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"I am no people person, and never I intended to be - people are mischievous and unworthy of my trust. Even so, there are certain types of people who may change my mind. If you keep disturbing me, Melchior, I will move you to the first category." 
Electro Archer (Thalas-Juán Dharalion)

Electro Archer, also known by his civilian name, Thalas-Juán Dharalión, is an enlightened, racional and elegant boy born on May 11th in Guatemala City, Guatemala, children of a Frenchwoman and a Guatemalan man.

This part, everyone here knows; what comes next may be news to some of you, who may haven't had time to notice some things. What people may not know is how Thalas works - how does he feel? How does he behave? What gets on his nerves, and what does not? This article will explain part of it using an aspect most people may disagree - Astrology. In this first article, I'll use his fictional Astrological Map to go through some of his aspects - things that even Thalas doesn't know about himself.

Thalas was born under the constellation of Taurus, being, therefore, a stable, quite stubborn and hedonist person. Thalas is someone who is steady and resolute in his decisions, either right or wrong, and he doesn't have flexibility enough to change and, sometimes, to accept advice coming from others.

His Ascendant is Aquarius - Thalas likes intelligence, likes being intelligent and surrounded by intelligent people. Also, though he keeps things to himself, he sees social tendencies and knows how to behave in society, and how to conquer people's hearts with his ideas. This sign is also what gives him his 'signature': a cold impression, quite intimidating, at first sight. He hides his loving part, which had been so injured, behind the intellectual mask.

Thalas goes after those who can help him achieve his goals - he inspires people, himself included, to achieve goals and follow their desires. He seeks groups which has something to offer him - he will always have a love-hate relationship towards them; when the tragic day comes, Thalas may find himself having to decide if the 'troupe' will still be useful. If not, he will walk alone without looking back.

He is someone who constantly needs knowledge. He seeks self-knowledge by exploring his environment and even others - he needs to know his purpose in this life. On the other hand, Thalas sometimes finds himself searching for these answers through religion (though he never talks about it). His Moon in Scorpio (in his Map, House 9) is what gives him these urges.

Thalas is someone who breathes and lives enlightenment. Enlightened is the path he chose to life; because of his upbringing, Thalas was accustomed to fancy an elegance since he was a little infant. Therefore, he is someone who can easily talk about museums, art, fashion and even social matters just a few address. These features are tendencies given by Mercury and Venus in Aries (House 2 in his Map).

Aries also holds Saturn in his map - Thalas always plays defensive. Yet he hates solitude, he seldom sees himself trapped in its webs. Yet Thalas tries to fight it, for he has social skills (Jupiter in Piscis - House 1 in his Map) he feels as if it was a field which doesn't belong to his range of knowledge.

Thalas, though seems intimidating, is someone in whom you can really trusts. Secrets told to him will never be exposed. Thalas is rational and seeks rational answers to pretty much everything, yet he is open to hear different (and quite mystical) opinions (Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, House 12).

At last but not at least, Thalas seeks success in his life, in his career; he seeks his legacy. He is ambitious, and we'll use this ambition in his favor. (Pluto in Sagittarius, House 10)

That's all (for now) about Electro Archer, our intellectual Thalas-Juán Dharalión. 

Tomorrow is Melchior's turn! stay tuned!

Iridium Blade.


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