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- A Road Leads To... Danger! The Danish Demon! -

May 13th, 2013

Somewhere between Germany and Czech Republic - 2 a. m.

Melchior's train kept going farther to the East; though it was now Spring season in all Northern Hemisphere, that part of Europe seemed to still be trapped in Winter. The railroad was somehow old and badly treated, causing the train to bump and shake much more than Melchior was used to.

One of those bumps were severe and resulted in Melchior's wakening.

"Ouch..." He complained. "My scars are still recent..."

He then looked outside and saw the darkness and the snow, which was falling gently in small flocks and flakes. His eyesight was slightly blurred, for he was still very sleepy.

"Wow... I must have been sleeping for ages!" Melchior commented, amazed by the snow. "I wonder what time..."

Before Melchior could finish his mental question, his phone rang. This time, it wasn't Balthazar, with whom he spoke hours before, but his parents' phone number. His heart started beating at a faster pace, for it was the first time in years a family relative ever called him.

"Hello?!" He asked exulted.

"Melchior?" It was Mirabelle's voice. "Thank God you answered! It has been more than a month since we last talked! How are you, my child?!"

"I am doing fine, thanks... Mom!" Melchior replied happily. "I've mastered two Elements so far - Air and Earth, including its sub-classes!"

"I couldn't be more proud of you than I am!" Mirabelle replied pleased. "Balthazar has told me of your progress. The reason we didn't talk before was that we didn't quite remembered the Lord's addresses, so..."

"Mirabelle, give me that phone at once!" Melchior heard Ushuriel's voice through the phone, but he didn't seem quite happy. "You have to tell him!"

"Tell me what?" Melchior asked worried.

Mirabelle stood in silence for a few seconds; during that time, Melchior felt his heart beat slower, yet stronger due to his anxiety.

"Mom..." He said. "Tell me what?"

He heard Mirabelle grasp before talking.

"Mirabelle, tell him now or I will!" Ushuriel said on the back.

"Melchior... My son..." Mirabelle hesitantly began. "I... I didn't think... I didn't wanted to think that..."

"That?" Melchior's voice sounded anxious and frightened.

"Someone is after you." Ushuriel said. "Someone dangerous. Listen, in which country you are right now?"

"Well, uhm..." Melchior replied, looking through the window. "I believe I've passed Dresden*... Why?"

"Get out of there now!" Ushuriel said desperately. "You are being hunted!"

"By who?!" Melchior asked, desperate.

Before Ushuriel could give him any sort of answer, Melchior heard an explosion; his train was hit by something, and he felt a huge impact, being thrown out of the train. He hit the snowy ground slightly wounded. His head was spinning, and he could feel his wrists, forearms and shoulders slightly burned.

He tried to scream, but his vocal chords seemed unable to generate any sort of sound; his scars in his hands, which were more recent, opened up, and blood was coming out of them in thin lines. He suddenly noticed his hearing had been compromised due to the explosion.

"What the hell?!" He thought.

He managed to lift his torso and saw what happened; about two thirds of the train were in flames, and he could hear some wagons still exploding and burning in fierce blazes; snow was falling from the sky, and there was nothing more but darkness around, for Dresden was miles away at that moment.

Then, he saw it; a female humanoid form, medium-height and wide coming in his direction. It was completely covered in darkness, yet the bloody red glow of her eyes could be seen through the shadows. Melchior's eyes widened - he was really being hunted.

"Damn, damn, damn!" He thought, frightened. He tried to stand up, but he knees and legs seemed not to be answering.

"Stay still. Stay very still." She said, walking towards Melchior. "I finally have you just where I wanted - alone."

Melchior stood where he was, paralyzed; the darkness which covered her forms had now been gone, and Melchior could finally see the one who was after him - a medium-height to small, wide white-skinned woman which could be around her sixties, with short, straight dark hair with a large stripe of white hair on its left side; her eyes were red, and she was wearing purple lipstick.

Her clothes were a large black mantle with a silver skull sewn in its back, silver buttons and trims, dark pants, dark purple leather boots, a pair of dark red leather gloves and a long sleeved, dark shirt with a dark red corset on it. She also wore a dark brown belt with some pockets pending from it, and a skeletal scepter with a pinkish skull on top of it. Her teeth were very white and her canines were sharp. She was smiling cruelly to Melchior. 

