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Hello Everyone!

I noticed I haven't been paying much attention to the Blog.... Therefore, I will finish my to-do list:

  1. Finish Season 8
  2. Deliver the Summer Summit's covers and Chapters (if they are missing)
  3. Deliver Seasons 7 and 8 Covers
  4. Prepare Season 9
Well, this is my to-do list for these upcoming months... I hope I can deliver everything!

Stay tuned for more!

Iridium Blade

- A Road Leads to... The Urals? -

June 30th, 2013

Budapest, Hungary - 10h a. m.

Melchior's head was down, just as his spirit was. He was standing on the hospital hall with bandages covering his arms and torso underneath his clothes. Soloyev was talking to some physicians far from Elemental Alchemist, whose gaze was upon a glass window.

He could see Lunia through the glass; the Hungarian Hellhound was still unconscious, covered with bandages and hospital instruments, measuring his heart beat and other vital activities of his body. Yet Soloyev said Lunia was going to be healed up, the Salvadorian mage was unsure about it.

"Are you lying to me so that I won't feel guilty in case he dies?"

The scene was repeating over and over in Melchior's head; the memoirs of that battle were still fresh in Melchior's mind. The fire circle. The suffocating air. The wicked smile. The terrifying voice. The tainted body. The demonic form of Lunia. The explosion. The fight. Soloyev's arrival. Lunia's fall.

"Is... Is Lunia dead?"

The phrase was echoing in his mind as a wicked, gloomy funeral march. The image of Lunia injured, unconscious and bleeding was haunting Melchior.

"Is... Is Lunia dead?"

He put his hands on his head, madly shaking it sideways, tormented by his own thoughts.

"I... It was... That night... When she came after you. I protected you, remember? You fainted... She tried to murder you with her Elementals... she almost did it, but I... I conjured my Core and jumped in front of you to receive... The rest of the damage... I weakened myself by accident and... She tainted me! "

Lunia always wanted the best for Melchior; he was a fair, good man, who didn't want to give up to evil. He fought with all he had in order to continue the same Lunia Melchior once met.

"She said!... She said!... 'Your time... Has come...' Argh!... 'Your mind.... Your mind belongs to me! Will it... Will it be worth it?! Will it?!"

Elemental Alchemist stopped shaking his head. He felt the anger growing within, boiling the blood in his veins and strengthening his will. He closed his fists with anger and determination.

"The Danish Demon..." He growled. "I'll... I'll take you down, it is a promise. For myself and Lunia, I'll be the one to raze you to the ground!"

Then, he felt a hand on his shoulder; he looked back and saw Stanislaus looking at him with a sad smile.

"Well, I bring some good news." The Russian said. "Lunia will be healthy soon - he'll stay on the hospital for another week in observation. The, he'll be released and will be as good as new! Great, huh?"

Melchior looked at Stanislaus without making a single move. It took a few seconds for him to understand what was happening. Then, he opened a smile.

"It is more than great!" Melchior replied happily.

"I am far more relieved now..." Stanislaus said. "Well, now, you have an appointment with my brother... See, he's waiting for you in Moscow. While you were asleep, I received his call. He said you should take the first train heading to Moscow from Budapest..."

"Well... I'll finally finish my training, then..." Melchior said. "Listen, are you coming with me as well?"

"Well, only to the train station." Stanislaus said, slightly embarrassed. "I'll stay here in case Lunia needs. Balthazar may be coming as well, and Cynthia and Nathalie already gave me more than a dozen calls. The Danish Demon is up to something bad. Really, really bad..."

Melchior took a deep breath, with his rage killing him inside; since the day he met her, nothing but chaos and misfortune came. His mind was already made up. He had serious business to deal with her.

"Who's that Danish Demon?" Melchior asked serious. "What does she want?"

"Well... I can't tell you that." Stanislaus said. "You'll know. I am sure you will... I hope you learn it the good way..."

Melchior turned his looks to the ground, frustrated. Why did the Elemental Lords keep treating him like a child?

"Anyway... Let's go." Stanislaus said, looking at his watch. "The train will leave in one hour, and I believe traffic is bad at this time..."


Budapest, Hungary - 12 a. m.

Soloyev left Melchior at the main station of Budapest. Elemental Alchemist looked at the railroad and saw the train getting closer and closer; the wind gently swung his red-haired bangs as the enormous iron horse stopped at the station.

Melchior looked at his hand - he was holding his boarding ticket.

"I am almost there..." He thought. "Almost there. I just need one more Mastery. Then, I'll be able to gather my friends and chase that Danish Demon down before she causes more havoc."

He held his head higher than before, with determination. He then boarded o the train, giving the doorman his ticked to a trip farther to the East, to the borders of Europe.

While he was walking to his wagon, his phone rang. It was Balthazar.

"Long time no spoken to!" The Portuguese man said. "I am so glad you are alive! How you doing, champion?!"

"I am doing pretty fine now..." Melchior replied. "Long time no spoken to as well, Balthazar. Are you in Lisbon?"

"Not now." Balthazar replied. "I am coming to your house, kiddo."

"You what?!" Melchior asked, shocked.

"You heard me." Balthazar mischievously replied. "See, Mirabelle and Ushuriel have asked for my presence here. We are concerned. I have already told the last Elemental Lord you are coming, so..."

"Thanks very much, Balthazar." Melchior replied, smiling.

"So, if you have nothing more to say..." Balthazar said. "I'll hang off..."

"Wait!" Melchior asked, opening the wagon's door. "I have one question... When I finish my training, will I return the Bracelet to you?"

"No, no!" Balthazar replied, laughing. "The Bracelet is yours to keep. I know the Warlock smiths who craft them, and they are sort of tailor-made, you know?"

"So, you mean I was designated to have that one?!" Melchior asked, closing the wagon's door.

"Well, yes, I think." Balthazar replied. "So... any more questions?"

"Uhm... No..." Melchior replied, surprised.

"Then, I have to go! Bye!" Balthazar said, hanging off and finishing his conversation.

"Okay then..." Melchior slowly replied, putting his phone back to his pocket.

"You seem very, very busy. And you are quite more mature then the last time I saw you."

Melchior froze; the voice was coming from the corner of the wagon, which he assumed had nobody. It was a female voice with a strong Russian accent. Her voice, yet childish, was quite metallic. Elemental Alchemist knew the owner of that specific voice.

