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"Wayfarer... That's what I am - I feel as if I belong to all places and none at the same time. Truth to be told, I've been too much time dormant, stuck at one place - that's why I run through the farthest distances in the longest times possible: I want to stay still no more!"
DarkStalker (Kaiser Das Vaali)

DarkStalker, also known by his civilian name, Kaiser Das Vaali, is a polite, serious, focused Elf born on January 3rd, in Deeper Finland (Vastoria)*, Finland, twin brother of Kimi Das Vaali.

This part, everyone here knows; what comes next may be news to some of you, who may haven't had time to notice some things. What people may not know is how Kaiser works - how does he feel? How does he behave? What gets on his nerves, and what does not? This article will explain part of it using an aspect most people may disagree - Astrology. In this first article, I'll use his fictional Astrological Map to go through some of his aspects - things that even Kaiser doesn't know about himself.

Sun was already on Capricorn when Kaiser was born; that should make him someone "slower" than most youngsters at his age. However, his own background goes against it**, for Kaiser shows himself as a hyper, quite cheerful, naive wayfarer; sometimes, however, he can be as serious as (or even more than) Kimi.

He is someone who goes deeper on questions, transforming those near him - including himself. His Ascendant is Scorpio, which gives him the ability to see beyond the veils which covers all matters we face on daily basis. Kimi is someone persistent and he doesn't give up so easily. He has a fighting personality, due to the courage Scorpio gives to him; he is armored against difficult situations, doesn't matter if they are psychological or physical.

Both signs give him a natural distrust towards others - including some paranoia. He often finds himself searching for a 'hidden, evil plot' of some sort against him, yet it isn't real most of times. He is addicted to conflicts and posterior survival, and that might be damaging to him and the ones he cares the most.

Kaiser has Moon On Gemini, 8th House,and he takes all its benefits, for he is more of a social butterfly than his brother, being more similar to Melchior on that aspect. He is curious, and that curiosity leads to knowledge. However, he may find himself in a destructive behaviour from time to time (just like Kimi).

He is stubborn and mostly inflexible when right. Given the fact both Venus and Mercury are on Aquarius, 3rd House, the following things happen inside Kaiser - Venus says Kaiser's circle of friends is what defines his life in all matters, including love life. He may find love through his circle of friends, and, for he is more passionate than his brother, he'll act more like Anael, being just as intense as he is. It is not of his nature to hold someone in chains or to let himself be trapped in those same chains. His brother, Kimi, is someone with whom he bears a good relationship, due to Venus, and he always share thoughts with him or his friends.

Mercury in that sign and house gives him a 'beetle-headed' way of discussing matters, being irreducible when expressing his opinions on a group. He may find himself as the spokesman of the group, and sometimes people may not agree with his placements...

Kaiser has Mars on Capricorn, 3rd House. This gives him an unusual situation - if Venus says his relationship with Kaiser is good (great most of the times), Mars shows us they have conflicts - and big ones, so to speak; instead of acting like his brother, Kaiser bursts and becomes far more aggressive, arguing with everyone and everything in his way, and he has a greater inclination towards recklessness. If he bursts on traffic, he may cause some very, very serious car crashes...

Kaiser holds Jupiter on Sagittarius, 2nd House, which gives him his most noble aspect - his generosity. Everything he learns, from trips to readings and researches, he has no problem to share. Thalas often compliments him for his skills on investigation and data gathering. He may find himself even luckier when it comes to gather and store resources, but he must be cautious, for the resources may go away as easily as they came to him...

Kaiser holds a love-hate relationship with his intuition, for it has betrayed him once***. What his Saturn on Pisces, 2nd House demands him to do is to develop his compassion and trusts on it, as well as be responsible towards his belongings.

Both Uranus and Neptune are on Capricorn, 3rd House; this means that rationality leads every single thought of Kaiser, yet his mind can be changed frequently. Also, his relationships are good ans stimulating to his acknowledgement, yet he may find some chaos from time to time.

Finally, Kaiser has a gazing look which goes to the bottom of one's soul. His will is overpowering and almost unstoppable. He is like the Phoenix, for he regenerates from each fall and rebirths from his own ashes of the bad and forgotten experiences. He may become manipulative. This is what Pluto In Sagittarius, 1st House says about Kaiser.


(*): See Season 2 - The Elven Resistance
(**): See Season 1 - The Legend Begins
(***): See Season 4 - The Templar Dragons

That's all (for now) about Kaiser Das Vaali, our travelling DarkStalker! 

Tomorrow is Maya's turn! Stay tuned!

Iridium Blade.


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