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- Guatemalan Roller Coaster Ride! -

Sunlit Tides Balneary, Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala - 12 a. m.

Maya, Kaiser and Altagracia went to the northeastern part of the Balneary, where a natural reservation could be found. It was a large protected rainforest area, which counted with more than 10 hectars of land. That Nature shrine had large trees, flowers, animals (mostly birds) and rivers with strong tides and a waterfall.

The three of them arrived near the waterfall, carrying a large canoe with them. As they came closer to the waters, they realized the waterfall was larger and more complex than before - it was more than five waterfalls, which were large and converted in a massive water fury, with tides that could easily rock their canoe.

[Maya] - *Hesitant* Kai... are you sure?

[Kaiser] - Come on! *Shows tongue* That's nothing! We faced enemies worse than that!

[Altagracia] - *Holding on to Maya* I am scared... Mi hermano mayor isn't going to like it...

[Kaiser] - *Puts canoe on the ground* Hey, you girls... *Smiles gently* Don't worry, alright? Nothing's going to happen to us. Alas, I can teleport us out if something goes wrong.

[Maya] - *Sighs* Okay... We are already here, so... Whatever.

[Kaiser] - *Pulls canoe closer to the girls* Since I am the heaviest, I'll be in the middle. Gracia, I want you to sit in front of me, so that I can hold you, okay?

[Maya] - *Hands on her waist* I think you should be on the back, no? I go in the middle and Gracia goes in front of me. This way, weight is better distributed.

[Altagracia] - I am scared... I don't want to look! *Apprehensive*

[Kaiser] - *Hugs Altagracia* Don't worry, Gracia... *Kisses her head* You'll be just fine. We are here to protect you! *Looks at Maya*

[Maya] - *Discrete smile* Yes, Gracia... He is right. So... *Looks to the canoe* Are we going?

[Kaiser] - *Mischievous laugh* Corageous, huh? *Shows it with a reverence* Ladies first. Someone has to push the canoe after all...

That said, Maya sat on the middle and Altagracia sat on her lap. Kaiser sat on the back of the canoe and pushed it towards the raging river. At the moment the canoe hit the water, it started bouncing and rocking violently as the course of water went by.

[Maya] - *Holding Altagracia* OH DIOS MIO! It's stronger than I thought! *Screaming*

[Kaiser] - Wow! *Holds tighter to the canoe* I didn't see this one coming! *Surprised*

[Altagracia] - *Desperate* HEEEEELP!!! *Holds Maya*

[Kaiser] - *Maneuving the canoe* Calm down, ladies! I'll tame the... *Widening eyes* Oh crap...

The waterfall was near, an yet it wasn't so high. the water below was raging.

[Maya] - *Scared* Are we...

[Kaiser] - Yes... *Sighs* We are going... *Screams* DOOOOOWWNNN!!!

[Altagracia and Maya] - *Screaming*

The canoe fell from the waterfall, and what was once screams of fear became screams of fun and adrenalline, for the trio could overcome the coursing river, rowing with improvised rows they forgot they had. The water wasn't so scary and wild anymore, yet it gave them some goosebumps once in a while...

To Be Continued...


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