"Impossible!" He whispered. Then, he turned around and saw her. "Oh my Lord... Zoe?! Zoe, is that you?!"

He was looking at a small, thin, white-skinned girl with long, straight, light-green hair and golden eyes. She was wearing a light brown leather overcoat, dark-brown leggings, black leather boots and a black, woolen Cossack hat with the Russian Coat of Arms engraved on it.

"Zdorovat'sya*." She mischievously said. "Relax, I do not hold a weapon here."

"What are you doing here?!" He asked, surprised. "Weren't you supposed to be..."

"In jail?!" Zoe mischievously asked, crossing her arms. "Nyet**. Well, I actually am in jail. House arrest. I am living with a former Russian president. International affairs, nothing like the age I was designed to act. Come here..." She tapped the empty spot of her seat. "Sit here with me, Elemental Alchemist."

Melchior hesitantly obeyed; Zoe turned her body to his side, crossing her legs, looking at him. The train began moving at that time, leaving Budapest and Hungary behind. At that time, Melchior knew he'd have hours and hours of forest ahead of him.

"May I ask you what are you doing here?" She asked.

"I... I am going to see a person in Moscow." Melchior replied, suspecting of Zoe.

"Interesting." Zoe replied, smiling. "Are your fellow Blue Moon Knights here as well?"

"No... They aren't." Melchior replied, widening his eyes. "I am alone in this trip."

"Oh..." Zoe's eyes widened; she was surprised by Melchior's information. "I thought all of you were together almost all the time..."

"They are all waiting for me back in Guatemala." Melchior said with a smile. "Why do you ask?"

"For I..." She got slightly embarrassed. "I just wanted to know if... If Kimi was nearby, that's all."

"He is in Guatemala, like everyone else of our team." Melchior smiled. "I think he is slightly different from the last time you saw him - his hair got a bit longer."

"Nice..." Zoe commented, looking at her hands. Then, she looked back at Melchior. "It is nice to see you guys are doing so well... Wish I could see all of you."

"As strange as it may sound, so do I." Melchior replied with a laughter. "The reason I am going to Russia is because of my friends and I - the power I am gathering is for them. The person here in Russia will give me more power so that I can yield it to Kimi."

"Do you know this person's name?" Zoe asked. "I may know him or her."

"Well... It is Karkaroff and something." Melchior replied. "I know he has a compost name and a brother called Stanislaus Soloyev."

"Hmm..." Zoe reflected. "This surname isn't weird for me... Perhaps he is one of the Blood Brothers."

"Blood Brothers?" Melchior repeated.

"Da***." Zoe replied, nodding her head. "They are performers, circus artists. Both are masters of trapezes, and often perform at the center of many Russian cities and abroad. I heard about them a few months ago, and I found them amazing."

"Fascinating..." Melchior commented. "Is there any possibility for you to show me them?"

"I don't think it will be possible." Zoe sadly replied. "I'll have to go back to home as soon as I set feet on Russia, or else I..."

"I understand." Melchior interrupted Zoe with a sad smile. "I think I am fine on my own. I'll find that man for sure."

They smiled at each other, and Melchior went to the large, free seat in front of Zoe. He lied down and suddenly fell asleep. Zoe smiled at him and closed the curtains, ready to do the same.


July 2nd, 2013

Moscow, Russia - 12h a. m.

It took two days of travel for Zoe and Melchior to arrive at the capital of Russia. He slowly woke up, feeling tired as he had ever felt. The first thing he saw was Zoe's scared countenance, which suddenly became full of relief.

"Oh my god!" She said. "You scared the hell out of me! How can a normal person sleep that much?!"

"Well, I..." Melchior replied, confused. "I have no idea..."

Then, he looked through the window and saw the train station, which was gently receiving the first snowflakes of the day. Then, he looked at Zoe.

"Are you coming?" He asked.

"Nyet. I'll stop at Saint Pittsburg; it's where I am living."

"Well... Nice to see you, Zoe." Melchior gently said, smiling.

"Nice to see you too, Melchior." Zoe replied.

"I'll tell Kimi I saw you. he will be thrilled!" Melchior said, leaving Zoe on the wagon.

"I appreciate..." Zoe replied with her face completely blushed.

Melchior waved at Zoe and left the wagon, going out of the train. As he set his foot out of the transport, he felt the cold breeze of Moscow, which made him shiver.

"Brr... It's cold out here..." He complained, crossing his arms and trembling.

Then, he looked at his feet - there was a thin layer of ice over them! He followed the ice path with his eyes and he looked ahead. Someone was watching him.

"Are you lost, child?"

The icy path lead to a white-skinned man who was dressing a black, woolen overcoat, black, woolen pants, black leather shoes and a small, black hat. His voice was strong, just like his Russian accent. Melchior looked at him more carefully, seeing that he wore a pair of glasses and his eyes were light purple.

"I'll ask again..." He said, slowly walking towards Melchior. "Are you lost?"

He stood right in front of Melchior, and he was slightly taller than Elemental Alchemist. His looks were cold and hostile, quite intimidating. Melchior looked at him, slightly intimidated.

"My name is... Melchior Raven-Hayes." He said.

"There was no need of you telling me your name." The man replied. "I already knew who you were." He put his hand in his hat and half-closed his eyes. "Balthazar and my brother have told me plenty of you..." As he talked, he removed his hat, looking at the bottom of Melchior's eyes. "... You are the one who the Danish Demon, Mary Hellheim, chased and almost killed. Lately, your presence and weakness caused Lunia to be cursed and tainted. Am I correct?"

The Russian's judging gaze was terrible for Melchior to withstand. Mary Hellheim. For the first time, he heard her name. Finally, he had an answer for that question. Still, he owed a couple of answers to the man in front of him.

"Unfortunately... You are." Melchior replied terribly embarrassed. "But you have to understand I never wanted anything like this to happen!"

"I understand that." He replied with a less aggressive gaze. "I also understand you had no choice than fighting for your life. You could have just given up, but you didn't. I am quite impressed by your bravery, but you will have a much longer way to go if you want me to give you the certitude of Mastery on Ice and Water."

"Wait..." Melchior was surprised. "So, you are..."

Cynthia's voice echoed in his mind.

