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"Never in my life I had wished bad things to anyone. Anyone. Never in my life I meant to hurt others, but I did. Once, I took an innocent life which was being controlled. This pain and grief I bear I wish it to nobody... Even to my worst enemy."
Elite Dragon (Anael Nathaniel Moon'Seeker)

Elite Dragon, also known by his civilian name, Anael Moon'Seeker, or Anael Nathaniel Moon'Seeker (full name) is a sweet, innocent, moony boy born in October 31st in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

This part, everyone here knows; what comes next may be news to some of you, who may haven't had time to notice some things. What people may not know is how Anael works - how does he feel? How does he behave? What gets on his nerves, and what does not? This article will explain part of it using an aspect most people may disagree - Astrology. In this first article, I'll use his fictional Astrological Map to go through some of his aspects - things that even Anael doesn't know about himself.

Because of his birthday, he belongs to Scorpio sign - he is, most of the times, someone who keeps his thoughts, good or bad, to himself. Because of his difficult childhood, in which he lost his father before his time, and thus had to help his mother more than a child should, he couldn't, and felt as he shouldn't, trust anybody who hasn't had the same background as he did.

For that reason, he identified himself with Thalas, who was also someone from a broken home. The prejudice united them, and made their friendship more than that - they are more like brothers than mere friends.

Anael has a large sense of loyalty towards his friends, also being quite protective, possessive and even some kind of parent to them - this is mainly what justifies his Cancer Ascendant. He is a sweet person who isn't afraid of his emotions - he shows his anger, his grief, his joy and his sadness with intensity, which gives him troubles once in a while. He is also someone who can understand what lies beyond one's look just by gazing at them. However, this same trait can be used for evil, for Anael may manipulate people, play with their feelings and worries and use them in his behalf - sometimes without even knowing what he's doing.

Elite Dragon is also someone made for the family - his devotion to his sister, Altagracia, is love without borders - he would do anything for her. Seems that love is everything that matters in Anael's life - it is common to see him chasing (but not as a predator) his sweetheart. His Moon in Scorpio (House V in his Map) influences that. Anael praises love and arts in various ways.

Anael's hobbies are more related to sports and more physical activities; however, he is also someone who appreciates reading and education - he values those things as much as his hobbies. Anael eagers to learn and understand a world which he finds more complex than it seems. With Mercury in Scorpio (House V in his Map), this isn't so surprising.

Though Anael is a Leader, he sometimes feels leadership is mistaken by iron-fist authority and repression; therefore, he does his best to treat people as he wanted them to treat him, and this makes him someone other love to follow and talk to. Anael gives his blood and soul for a cause he finds noble and just, and he does it by believing it will all be used for a bigger purpous than his own. These attributes are given to him by Mars and Venus in Sagittarius (his 6th House).

Anael's family is a complicated matter, though: he knows little about his mother's side and almost nothing about his father's side. For his father had never had time to address the matter properly, Anael finds himself seeking for those informations on his own, searching for answers he doesn't know if he will ever find. The suspense is a killer, and the mystery attracts him even more towards those endless researches. Jupiter in Aquarius (House 8 in his Map), reinforced by Uranus in Aquarius (House 8 in his Map) gives him this urge to question and seek information.

Anael seems to be calm and controlled, right? Well, now we shall see the "Elite Dragon" side of Anael. Saturn in Aries (House 10 in his Map) calls him aggressive. Anael argues. Anael fights. Anael even bites, if you allow him to do so. He does that with people close to him, with his dearest ones, if challenged. He does that for fear - he doesn't like, and doesn't want to be exposed.

He is also deeply connected to people - specially in his love affairs, which may turn in more serious things. Yet it seems good, Anael can be either deceited or deceit his partner - if he doesn't know how to handle the situation. This is what Neptune in Capricorn (his 7th House) gives to him.

Relationships are so important to Anael that he may see himself into self-destroying relationships, in which can be seen possession and power disputes. His offspring may grow influential, manipulative and incredibly able to change and readapt. His transformations occur around his creation - when older, Anael's joy probably will be his family or his work, if built by him and from scratch. This is what Pluto in Sagittarius (House 5 in his Map) has for him.


That's all (for now) about Anael Moon' Seeker, our beloved Elite Dragon!

Tomorrow is Thalas' turn! Stay tuned!

Iridium Blade.


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