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- Over the Waves and Far Away -

Sunlit Tides Balneary, Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala - 12:00 a. m.

The waves were high and perfect along the coast of Puerto Quetzal. A lot of professional surfers gathered inside Puerto Quetzal in order to start another phase of the Pro Surf Circuit. Melchior, Anael and Kimi were sitting on pre-mounted stands near the beach.

[Melchior] - *Happy* Maaan, this will be a heck of competition!

[Anael] - Indeed! *Watches surfers presenting to crowd* I wish I'd participate...

[Kimi] - *Impressed* I must say I've never witnessed such sport before...

[Melchior] - No beaches at your land? *Mischievous smile*

[Kimi] - No waves at all! *Smiles*

[Melchior] - Then, my dear friend... *Points at waves and the surfers swimming towards them* Watch that really closely... Pay attention and see the waves and how those men tame them...

[Anael] - *Rolls eyes* That was tacky even for my standards, Melchior!

[Kimi] - *Laughs* I have to agree with him! Still... *Serene gaze into the waves* I have to agree with you as well, Melchior... It is a wild, yet beautiful scene to witness...

Then, they heard a loud announcement, which stated that they were one competitor short and, therefore, they'd accept anyone who thought was up for the challenge to join the professionals just to make the math. Kimi's eyes widened at that moment; then, he looked to his left and saw a long-board standing there, as if it was asking to be used.

[Kimi] - Guys... I have to go! *Runs towards long-board, grabs it and runs to the sea*

[Anael] - What the??? *Surprised*

[Melchior] - *Mischievous* Finally he found something to do here... *Crosses arms with a smile in his face*

The Finnish man ran to get his place among the other surfers, which were impressed by his bravery; when authorized, he ran into the sea with them, rowing as stronger as his arms allowed him in order to catch those beautiful waves far from the shore...

To Be Continued...


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