"... The Russian Vladimir Antoniev Karkaroff. As soon as you leave my training, both of them will be notified..."

"I already heard his name!" Melchior thought.

"...And the choice is yours to head either Hungary or Russia first."

"My name is Vladimir Antoniev Karkaroff." The Russian said. "I am Stanislaus' elder brother and I am the Elemental Lord of Ice and Water. By the surprised look you are giving me, I assume I am correct supposing you have already met the other Elemental Lords."

"Y-yes!" Melchior replied.

"So, I am the last Elemental Lord standing on your way. Interesting." He said seriously, with a mischievous smile in the end. "You must be eager to finish your training. How many months have you spent in Europe?"

"Three months and a couple of weeks, I guess." Melchior replied.

"Hm... You learn fast. Very fast." Vladimir Antoniev said. "So, I'll give you a choice. Pay attention, for I'll be doing this only once."

Vladimir turned his hat upside down, showing its bottom to Melchior. Then, he put his left hand a few centimeters above it, and he raised two things from the bottom of his hat - an enormous ice shard and a large, yet delicate water drop.

"Choose." Vladimir asked. "What do you want to learn first - Ice or Water?"

Melchior became reflexive. Yet it didn't seem to make much difference, he knew that, in terms of magic, the choice of an element would determine if he'd stay more or less in Europe. Though he was enjoying the experience, he was already homesick. Melchior wanted to see his friends and his family again; he couldn't wait to set his feet on Guatemala again and show off his new skills and abilities. And this choice was, as Vladimir stated, the last thing standing between Melchior and his Certitude of Mastery.

"Well, I already have the Element which suits me better, and that would be Fire." Melchior thought. "I acquired Nathalie's and Cynthia's training only to give Anael and Thalas more power. I think it is time to reward the longest friendship I have, and that one is with Kimi. Ice is his strongest suit, not mine. Besides, he'd learn a new thing or two. It will be for the best."

"So...?" Vladimir asked, driving Melchior's attention to him.

"Well, I already made up my mind." Melchior said with a smile. "I choose... Ice."

Vladimir stood up in silence for a few seconds. Then, he half-closed his eyes and began talking.

"Very well. You and I are going to take the Trans-Siberian Railroad. We are heading to Siberia, where my brother will be awaiting for us. As we talk, he may be already on his way."

"Siberia?!" Melchior asked. "Can I change my choice?!"

"Hahahaha..." Vladimir ironically laughed. "Nyet."

Vladimir made a hand sign for Melchior, asking Elemental Alchemist to follow him out of the station. They left the station walking side by side.

"Well... I have just a couple of things to say." Vladimir said. "My brother is with my Elemental Key Seal, so I won't block your Seals for now. The trip to Siberia takes about four or five days by train, so I suggest you conjure some warm clothes for you, or you won't last a day. I'll make my best efforts in order to give you the best training I can on my Elements. You wake up early and sleep when Sun sets. Also... No nicknames given. Call me Vladimir or Antoniev or Mr. Karkaroff only. If you decide to call me 'Vlad' or - even worse - 'Vladdy'... I'll have you killed. Understood?"

"Gulp! Y-yes!" Melchior replied, frightened.

"Very well, very well." Vladimir replied mischievously, with a smile which revealed his small fangs.  "We will stay here for just two days more - I have to wait for some of Balthazar's delivery in my residence here, in Moscow. Follow me please."

Melchior nodded, and Vladimir took him elsewhere, in which he casted a teleport spell, driving both to the Karkaroff's apartment. It was a medium-sized place, which looked like a college dorm.

"This is where I live." Vladimir said. "The guest room is just a few steps ahead. There's some beetroot soup on the fridge and other things as well. Make yourself comfortable. I'll be here in the office in case you need. Don't you order anything without my consent!"

That said, Vladimir hasted to his office, shutting the door and leaving Melchior alone. Elemental Alchemist sighed sadly and went to his room. He lied on the bed with his notebook opened. Then, he started writing for a while. After thirty minutes, he took his cellphone and made a call.

"Hello?" It was Mirabelle's voice.

"Hey, mom!" Melchior greeted the best way he could. "I missed you... I miss you and dad. How are you guys doing?"

"We are fine. I am better now, for I've heard from you!" Mirabelle happily replied. "Are you at Vladimir's now?"

"Yes..." Melchior replied sadly. "Is he that cold and unfriendly?"

"Well..." Mirabelle started. "At first sight, he seems cold and unfriendly. However, if you know him better, deep down he..."

"He is really cold and unfriendly!" Ushuriel happily screamed. "It's Vladdy we are talking about!"

Melchior made his best efforts not to laugh out loud. He heard Ushuriel happily ask Mirabelle to give him the phone so that he could talk to Melchior.

"How are you doing, lad?!" The Vampire mischievously asked. "I am so glad you are safe and sound and just about to finish your training! How are you feeling?"

"Great..." Melchior replied. "I can't wait to return home... Are things going well?"

"Yes, they are." Ushuriel replied. "Your friends are doing a marvelous job protecting this town, and they can't wait to see you again. Friday, we will be celebrating Maya's birthday. It is a shame you won't be here..."

"Maya's birthday?! Oh my, I've completely forgotten!" Melchior said. "But isn't Thursday?"

"Yes, but she will throw the party on Friday night, so that people can relax and celebrate." Ushuriel stated. "Well, I think you are tired now... Get yourself some rest, okay? Your mother and I love and miss you. Don't get yourself in too much trouble, right?"

"Right... I'll take care of myself." Melchior replied. "I'll hang off and get some sleep..."

"Right. Sleep tight, my child." Ushuriel said. "Your mother is sending you kisses and blessings. Get some rest. Bye."

"Bye." Melchior said, hanging off.

His countenance was full of sadness. He lined his back on the wall and crouched; right now, all he could think was on Lunia and his health state. Though Soloyev said he was going to be fine, Melchior new that it was his fault, and his fault only. He jeopardized a man's life, and he couldn't forgive himself.

"Are you lying to me so that I won't feel guilty in case he dies?"

He crouched even more, hiding his head on his knees, crying. At that time, he wasn't aware, but someone was watching him.

