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"I am a womanizer, and I am not ashamed of it; I am the balance between sports and study, and I love this. My mind gives me more power than I'd ever dream. However, that same mind has a wicked, dark, broken side even I am scared of... Will I ever be able to comprehend myself?"
Elemental Alchemist (Melchior Raven-Hayes)

Elemental Alchemist, also known by his civilian name, Melchior Raven-Hayes, is a cheerful mastermind born on January 22nd. At first, he thought he was born in El Salvador. Given the most recent events*, he discovers he was born near Helsinki, Finland, child of the Warlock Mirabelle Hayes and the Vampire Ushuriel Raven.

This part, everyone here knows; what comes next may be news to some of you, who may haven't had time to notice some things. What people may not know is how Melchior works - how does he feel? How does he behave? What gets on his nerves, and what does not? This article will explain part of it using an aspect most people may disagree - Astrology. In this first article, I'll use his fictional Astrological Map to go through some of his aspects - things that even Melchior doesn't know about himself.

Melchior was born under the constellation of Aquarius, being, therefore, a rational, questioner, thoughtful and revolutionary person at his very core. Melchior is someone who questions and defies status quo, liking it or not, and often annoys those who aren't as open-minded as he is.

His Ascendant is Sagittarius - which gives him this soulful, cheerful and happy spirit, which gives the followers of TBMK funny scenes between Thalas and Melchior. Also, this gives Melchior another facade - a "know-it-all" facade, defying the knowledge of everyone near him, which even includes himself. Melchior seeks more, wants more, knows more than he even conceives. He is quite a philosopher on his own, and watching his logical deductions are a pleasant activity.

There's something quite missionary about Melchior's personality - he talks a lot and gives much lecture (in a good way), thinking about and pursuing a world which still doesn't exist, for the given reality is too awkward and wicked for him, for he lived too long in the darkest side of life. He creates opportunities for himself, learning from his suffering instead of just lamenting.

Melchior's Moon, which is Scorpio in 11th House, gives him a tendency to have feminine friendships more than male's; also, he is moved by the group, with the group and within the group - Melchior thinks for the whole, which means he is somewhat like D'Artangnan in the Three Musketeers - 'All for One, One for All!'; however, Melchior's heart never forgets the traumas and the bad memories, and thus it is more and more difficult for Melchior to trust and get closer to people.

With both Mercury and Venus in Capricorn,on 11th House, Melchior is someone practical, who obtains resources through social causes and even beauty (Melchior finds himself beautiful and likes beautiful things near him). He is also someone who likes enlightenment and enlightening others, and it is not that hard to see him as a teacher.

Regarding relationships, Melchior is someone straightforward, not spending too much time to say what he has to say. When it comes to love, however, Melchior finds it hard to open his heart to the one he loves at the given moment. He never insists on a relationship which is designed to fail - he prefers to give up and not be hurt than suffer for something which is uncertain and unstable. Melchior needs to trust on someone completely in order to talk his heart to that person.

Melchior is the king of irony; his comments are sharp and his sense of humor can be acid sometimes, due to Mars in Aquarius, 3rd House, he also acts according a previous path traced in his mind, acting for the group and causes much higher than him; still, because of these thoughts, he is highly subjected to lose his friends due to vehicle accidents (or even plane crashes!) or discussions, for he tends to be reckless in that matter.

He values equality - with Saturn in Aquarius , 3rd House, fights for his group and their rights as if they were his very own; he finds himself fighting for humanitarian causes, seeking social changes. However, he can be quite rebellious (extremely rebellious) and sometimes pursuing impossible causes. This astrological positioning also gives him more ability in communication with those surrounding him - family, friends and neighbors.

Melchior is afraid; Melchior has a fear little he knows about - until the day he found out about his own origins. Because of what he truly is, he is afraid that, someday, he finds himself completely alone - without a family again; he finds himself also hesitating in crucial moments, and it frustrates him more than anything. These are all conditions given by Saturn in Aries, 4th House.

Melchior is someone who might see himself highly engaged in scientific matters, in which he may even profit - yet he may find himself trapped in bad financial investments. These are the things Uranus on Aquarius, 2nd House foresee to Melchior.

Money is something Melchior will be highly related to - he may even find it on the streets! He should thank his Neptune on Capricorn, 2nd House.

Finally, Melchior has a gazing look which goes to the bottom of one's soul. His will is overpowering and almost unstoppable. He is like the Phoenix, for he regenerates from each fall and rebirths from his own ashes of the bad and forgotten experiences. He may become manipulative. This is what Pluto In Sagittarius, 1st House says about Melchior.

(*): See Season 7 - Melchior's Crisis

That's all (for now) about Elemental Alchemist, our revolutionary Melchior Raven-Hayes! 

Tomorrow is Kimi's turn! stay tuned!

Iridium Blade.


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