebrate with you then!

[Thalas](Shy) I've talked to the guys and... We were thinking on getting you an entire week of celebrations! It's your birthday, and we want to celebrate with you!

[Maya](Surprised) Guys... (Watery eyes) That's the most awesome thing anyone has ever done for me!

[Thalas] — (Thrilled) So, what will it be? Where are we headed first?

[Maya] — (Thoughtfull, mischievous) Well, let's see...

Maya took her time to think about it; there were so many great locations not only in Guatemala but in Central America as a whole that she wanted to pay a visit. Minutes after Thalas' question, she came up with the perfect place to start her birthday week...

To Be Continued...


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