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- A Road Leads to... The Hungarian Hellhound! (Part One) -

Budapest, Hungary

May 17th, 2013

"Where... Where am I?"

Finally, Melchior woke up. His head was spinning; he was feeling heavily sick and sore. His eyesight was blurred, and it was painful to even open his eyes.

"Oh my..." He whispered painfully. "Ouch... I hasn't been a dream..."

Finally, his eyesight got back to normal, making him able to identify where he was. I was a bedroom with gypsy theme, with bright colours and a lot of fabric on the walls and the ceiling.

"What the hell?" Melchior slowly whispered.

"Welcome to my home!"

Melchior eyes widened. He turned his face to the right and saw a man standing by the door. He was medium-height to tall, strong, copper-skinned man around his 40s. His hair was straight, short and dark; his eyes were also dark; his lips were thin and his nose, slightly wide. He was wearing a long, dark-red overcoat with golden details, a pair of dark brown, leather boots and leather gloves, a long-sleeved, dark green shirt and black leather pants. He was smiling at Melchior with his eyes closed.

"Üdözlet*!" The man gently said. "My name is Lunia Kárdós Karpatí, but you may call me simply Lunia, if you prefer."

Melchior slowly stood up, sitting on the bed; as he moved his body, he felt an immense pain, causing him to cry louder and more painfully than he ever did.

"Yeah... You still seem to be pretty bad." Lunia commented, worried. "You were very lucky - most people who ever faced the Danish Demon barely could make it. If I had taken a few more seconds to arrive at the scene, you and I wouldn't be talking right now."

"Yeah... I owe you that... Lunia. Lunia, right?" Melchior replied still in pain. "I must say I have never been beaten this way in my whole life."

Lunia smiled at him and walked towards a small table, in which were some delicacies, a jug and glasses.

"Well, I'd be surprised if it hasn't been." The Hungarian replied, bringing the goods to Melchior. "Do you want some? These are Gundel Palacsinta; they are like French crepes, but they are much better than those!"

That said, he offered Melchior a silver plate full of a batch of them, which was around twelve pieces of those sweets.

"Uhm... I think I'll get one..." Melchior replied, taking one of the pastries.

"Don't be shy!" Lunia said happily. "You can eat just as much as you want - as long as you stomach doesn't ache."

"I... I am fine with these, thanks!" Melchior replied while eating.

Lunia then stood near Melchior, watching him in an awkward way. Melchior stopped eating and looked at him, surprised.

"Have I done something wrong?" Melchior asked.

"What is your name?" Lunia asked seriously.

"What?" Melchior replied, swallowing a large chunk of pastry and almost choking because of it.

"You know my name. I want to know yours." He gently replied. "...Yet I seem to be familiar to your face, even if I haven't seen you before..."

"My name is Melchior." Melchior said with a smile. "Melchior Raven-Hayes."

Lunia suddenly backed up, intrigued. He then gazed at Melchior with a fascinated countenance.

"I see... That's why I recognize you!" Lunia happily said. "You are the child of Mirabelle and Ushuriel, the kid I've heard about! God, you took a damn long time to appear! And your hair is quite a mid-term between your father's and your mother's! Quite fascinating!"

He then stood up, chuckling while doing so.

"Well, let me introduce myself fully." Lunia said, doing a respectful reverence to Melchior. "I am Lunia Kárdos Kárpatí, the Elemental Lord of Fire, Ignition and Power. Balthazar has told me you spent some time with Nathalie and Cynthia prior than getting at me, right?"

"Y-yes..." Melchior replied, slightly surprised by Lunia's reaction.

"Well... So, you are a Master of two Elements and its subclasses... What an amazing student!" Lunia commented with a smile. "Very well... I shall proceed to your training, but not today. See, I have some extra duties for these weeks... I have some classes which I need to lecture, so..."

"Are you a professor?" Melchior asked. "What is your teaching area?"

"Astronomy." Lunia replied with a shy smile.

Melchior's eyes widened, and a large smile appeared in his face, which made Lunia look at him with curiosity once more.

"Are you interested on the ground, young man?" He asked.

"Yes... Yes!" Melchior replied elated. "See, it is my dream to become an astronaut, but I am studying harder and harder in order to become an astronomer if I fail in a physical test..."

"I see... You have passion for Science..." Lunia said with a smile. "Would you like to come with me to the University of Budapest and attend to my classes while your body heals up?"

"Of course!" Melchior replied. "I'd be delighted!"

"Never in a million of years I'd thought I'd meet someone that fascinating! A Warlock which likes Science!" Lunia said. "Well, get yourself some more sleep, cleanse your wounds and I shall find some clothes for you. Tomorrow, you head up to the University with me!"

Melchior was smiling as he never did before. What an amazing guy Lunia was! He was fascinated by the man in front of him - naive and full of knowledge, mysterious and receptive. Lunia was a walking paradox, a sum of antithesis. Even so, never Melchior thought he'd meet someone so similar to him...

"I shall write about this." Melchior thought. "I need to write about this... I feel I'll really like this training..."

To be Continued...



(*)Üdözlet -  "Greetings" in Hungarian.


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