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- Summer Haven -

Sunlit Tides Balneary - Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala: 10 a.m.

It was a bright, sunny day in Sunlit Tides Balneary. After a nice night of sleep, the Knights headed to the beach. This year, they weren't working at the Balneary*; instead, they were there as mere tourists. Dressed in their bathsuits, all seven Knights went forward to the marvelous beach with nets, umbrellas, towels and a volley ball.

They picked a spot near the sea to start their vacation properly.

[Anael] - Okay, *Drops net and stakes* I think we've got a nice place to play a bit.

[Kaiser] - So... *Grabs net and arrays it* How do we... Do this? *Confused*

[Maya] - *To Kaiser, surprised* You never played volley?

[Kaiser] - No... *Sad*

[Maya] - That's a pity! Don't worry, I'll teach you! *Smiles*

[Thalas] - *Stakes umbrellas on the ground. Places towels on the sand. Sits in one of them, with black glasses on.*

[Kimi] - *Sits near Thalas*

[Melchior] - *To Thalas and Kimi* Hey, aren't you going to play?

[Thalas] - *Lowers glasses* I don't know... I am not into volleyball.

[Melchior] - Come on! *Approaches and pokes Thalas* Don't be such granny! Come and play!

[Thalas] - *Rolls eyes* Fine, I will. *To Kimi* Are you playing as well?

[Kimi] - Yes, I will... *Slowly stands up* So, how are we going to play? I mean, there's seven of us!

[Maya] - Anael and I were thinking about doubles... Just as beach volleyball is. Moreover, we could change doubles if people got tired of each other. What do you think?

[Kaiser] - Sounds great to me! *Excited* But what about Altagracia? Isn't she too young to play with us?

[Altagracia] - *Smiles* I am okay with it. Besides, I'll be the judge! *Closes eyes and lifts up nose* 

[Anael] - *Laughs* Someone liked the idea. *To everyone else* So,  who doesn't know how to play volleyball?

[Kimi and Kaiser] - *Raises right hands*

[Anael] - Very well... I'll play with you, Kimi, and...

[Maya] - ...I play with Kaiser! *Smiles at Anael, and then at Kaiser*

[Thalas] - *Wides eyes* This means I am stuck with... *Looks at Melchior* Melchior???

[Melchior] - *Slightly insulted* Hey! I am not happy either! *Mischievous smile*

[Thalas] - *Rolls eyes*

[Anael] - *Sighs* Alright, alright. Calm down, both of you...

[Maya] - Let's start this, or we'll play on the sunset!

The boys agreed and helped Anael and Kaiser to set the net and improvise a court, by using flip-flops to mark the edges and sticks slightly buried to make the limits outside and inside the court. Anael and Kimi started against Maya and Kaiser in a better-of-3-sets. Thalas and Melchior were waiting for their turn to play, while Altagracia watched everything from a chair positioned near the stake closest to the Pacific Sea, which was brighter and more beautiful than ever...

To Be Continued...


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