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"I want peace. I want it now. I don't want to see people getting hurt or dying for stupid causes. I want to see the day in which the Blue Moon Knights no longer will be necessary, so that my friends, my brother and I can live regular, happy lives. If this day don't arrive soon... Well... I'll be fighting for it until the day I die!"
Lotus Flower (Altagracia Moon' Seeker)

Lotus Flower, also known by her civilian name, Altagracia Moon' Seeker, is a cute, sharp, sensitive and moony Welsh Guatemalan born on August 23rd, in Guatemala City, Guatemala. She is the youngest sister of Anael, and she is his greatest joy in life, his 'Rayo de Sol' (sunlight beam).

This part, everyone here knows; what comes next may be news to some of you, who may haven't had time to notice some things. What people may not know is how Altagracia works - how does she feel? How does she behave? What gets on her nerves, and what does not? This article will explain part of it using an aspect most people may disagree - Astrology. In this first article, I'll use her fictional Astrological Map to go through some of her aspects - things that even Altagracia doesn't know about herself.

Altagracia was born under the constellation of Virgo - unlike her brother, Anael, she is quite organized and systematic for someone at her age. Altagracia also has her 'adult, critic moments' quite often, making her slightly more mature than most infants at her age. Like her brother, she fights for a cause greater than her, and she gives all for it.

Her Ascendant is Pisces - the complimentary Sign for Virgo. Altagracia finds herself always ready to help others expecting nothing in return - she does it to feel better about herself and make her surroundings better. The disadvantage is that she may never know when to stop and when to begin helping. She needs to serve something or someone, and her devotion to a cause is almost automatic when she finds herself in love with it.
She also has a deep psychological intelligence, which allows her to see beyond appearances and understand what's inside everyone she cares about.

Moon on Cancer, 4th House - Altagracia, like Maya, is very sensitive and follows her feelings, her heart. She also finds herself at her best when surrounded by family -and when loved by them. Since she has a mother and brother who do that, along with her older friends, Altagracia is always smiling, always happy. She nurtures and takes care of those she find in need. Her loving side is strong and frail at the same time - her feelings can be easily hurt...

Mercury on Virgo, 7th House - Altagracia speaks clear and firmly for a child at her age; still, she is very shy and prefers to keep things for helself, which she often shows as detailed strategies and logical conclusions. Her logic skills are impressive, and she is finding herself more and more comfortable with them. As she grows, her mind gets sharper and sharper - and she may even be able to give Thalas, Kimi and Melchior a helping hand when it comes about raising strategies in order to defeat enemies.

Venus on Virgo, 6th House - Here, our little Lotus Flower may find some problems. Yet she may find herself in good terms with her health and small animals (Altagracia loves butterflies and rabbits), she will eventually find herself not understanding what love truly is - yet she feels the love of her brother and her mother, she may find herself questioning and even rationalizing those feelings when older. Thus, she might get rid of romantic relationships, for none will be "good enough for her"...

Mars on Pisces, 12th House - Altagracia doesn't like fights; she rather keep it for helself. Unfortunately, this attitude makes her passive aggressive, for she takes on people without realizing it. Also, she is somehow more likely to be kidnapped and betrayed, which is really, really bad for her... And her enemies, for she has Anael to protect her*.

Jupiter on Leo, 6th House - Altagracia inspires people; she is self-confident, knows what she wants to do and what she likes and goes for it. She is creative and generous, yet slightly cocky sometimes. She may find herself interested in health matters or greater social causes.

Saturn on Cancer, 4th House - Like Anael (see his Special Article), Altagracia is also afraid of losing her family, for she didn't know her father** and has only her mother and brother to count on. For she feels guilty about not being older and more independent, she often hides her feelings and problems from her relatives. Yet she hasn't found herself in real problems, this may give her greater trouble a few more years from here...

Uranus on Pisces, 12th House - Altagracia keeps secrets as nobody, and she may have a gift for researches in the future!

Neptune on Aquarius, 11th House - Altagracia loves her friends, and they love her back! They are the greatest influence she has, and a positive one! Luckily, she hasn't faced any delusions related to them... Or has she? Will she?

Pluto on Sagittarius, 9th House - Altagracia is a justice seeker: she hates hypocrisy and injustice. She has the spirit of a leader, and her intuition along with her perception make her someone eligible to march with an army for a better world...


(*) - See Season 2 - The Elven Resistance
(**) - See Season 1 - The Legend Begins

That's all (for now) about Altagracia, our dreamy Lotus Flower! 

For now, this round of Articles will be over... Stay tuned for more news!

Iridium Blade.


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