"I... Lunia Kárdos Kárpatí, Elemental... Elemental Lord of Fire...of my age, give thee,... Melchior Raven-Hayes,... the certitude of Mastery of... Fire Element and... And its sub-classes, Ignition... and Power. May the bearer of this Elemental Gift.... Does good deeds... And good actions... With the power... Fully given."

To be Continued...



(*): Zdorovat'tsya - "Hello (formal)" in Russian
(**): Nyet - "No" in Russian
(***): Da - "Yes" in Russian

- Turn of Offense -

June 7th, 2013

"Damn it!"

Melchior complaint. It was the fifth time he burnt his hands trying to come up with a new spell. He looked at his notes - the mechanism was simple, yet, it was failing. Why?

"Well..." Melchior sighed, frustrated. "I think it ain't work..."

"Why do you think that?"

Melchior looked up - it was Lunia talking from behind. As usual, his countenance was serene, with a smile in his face. Melchior then looked down, upset.

"I don't know why it isn't working." Melchior replied. "The mechanism is so simple... I don't know where I am failing."

"Then... Try taking a look back to your notes again." Lunia gently answered. "May I?"

He reached out for Melchior's notebook with his right hand. Hesitantly, Melchior gave it to his current master. Lunia read the notes and smiled; then, he snapped his fingers and a black inked pen appeared. He sat on the ground near Melchior, with his legs crossed, like an Indian.

"Well... I see a small problem here." Lunia commented, black-penciling a line. "Overall, it is a well-functioning spell, but you seem to have overdone it. Take a bit easier on yourself. See... The most impressive spells aren't those which can do tons of things at the same time - the secret is a solid, well-built spell, which can be used for multiple occasions and look completely different in a snap of a fingertip. Got it?"

Then, he gave it back to Melchior, who looked amazed.

"Here you are. I think I might have solved your problem. Remember... Even in Science, fail proceeds triumph. Take your time, rest a bit and think more carefully. Your arms seem pretty injured... Take care of them first. Then, you can go back to your practice."

Lunia made a discrete reverence and left, going upstairs. Melchior then looked at his notebook. At first, his eyes widened. He was shocked.

"Was it so simple?!" He shouted. "How couldn't I have seen it?!"

Then, a grateful smile came to his face.

"Yeah..." He sighed serenely. "I have long ways to go... And Lunia is right, after all..." He gave a look to his arms, which were deeply injured. "I have to rest... Sometimes, running before you can walk doesn't bring solutions..."

That said, he slowly stood up and went upstairs to get some sleep.


June 14th, 2013


Melchior, at last, overcame his difficulties. He was thrilled as he had ever been.

"Finally! I got a feeling today I was going to accomplish more! I already have Fire Servant spell ready, and now I managed to make this one as well - Berserk Storm. Maaan... I rock!"

He stood up and started dancing in the middle of the living room, celebrating his success. He only stopped when Lunia's laughter could be heard.

"Oh my, oh mine!" Lunia said, slowly clapping his hands. "I sense progress here! Keep your hard work, Melchior. I think you may finish your task earlier than thought..."

Melchior smiled, pleased.

"Hey, do you want to go sightseeing?" Lunia asked. "See, there are some nice places to visit here... Also, I think you should try our Goulash Soup*... It is quite an unique, delicious Hungarian delicacy! Would you like to join me?"

"Of... Of course!" Melchior replied. "A change of scenery from time to time is healthy!"

"Then... Let's go!" Lunia said, walking to the front door.

Lunia opened the door, and Melchior followed him through. It was a cloudy day on Balatonfüred, but it didn't seem to matter that much - Melchior even preferred it, for the sunlight beams wouldn't hurt his vampiric skin.

Never in his life he felt so happy; since he found his biological parents and got accepted by them, he found himself in an uprising wave of happiness. Would it still last as long as he wanted it to be?


June 16th, 2013

"Maaan, I am rock and rolling now!" Melchior said, thrilled. "My third spell has been completed! I am awesome! This time... Another defensive barrier - Protective Firefly! I am the top-notch at this, ha ha!"

He heard a few footsteps coming from behind. He looked back and saw Lunia walking from a hallway to another.

"Keep up your hard work, Melchior." He said. "Listen... I am planning on taking us to the fields, so that you can get more used to the weather and get ready to face me. So... According to what I've heard, you are just missing one spell, right?"

"Yes... Master." Melchior replied.

"Very well then." Lunia said. "Tomorrow, we'll head to the fields. I hope you enjoy camping..."


June 23rd, 2013

"God damn it! God damn it!"

Melchior, that time, was furious. He scattered through his notes rampageously; this time, his spell didn't seem to be working. In addition, he couldn't figure out what was failing in its mechanics.  Unlike his previous spells, that one seemed too tricky for him to create.

"I can figure it out... I can't!" Melchior growled. "What's wrong with me?! I have to succeed..."


June 25th, 2013 - 2. a. m

It was a cold Summer night in Balatonfüred; Melchior was exhausted. His hands and arms were slightly burned, and he found it harder to breathe. He was sleeping on open field, covered in a thick, furry blanket.
In his mind, there was a forest, much darker and scarier than the Carpathian Mountains*; the wind was blowing mercilessly in his face, howling in his ears. The temperature which once was cold suddenly went higher and higher.

He tried to scream, but no sound came out of his chords; he opened his eyes, scared. All he could see was fire - he was surrounded by it! He looked up and saw a large shadow getting closer and closer. Its eyes were golden with a sinister glow. It opened up a sinister smile, showing him its sharp teeth. Melchior felt paralyzed - he couldn't move a single muscle.

Unable to scream or run, Melchior could just witness the creature's face approaching - it was a familiar face, yet it looked far more sinister than he remembered. It was...

"Lunia!" Melchior screamed, waking up.

Suddenly, it all felt slower for Melchior - the air was hotter and hotter; he was trapped in a fire circle just like he dreamt. And the wicked creature was staring at him - its skin was dark and tainted, and it smile was just as wicked and perverse as Melchior saw in his dreams. Elemental Alchemist was finding it increasingly harder to breathe, and he had no doubt it was Lunia in front of him.

The wicked man, who was Lunia, stepped away from Melchior and raised his hand up, preparing himself to cast a spell. Melchior's eyes widened. End was near.

"No..." He whispered. "No!"

He took a deep breath and gathered all strength he had left on his body, trying to stand up and run. Lunia threw the fireball and Melchior was able to crawl away from it on the last second. Then, he slowly stood up, feeling increasingly weaker.