"Tsc, tsc, tsc." She snapped her tongue with disdain. "Sometimes, I am impressed how wrong Mirabelle can be." She said. "She had not just only chosen to be with a Vampire, but chose to have a child with him and raise it as if it was a regular Warlock. Such a pity I'll have to finish you, though."

"Who... Who are you?!" Melchior asked, screaming, finally being able to talk.

She laughed devilishly before giving Melchior a reply.

"Why do you want to know my name?" She asked with the same disdain of before. "After all, you'll be dead. Since you seem to be curious to know who your assassin is... I am the one called 'The Danish Demon', and it is not a meaningless title, if you want to know."

That said, she raised her scepter high above her head, casting a furious thunderstorm. Melchior's legs finally gave him an answer, and he managed to crawl and escape from a few of them, yet other bloody red lightning bolts hit him so hard he flew away and hit the snowy ground, bleeding through wounds opened in his torso.

He screamed in pain, standing up with difficulty. He was puffing, breathing with difficulty. His breath could be seen, for the air was colder than he thought.

"I won't... Die in here!" He growled. "I can guarantee I've face enemies worse than you! Shockwave!"

Clapping one hand against the other, Melchior created a massive shockwave, which would shatter his foe inside out; however, the Danish Demon only raised her scepter, creating a barrier with dissipated his shockwave.

"Damn!" He thought, breathless.

"Well... Not bad." She replied with despise. "Nevertheless, you are too weak to face me, even being master of two Elements. You are no Elemental Lord, therefore you have no level to challenge me! Thunderstorm Deathsquad!"

She kept her scepter raised, and black energy came out of it, sailing upwards as fast as a lightning. Then, Melchior heard the strong sound of thunders coming from the sky; on the following, five large, black lightning rays hit the ground, conjuring a massive army of undead-like Elementals, which stood in front of her.

"Let me tell you something, Melchior, before you die." She said devilishly. "I am no mere Warlock - I am a Necromancer, or an Elemental Mistress of Darkness and Void, if you want to know. Yet we Warlocks and Vampires are both creatures born and bound to Darkness, we are not immune to its spells. However, I managed to master the shadows and the lesser undead ; I no longer fear the powers of the night, nor the obstacles on my path. I will become far more powerful than you... 'Mother' has ever been! The only thing now which stands on my way is you, Melchior Raven-Hayes..."

She pointed her staff to Melchior, devilishly smiling at him.

"...For you bear far more power than you can reveal." She said. "I am not interested, though, in seeing those powers unfold. So... I sentence you to... Death by Darkness!"

At her command, the Darkness Elementals hasten to Melchior, engulfing him in their tainting matter. Defenseless as he was, Melchior had no other option than scream for help, praying that someone would listen to his pleas.

"Get... Away... From... Me!" He screamed furiously waving his arms, which started to burn and decay. "Vampiric...Tornado!"

He used all energy he had left on his body to summon that attack, creating a small tornado, which ripped his enemies off. He fell on his knees, feeling only the strong winds swirling around him. He was in pain, in complete pain. His arms were tainted and extremely injured, and so was most of his body. He looked up, and his eyesight was blurred. The Danish Demon was still there, and she was anxious for more. He could no longer hear what she was saying, but he saw her conjuring more Elementals. She definitely wanted to have him killed.

He closed his eyes, and all his life slowly passed through; he remembered it all - from his striving childhood to the day he met Anael and became a Blue Moon Knight, and all the adventures he had past that. He saw his mother and father's face, and a tear came out of his own face as their images became blood.

"Goodbye..." He whispered, feeling his breath as cold as ice.

Then, he let himself faint and fall on the snowy ground as the environment suddenly became warmer and warmer. The last thing Melchior heard was the growl of immense hounds, which seemed to have driven the Danish Demon away.

The train in which Melchior was no longer had a mantle of flames on it. The snow storm was finally yielding, for the flames were making a large, dense circle around Melchior... And a mysterious, hooded man, which was Melchior's savior.

"Oh my..." Said the mysterious man. "Looks like someone got into an  very, very ugly brawl here..."
He knelt down and held Melchior in his arms.

"Hmm..." The man commented. "Your haircut is quite familiar. Perhaps you are the son of... Ushuriel? Hmm... If that's so, I have to take you to Budapest. I would do it anyways, no matter if you were a Warlock or not... But I have duties, you know, and I'd hate not to do them..."

To Be Continued...



(*)Dresden: The capital of the Free State of Saxony, in Germany. It is a village east of Elbe river, near the Czech border.


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