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Opening July!

Hello Everyone!

Well, the Blog has been revived and the month of Jun had been finished properly with the Knights' last Season of adventures. Now, for the upcoming month, here we have a new to-do list:

1. The Summer Summit of 2015 happens this Month! - Considering that this Blog wasn't' so alive in January, 2015's Summer Summit has been postponed for this Month and will begin on the first week of this month, with a new topic this year.

2. The Previous Summer Summits Will Get Covers! - Alas, it is a collection of short stories and they deserve their own Covers. Starting this Month, I'll begin preparing some special covers for the Summits.

3. The Missing Covers from Seasons 6th and 7th will Be On! - It's been more than a year since these Chapters debuted in this Blog. Therefore, they deserve Covers on their on. I'll be working on them as soon as possible.

4. HD Covers for the First Seasons - Those will be available soon for downloadable version only along with other special illustrations made by me.

5. The Journals Will be Back Soon! - Though they'll be posted nearly in the end of this month or in August, I'll still notify their comeback here. Also a collection of short stories which might get their own set of illustrations as well

So far, these are the main topics to be explored by me in this vacation time. I hope I can deliver as much as I can. Wish me luck and stay tuned for more!

Iridium Blade


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