"Prepare yourself..." Lunia hissed, wicked. "Fight or die!"

Elemental Alchemist hesitated; how could he fight against Lunia?

"I... I can't!" Melchior sadly thought. "I don't want to... What should I do?"

"Magyar Harag**!" Lunia screamed, casting a furious fire spell against Melchior.

The entire fire circle answered Lunia's command, gathering together and flying towards Elemental Alchemist as one, large fire pillar. He flew a few meters away from Lunia, falling roughly on the ground.

"Looks like... There's no choice then!" Melchior growled, spitting blood on the grassy ground.

Lunia slowly walked towards him, and Elemental Alchemist stood up, giving him a fierce look.

"Very well." Melchior said, breathless. "I'll fight you, Lunia."

Melchior closed his eyes and a dark red light shone upon him; the light took the shape of a large Quetzal, involving Melchior and giving him his completely revamped Elemental Alchemist suit - instead of clothes, he was now wearing a black armor with dark red and red trims, which protected his torso, chest, which had the Blue Moon Knights symbol engraved, waist, legs and his left arm, protected by a gauntlet, which had the astrological symbol of Aquarius engraved. It also featured a large black cape and a pair of dark red leather gloves.

"It will be fire against fire, then!" Melchior shouted. "Fire Servant!"

Melchior clapped his hand strongly and pointed it fast to the ground, making a Fire Elemental appear, then, he pointed both hands ahead and the Servant became a large fireball, which hit Lunia.

The Elemental Lord leaned his back due to the impact. He seemed injured, but he wasn't. Instead, he smiled got more wicked.

"Very good." He hissed. "...But not good enough!"

He violently leaned his back ahead and two fire spheres appeared in his hand.

"Démoni Tüz***!" Lunia shouted.

He pointed his arms upwards and a fire dome was casted. Then, it took the shape of a demon and came after Melchior, who had to think quickly on his feet.

"Protective Firefly!" Melchior shouted.

A small firefly appeared and it suddenly became a large fire  barrier, which blocked Lunia's first wave.

"I won't be beaten so easily!" Melchior replied. "I don't know what's wrong with you, Lunia, but I will heal you! Berserker Storm!"

Melchior pointed his hands to the fire in front of him, including Lunia's demon; surprisingly, Melchior was able not only to dissolve it, but to reuse it to his own benefit, creating a large amount of swords, which he threw against Lunia.

"Kijárat****." Lunia slowly and gravely said, pointing his right hand ahead.
The swords stopped at Lunia's command. Then, he sinisterly smiled at Melchior.

"Child... Run away." He hissed. "You will perish here. Katonák a tüz*****!"

The sword were converted in soldiers, which ran towards Melchior. He took a deep breath and looked at them furiously.

"I won't." Melchior replied, pointing his hands ahead. "I hope this works... Everblazing Raven!"

Finally, Elemental Alchemist conjured his masterpiece - a large raven, which had two purposes. The first was to surround Melchior in a protective circle; then, it exploded, repelling the swords and reaching a large area, willing to hurt Lunia and take that possession out.

The fire rapidly disappeared; Melchior looked ahead and saw... Nothing.

"What?!" He shouted, shocked. "Where is he?! Lunia! Lunia, where are you?!

"Hahahahahaha!" Melchior heard a grave laughter. "Look above!"

Melchior looked up and saw nothing but flames; he could hear nothing more than his painful screams and Lunia's laughter. He felt nothing but pain. Still... He didn't want to give up.

"I... I am not done." Elemental Alchemist said, gnashing his teeth. "I have to come back to Guatemala as Master of the four elements!"

He stood up, ready to face the Hungarian Hellhound.

"Everblazing Raven!" Melchior shouted.

"Hahahahaha... Hellhound's Core!" Lunia shouted.

Melchior's spell wouldn't be able to protect him against Lunia's masterpiece. Melchior witnessed the four largest fiery hounds he had ever seen in his life engulfing his flames and surrounding him. He casted a few fireballs, but it was of no use; the four hounds jumped on him and exploded, making Elemental Alchemist fly upwards really injured at the verge of losing consciousness.

The time felt slower for him, as if he'd never stop going upwards. He suddenly felt a colder breeze in his face.

"Is that... Cold?" Melchior thought. "Could it be... Kimi? Would he have come... To rescue me?"

A third person appeared on the scene; the grass froze, and an ice rink was being conjured. A man appeared, skating on ice as fast as he could. Melchior was falling faster and faster, and the man got him in his arms.

"Ouf! Got you!" He said. Then, he turned his attention to Lunia. "What the hell?! What are you doing?! Are you trying to murder a fellow Warlock?!"

Lunia's breath was heavier than usual.

"Leave us." He hissed. "I have been assigned to this task."

"By who?!" Melchior's savior asked. "I know this witch craft and I tell you - you are stronger than it, Lunia Kárdos Kárpatí! Fight your way out of this nightmare!"

Lunia replied with a fireball, which was repelled by the mysterious conjurer's ice barrier.

"If you want me to use violence to defend this kid... You bet I will!"

That said, the man dropped Melchior on the ice rink and created two large ice shards, which he threw against Lunia repeatedly. The sound of ice breaking slowly woke Melchior up.

"W-What?" He whispered in pain. "W-where..."

 Melchior looked ahead. He saw Lunia deeply injured, with his entire body covered in shadows, except his face.

"I... I am sorry... Melchior!" Lunia screamed clearly in pain. "I... I didn't want to... It was... It was the... The Danish Demon! She did this to me! Argh!"

He put his hands in his head, screaming in pain.

"Hang on, Lunia!" The mysterious man said. "Let me help you! I am sure my brother and I..."

"Leave it! He won't make it! You won't as well!" Lunia growled painfully.

"How... How did this happen?" Melchior asked sadly.

Lunia looked at Melchior with sorrow flowing through his eyes. His countenance, yet full of pain, was full of sadness and regret.

"I... It was... That night... When she came after you." Lunia said. "I protected you, remember? You fainted... 
She tried to murder you with her Elementals... she almost did it, but I... I conjured my Core and jumped in front of you to receive... The rest of the damage... I weakened myself by accident and... She tainted me! Argh!"

