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- The Boys Are Back! -

Sunlit Tides Balneary: Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala - 10:00 a. m.

One year has passed since the Blue Moon Knights' first appearance in the most renowned balneary of Guatemala. The same traditional Mesoamerican songs could be heard all over the large property. Like the year before*, tourists were arriving in large numbers, coming from either buses or rented cars.

In the middle of that human party, there was one vehicle which stood out between many others - a large, dark blue Kombi driven by a tall, white-skinned, blonde boy with four blue triangles in his face and a dark green headband. His eyes were blue as sapphires, and his hair was blond as gold, straight as hay and short. That gentlemen was none than DarkStalker, also known as...

[Kimi] - KAISER DAS VAALI! *Visibly angry* I command you to stop this car at once!

[Altagracia] - YOU ARE GOING TO KILL US!!! *Scared, hanging on her brother* HERMANO MAYOR, HELP ME!

[Anael] - WISH I COULD! *Hissing angrily* KAISER! OBEY YOUR BROTHER!

[Kaiser] - *Angry and desperate* EASY TO SAY, HARD TO DO!

The Kombi was coming fast and poorly controlled. It seemed that Kaiser had just gotten his license, and thus he wasn't able to drive as good as a more experienced driver. People realized that and started running for their lives. Speed was getting higher and higher as Kaiser seemed not to be able to control the machine.

[Thalas] - Oh, for Christ's sake! *Jumps to the front and takes the steering wheel* Let me take care of this!

[Melchior] - Aaand... *Mischievous countenance* We are dead!

[Thalas] - *Rapidly looks at Melchior with anger* SHUT UP, MELCHIOR! *Stomps the brake paddle*

The Kombi's wheels' sang a cruel, yet saving song; the wheels rubbed so strong on the concrete that created a dense fog under the vehicle, which was annoying to anyone's lungs. The other Knights started coffing while Thalas tried to stop the wrecking car and avoid crashing it.

Luckily, Thalas managed to park the car near the entrance and avoided hitting the adjacent cars. Surprising everyone, the young Frenchman got out of the car with the best poker face one could ever witness. He offered his hand to Maya, aiding her to get out of the Kombi. Then, he opened the door, allowing Melchior, Anael and Altagracia to get out of the car. At last, Kaiser and Kimi, who were on the front seats, got out of the machine to help them getting their luggage.

[Melchior] - *Stretches* Aaaah... The boys are back!

[Kimi] - *Goggles eyes*

[Melchior] - *Closes left eye and looks to Kimi* Don't be so cranky! *Smiles* We deserve it, after all that trouble we've been through... *Goes near Kaiser and grabs two suitcases*

[Maya] - I agree with him... *Pokes Kimi with her left elbow* Alas, don't you always say there's time for seriousness and time for fun?

[Kimi] - *Sighs and smiles* Yeah... I guess you are right.

[Maya] - *Blinks and gets her suitcase* I know I am! *Giggles*

[Anael] - *Carrying three suitcases - one in his left shoulder an two in his hands* Let's move! *Smiling* The more we take here, less vacation we will have!

[Kimi] - *To Anael* I believe these is mine. *Takes the suitcase on Anael's shoulder* Kiitos** anyway.

[Kaiser] - *Walking and leading them, singing* There´s somebody made for me/ Someone I still don´t see/ One I will find tonight / Everything will be alright ***

[Anael and Thalas] - *Singing out loud* Live Now! Live Now! Say it loud!

[Maya and Altagracia] - *Singing out loud*  Live Now! Say it loud! Live Now!

[Melchior] - *Air guitar*

As they started singing, people gave them passage, either scared or amazed by the Knights' voices and spirits. These young people were so excited that

[Kimi and Kaiser] - *Air guitar-ing, singing out loud* Don´t say you´re too scared up high/ Life needs no wings to fly/ Come out into the light/ We can reach the height tonight!

[Anael, Melchior and Thalas] -  *Singing out loud* Live Now!Live Now!Say it loud!

[Anael, Thalas, Melchior, Maya and Altagracia] - *Singing out loud* Live Now! Say it loud Live Now! 

[All] - *Air guitar while walking*

[All] - *Singing out loud*  Get up and start to see now/ Give it a try and learn how/ To leave behind the wasteland/ Have no fear, I´m taking your hand/ Live Now!/ Live Now!/ Say it loud/ Live Now!/ Live Now!/ Say it loud/ Live Now!

When they finished their musical act, they were in front of the largest bungalow, which was the one rented by them months before their arrival.

[Melchior] - *Excited* Yes! The boys are back!

The other Knights, except for Melchior, entered in the bungalow and placed their belongings. Melchior slowly entered on the bungalow, looking to the horizon (which means you, dear reader), to which he blinked, as he slowly closed the door...

To Be Continued...



- (*): See 2013 Summer Summit

- (**): "Thank You" in Finnish.

- (***): These are lyrics from the song Live Now, by Helloween.


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