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"None understands loneliness better than I. Sometimes, it sucks to be like me, to feel as intense as I do. Every single little thing sort of affects me, and yet I try to get rid of those big whirlpools of emotions, I sort of thank myself for being the way I am, for I know that I am still alive and active."
Black Witch (Maya Altahuela)

Black Witch, also known by her civilian name, Maya Altahuela, is a shy, tender, determinate Honduran born on July 7th, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

This part, everyone here knows; what comes next may be news to some of you, who may haven't had time to notice some things. What people may not know is how Maya works - how does she feel? How does she behave? What gets on her nerves, and what does not? This article will explain part of it using an aspect most people may disagree - Astrology. In this first article, I'll use her fictional Astrological Map to go through some of her aspects - things that even Maya doesn't know about herself.

Maya was born under the constellation of Cancer. Sensitive, passionate, emotional and slightly gloomy, this is the very essence of Maya, who is maternal and introspective, keeping to herself her deepest thoughts and desires.

Her Ascendant is Aries, which makes Maya more courageous than the usual Cancer stereotype. If most Cancer people are introspective and slightly coward, Maya shows fierce will power, determination and courage. She is not afraid of taking risks and living on the edge of things... She may act more irrationally and partially if she allows herself to hear her exaggerated side.

Maya's Moon is on Cancer, 3rd House - her emotions are deep, much deeper than most people can understand. Yet she is receptive and nurturing, her feelings can be easily hurt, and she feels deeply sore if offended. She feels free to express her emotions on her environment, and she feels comfortable with small-round trips and near friends.

Maya's Mercury is on Cancer, 4th House - here, she faces an enormous problem when expressing her feelings to other people. Maya is shy and doesn't feel comfortable in debates or arguments, for she prefers listening rather than talking. She listens too much, absorbs too much and thus has difficulties in speaking her mind. This also brings difficulties in her home, for she constantly argues and disagrees with her aunt and uncle, who raise her*.

Maya's Venus is on Leo, 5th House - here, Maya needs someone to value her like the Goddess of Writing she feels. Maya feels her best when she has someone to love (and who corresponds her affection) or when she's around kids (mostly Altagracia). Also, she feels the need of creating through art - in her case, she chose writing as her unique and greater kingdom. Maya may think on having children of her own when older...

Mars is on Libra, 6th House on her map, which means Maya's communication problem is increased; she has a greater need for the approval of those surrounding her, and she may suffer from their aggression. Thanks to her Ascendant, she won't take it for too long, and may react as aggressive and explosive as others do to her, and thus her professional relationships may be severely compromised, just like her friendships may do. Also, her health can be far more compromised due to stress and the grudge she will largely bear.

Jupiter smiles at Maya, for it is on Aquarius, 11th House on her Map - Maya is surrounded by generous, noble friends, which are more than friends - they are her brothers and sisters, who act somewhat like a lucky charm. Yet she may fear neglecting them, her overall personality and behaviour seem to drive away the negative side of this planetary position. Nevertheless, discretion is advised.

Maya understands loneliness as none will ever do. That deep understanding of loneliness makes her want to get rid of it. Saturn in Aries, 1st House reveals the greatest aspect of Maya - she is mature, much more mature than most girls at her age, just like she's responsible and honored, always fulfilling her duties without delays. However, she tends to see only her flaws and demands too much of herself, pushing others always from her in order to defend herself, and loneliness mostly provides this shield to her. This Planet demands Maya builds her individuality, becomes self-disciplined, developing initiative and courage on her own.\

Maya thinks with the group and for the group, working with others for a purpose greater than her - Uranus on Aquarius, 11th House grants her this noble though. However, for she tends to loneliness and self-defense, she may act on her own, forgetting the group to whom she belongs.

Neptune on Capricorn, 10th House - Maya, one day, will redeem herself** for all evil she ever made***; this is what Neptune holds for her. She may suffer from delusions on her career, for the world is much more cruel and darker than she sees.

Finally, Pluto in Sagittarius, House 8th gives her the strength to reborn under the ashes of all tragedies she had been through and those yet to come. She has a deeper understanding on the grounds of mysteries and meaning of life.


(*) - See Season 6 - Confessions on Shamanic Ground
(**) - See Season 1 - The Legend Begins
(***) - See Season 5 - The Wicked Honduran

That's all (for now) about Maya, our ever-redeeming Black Witch! 

Tomorrow is Altagracia's turn! Stay tuned!

Iridium Blade.


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