Lunia started screaming like an injured wild boar. Melchior and the other man witnessed the taint taking control of Lunia's mind again.

"She said!... She said!... 'Your time... Has come...' Argh!... 'Your mind.... Your mind belongs to me! Will it... Will it be worth it?! Will it?!' "

"Resist, Lunia!" Melchior was desperately screaming. "Resist, damn it!"

He stood up, closing his eyes. Tears came out of them, falling in his Apprentice Bracelet; the mysterious man looked at him, shocked. The tears reacted to the bracelet's powers and the Fire Seal began to glow intensively.

"I will set you free of your curse!" Melchior shouted. "Berserker Storm!"

Melchior conjured one large spear, which he threw against Lunia. He fell on his knees right afterwards, and his blurred sight only allowed him to see multiple ice shards coming along with his spell, hitting Lunia, which was engulfed in a dense steam cloud.

After that, he saw nothing more. He fainted.

June 25th, 2013 - 4h a. m.

Melchior opened his eyes  slowly and painfully. He was on the ground, feeling the grass tickle his body. He was breathing slowly, with effort.

"Hey... Are you okay?" It was the mysterious man's voice once more.

Melchior moved his eyes to the right, looking to a man around his mid 20's, white skinned, rounded-faced, with big, rounded, gentle dark-green eyes, slightly wide nose and lips, dark-blond stubble, short, straight, dark blond hair, which featured a small topknot. He was wearing a large, dark blue leather mantle, which was covering his body almost completely, except for his gloves, which were dark blue as well.

"You were quite brave..." He gently said to Melchior. "You seem to be very fund of Lunia. Kak tebya zovut******?"

That phrase... Melchior had heard it before, a long, long time ago. Yet, he knew which phrase was, and in which language is was been asked - the man was speaking Russian, and asking for his name.

"Menya... Menya zovut... Melchior." Elemental Alchemist replied. He kept looking to the man, waiting for an answer.

"Menya zovut Stanislaus Soloyev Karkaroff. You can call me Stanislaus or Soloyev. " The mysterious man said. "Wish I had met you under other circumstances, but I am afraid fate has brought me here sooner."
Melchior slowly moved his head to the left, looking for Lunia. His eyes widened in both shock and sadness as he found the Elemental Lord of Fire, Ignition and Power lying on the ground unconscious and severely hurt.

"Don't worry about him..." Stanislaus said. "He will be fine. The Danish Demon is really dangerous... I believe you are the child of Mirabelle and Ushuriel, right?"

Melchior slowly nodded his head.

"Yes." Melchior slowly said.

"So... You must be the apprentice my brother is awaiting for." Stanislaus said. "The only reason you met me first was because I happened to be here. Truth is, I was just waiting for your training to be completed to take you to Russia..."

Stanislaus stopped talking when he saw Melchior's eyes full of tears.

"Is... Is Lunia dead?" Melchior sadly asked. "Are you lying to me so that I won't feel guilty in case he dies?"

"That was not your fault - the Danish Demon did it." Stanislaus said. "Come one... I'll help you get up..."
Stanislaus helped Melchior to stay on his feet; he then looked at his Bracelet, surprised.

"Looks like you have made it!" Stanislaus' voice drove Melchior's attention to his artifact. "See? The Fire Seal is glowing - you have finished your training on Fire Mastery, even if Lunia hasn't done the oath..."

At the time Stanislaus said his last word, Lunia was standing up in front of him. For the first time in his life, he opened his eyes to Melchior - they were brown-colored with a tone closer to red. He was immensely hurt, but he wanted to do what was right.

I... Lunia Kárdos Kárpatí, Elemental... Elemental Lord of Fire...of my age, give thee,... Melchior Raven-Hayes,... the certitude of Mastery of... Fire Element and... And its sub-classes, Ignition... and Power. May the bearer of this Elemental Gift.... Does good deeds... And good actions... With the power... Fully given."

He finished his sentence and gave a gentle smile to Melchior before losing consciousness once more; Stanislaus ran towards him, holding him tight and preventing his fall.

"Both of you are extremely hurt." Stanislaus said. "I'll take you to Budapest so that you can be given proper medical care. Don't worry about your Seals, Melchior - I'll unlock them as soon as you are feeling better. My brother lent me the Key in case I ever needed it."

To Be Continued...



(*): Traditional Hungarian dish.
(**): "Fire Wrath" in Hungarian
(***): "Demonic Fire" in Hungarian
(****): "Exit" in Hungarian
(*****): "Soldiers of Fire" in Hungarian
(******): "What's your name?" in Russian

- A Road Leads to... The Hungarian Hellhound! (Part Two) -

May 18th, 2013

Melchior woke up earlier than ever. His clothes were washed, clean and ready. The alarm clock was displaying five o'clock in its screen. Melchior smiled, getting out of the bed and changing his clothes.

"No, no, Mirabelle... He is fine."

Melchior turned his head to the open door to his right - it was Lunia's voice coming from the hallway.

"Yes, yes..." Lunia said to the phone in his hand. "He is safe and sound. I still haven't started his practice yet... I will take longer to do so than Cynthia or Nathalie. Can you please tell them Melchior is safe? Also... Would you mind asking Ushuriel when he will return what he owes me?"

Melchior smiled and laughed, driving Lunia's attention to him. The Hungarian astronomy teacher hung off and looked at Melchior with a serene countenance.

"Long story." Lunia said. "Well, your mother asked for you and so did Nathalie and Cynthia. Apparently,  they went to search you short after Balthazar gave you a call that day, and they have arrived in Dresden yesterday night, worried about your life."

"I can imagine..." Melchior recalled, gloomy. "I hope they are more relieved..."

"So do I." Lunia replied. "Well..." He looked at his watch. "We need to go... See, we can have breakfast at the University. Shall we?"

Melchior smiled and agreed with his head. Lunia then took him outside, showing him his car - a 1969 navy blue Chevy Camaro.

"I bought this when I went to the States..." Lunia said. "Recently, I made some improvements on it, yet its coat is still the very same. I must say it is far more practical than riding a broom everywhere I go."

He opened the car, sitting of the driver's seat with Melchior on his side. Then, he rode to the eastern part of the city, where the University was located. It was 6:30 on the morning when they arrived, and the building was already crowded with teachers, janitors and some early-rising students, which seemed to grow in numbers as the minutes went by.

Lunia offered Melchior some of his cinnamon buns and a bit of the hot chocolate served on the teacher's hall.  Lunia finished his breakfast a bit earlier than Melchior. He grabbed a cup of coffee, ready to tell Melchior some things.

"Before you come to my classes, I want to ask you one thing, and one thing only." Lunia said serious. "I want you to pay attention. Listen to what I say there, okay?"

Melchior nodded, agreeing with Lunia. He swallowed his last bite of pastry and stood up, following Lunia out of the teacher's hall into the old hallways of the University. They walked around a hundred meters before arriving in Lunia's class. He entered through the door and saw a large amphitheater room, which had room for at least one hundred students.

"Sit in the middle of the first line, please." Lunia asked. "And please... Pay close, very close attention!"
Lunia smiled at the Salvadorian mage, which sat specifically where the Hungarian Hellhound asked. When the large clock on the class showed seven o'clock, the room was full of students.
" napot kivánov*!" Lunia said, writing his name on the chalkboard. "Welcome to your first class of Astronomy of the semester. Nevem** Lunia Kárdos Kárpatí, and I am your teacher. Shall we begin our path into the depths of Space?"

Lunia asked for each student to introduce him or herself, including Melchior, causing an overall surprise and fascination. Then, Lunia wrote down every single name and surname he heard; on the following, he got a thick, large book, which he opened.

"Today, we talk about... Space!" Lunia started with a smile. "Space, of course! But more than that - we will talk about what has brought Space to life as we know - and still don't know. All of you learned about the Big Bang theory and such, right? See, in my personal experience, it goes far, far beyond that..."
He mischievously looked at his students.

"I was an explosion, a large gathering of larger forces in a single spot. It was the pure sum of force and energy in one single place, ready to expand and explode. It force was so big, intense and creative that it is still going; our universe is still expanding, growing. The question is - up to when? When will it stop growing, or even further - when will it diminish once more, repeating its cycle? We still don't know for sure. And probably, we never will..."

"We are pretty young out here. You, you, you and I." Lunia continued with a mischievous smile. "We are meaningless in the Universe time. We know nothing. We hear nothing. What we study here is what every single person should know - we study our neighbors, the planets, comets, asteroids, stars, galaxies and black holes. We study those who, unlike us, hold the answers. The ones who have seen and heard it all - the ones who truly know something."

Melchior was bewildered; never in a million of years he would have thought he'd be sitting there, listening to a college class, specially that subject, explained in another way, with a different point of view. One person raised his left hand, asking for the floor.

"Mr. ... Bagy. Bagy, right?" Lunia asked. "Speak your mind, come on. Don't be shy."

"Ok then..." The young man replied. "Don't you think your explanation is... Like, how can I say, too mythological?"

The entire classroom, except Melchior, exploded in laughter. Lunia tilted his head to the left, smiling.

"I don't think mythological is the word you are looking for, Mr. Bagy." He replied very calm,  raising his head. "I think you wanted to say 'insane', didn't you? You are right - it sounds insane. It is insane. It is insane... If you think with the mind of someone stuck on 18th century and farther back. Are you that close-minded, Mr. Bagy? Tell me... All of you... What is Cosmos?"

Melchior timidly raised his hand, which was trembling.

"Melchior, you hold the floor." Lunia said, pointing his pencil to the mage.

"It means everything." Melchior replied. "It is surrounding us and it is inside us at the same time. Everyone holds a small universe, a small cosmos, inside his mind. All of us, sometimes, rather live in this place we created, this small, ever-expanding cosmos of our own, than live on the reality we are stuck on. Yet... I believe this is not the answer you seek."

"Wrong." Lunia replied with a smile, putting his hands behind his back. "It is one possible answer to my question, and it is right. The Cosmos are the order. The Cosmos and the Universe are the same. It means everything. It means nothing. We don't control this Universe, but we can hold our own. My comparative now will seem weird to most of you, but I'll use it anyway, and I believe you will understand..."

Lunia put his left hand in his pocket, taking a large Forint*** coin out of it.

"Now, look at this coin." Lunia said, showing it to the classroom. "I want you to imagine it as a newborn star. It seems stable, right? Now..."

Having the entire class as witnesses, the coin started burning spontaneously. Melchior, unlike everyone else, knew why it ignited and burned.

"This is a star as it will always be until its death." He said, making the coin fluctuate. "A large, gaseous flaming ball, burning until the end of its very existence. A star destroys itself. Eats itself. Explodes, generating a Supernova. Yet, this very destructive force, this very destructive behavior is capable of creating.  Look at the person to your left. Now, look to the person of your right. You are all stellar matter.  Stars are made of Hydrogen and Helium, we all know. Through its combustion, other elements are created - heavier elements, which will eventually generate other compounds if correctly combined. Yet not all stars have a living planet as ours, all of them are capable of creating planets good enough to generate life. Stars are creators and destroyers at the same time. Its creations and its own self-destruction leads to another stage of creation, which generates planets, complex clusters and such, making the Cosmos as complex as it deserves to be. Just like we do."

The coin disintegrated in the flames and its ashes flew through the classroom. He gave a mischievous smile to the entire class.

"I hope you have understood now what I previously meant." Lunia said. "Now, I will ask you to get your notebooks and books, for I'll start dropping more and more theory on you. I hope you all are rested and attentive, for I don't want anyone lost in the middle of the path."

The entire classroom obeyed, except Melchior. He was so fascinated that he didn't want to make notes or read the books - he just wanted to hear Lunia's voice and explanations. Fortunately for him, he'd listen a lot of what the Hungarian Hellhound had to say...

May 24th, 2013

Once again, Lunia was lecturing with all his might. His chalkboard was full of notes, mathematical problems and planets. Melchior was sitting on the same place Lunia asked, as he did every day.

"Chaos and order will always be together." Lunia said to his class. "You cannot have one without the other. At a certain point, everything in Cosmos had either of them, and it is cyclical - someday, the order will be denied and shattered, and chaos will return. Sooner or later, order will return and so on. I think of this as the relationship of a forest with fire. Think the forest as your cosmos. Imagine it had started with order, with everything functioning harmoniously. Now, assume that, someday, something changes in its electrical fields, and a 'lighting' hits your cosmos, and sets fire to one of its trees, and this fire spreads. This is chaos. One of your trees might have been a planet or an entire galaxy, destroyed by either a large comet, in the case of the planet, or swallowed by a black hole or even another colliding galaxy. This is what fire promoted in this situation. This is the destructive part. Yet, the ashes of the fallen trees may fertilize the soil of your forest, giving chances for new trees to grow. Planets can be created. Galaxies can be created as well. Different from the previous ones, yet holding the same or even more beauty than them. See... Fire, or Chaos, brought disorder and allowed order to establishes. Now, keeping this in mind, I'd like you guys to open on page..."
Melchior had his notebook in hands, writing everything down. Never in his life he had been so happy.

"Fire is creation... Fire is destruction... Stars are fire... Cosmos is fire..." He thought, writing those thoughts down.

While Lunia gave his students more work, he got his little journal and wrote things on it.

May 31st, 2013

Lunia and Melchior were the last people on the empty classroom. Lunia was closing his briefcase when something got his attention.

"What lies in this little journal of yours, Melchior?" He asked.

"Well..." Melchior blushed. "These are some... Trip notes."

"Interesting." Lunia commented, grabbing his briefcase and straightening his back. "Have you finished it?"

"No." Melchior said. "A friend of mine gave it to me so that I could write down all my memories during my training in the art of Elements. This includes this phase I am having here in Hungary with you."

"Fascinating..." Lunia commented. "Are your friends nice?"
Melchior's eyes widened.

"Yes, they are." He replied, surprised. "At least I think they are."

"Good. Good..." Lunia whispered. "See... You've been with me for at least two weeks... I think you have done enough theoretical work here."

"Meaning?" Melchior rhetorically asked.

"I am taking you out of Budapest." Lunia mischievously replied. "I still want to give you more theory. I have given it shallowly to you. But in Balantonfüred I can show you the rest. Unlike my fellow companions, I'd rather study magic than raise it out of nowhere. I think you and I will have quite a good time."

"Of course!" Melchior replied, thrilled. "I can't wait for it!"

"Then... We will head out three days from now." Lunia said. "I am going to talk to the headmaster now in order to take some days off. I'll invent something, like a doctor degree or something... Yet I don't need it, for I am a post-doc already." He completed with a chuckle.

Melchior was thrilled, with a smile wide open in his face. What better ways to learn magic than through Science? Wasn't Science a form of magic as well?


Balatonfüred, Hungary - 8h a.m.

June 6th, 2013

Balatonfüred was a resort town in a Hungarian county, on the north shore of the large Lake Balaton. It holds an excellent water and a significant yachting life and coasting fishing. Melchior and Lunia took a train to get there, and it took three days for them to arrive there.

Lunia had a small property there - a small two-floored, gypsy-themed house.

"Home sweet home." Lunia commented. "Give me your luggage. I'll put it in your room."

Melchior obeyed Lunia, giving him his small suitcase. Lunia opened the house, which looked like a gypsy wagon, just like the bedroom in which Melchior met the Hellhound. He put the belongings on Melchior's bed, and asked him to go to the living room. Then, he sat there with Melchior.

"Ready for some more lessons?" Lunia asked. "First, I think you know what I'll do."

"Lock my Elemental Seals, right?" Melchior asked.

Lunia nodded affirmatively, taking his Elemental Key Seal out of his shirt.

"Well... Since you have no clue of what Ice does... I won't seal it." Lunia said, gently pulling Melchior's arm, so that he could show his bracelet. "Still, I will seal Air and Earth Seals. Take a deep breath. You'll need it."
Melchior obeyed, taking a deep breath. Lunia inserted the key on the keyhole and turned it, locking Air and Earth Seals, which disappeared from the bracelet. Melchior suddenly felt his breath unstable and hard, and his arms were as heavy as lead for him. Also, his eyesight became blurred, and he felt slower in movement.

"Not this again!" Melchior painfully whispered.

"I hate to do this, Melchior, but it is a necessary pain. As I said, you seem quite natural on Fire witch crafting, so I will just improve your natural abilities. So... Let's talk theoretically, shall we?"
Melchior slowly nodded, agreeing.

"You paid attention to my classes, didn't you?" Lunia asked. "If you did, you may have noticed the qualities and defects of Fire. Fire brings chaos, pain and destruction. Fire damages, burns and curses it target. However, fire also brings order, power and creation. Like a phoenix, fire gives the reborn ability to the ground. Fire, through its aggressiveness, through its tough love, brings life back. 

"What for, besides enriching my spellbook?" Melchior asked.

"You are confused." Lunia replied mischievously. "It is completely understandable - Nathalie and Cynthia challenged you as your graduation, right? I don't want to do the same, but I am afraid I'll have to. However, you'll be more used to the limitations given by the Seals. That way, you won't feel so much disadvantages against me. Right?"

Lunia smiled at Melchior, conjuring a large fireball, which he made float upon their heads.

"Very well..." Lunia serenely began. "Look at the fireball I casted - it doesn't seem to be heating the place up, does it? The answer is clearly no. Why? Because I decided to suppress this quality. In the study of Fire Spells, we often focus more on the damage than on control itself. Fire is power, but if you are unable to control your own power, you became a power slave. Are you following?"

Melchior nodded.

"Alright." Lunia continued, pleased. "Ignition stands for burst - that initial blast, which makes engines work. Here, we talk about the fast, easy-casting fire strikes, which can be single or multiple targeted. These kind of spells are easy to develop and evolve, but can be quite hard to control if casted at the verge of anger. Here, you can also create barriers and create from minor tools to full-fire-based weapons. Understood?"

"Yes." Melchior replied.

"Power, of course, stands for power and domain - the greater spells go here. You can destroy multiple foes, created explosions, burn forests down, control lava and massive amounts of fire with these kind of spells. They are much more complex than Ignition spells, and far more difficult to control. However if you succeed... Nothing, except strong Ice spells, will stand on your way. Clear?"

"Yes, sir!" Melchior happily replied.

"Very well..." Lunia said, discarding the immense fireball. "What I want you to do, Melchior, is to prepare yourself for battle - you will create four spells for me, 3 Ignition-based and one Power-based. I'll be giving you orientation all times, but you cannot make that clear what you want to do. I'll give you one month to do it, alright?"

"Well... One month?" Melchior hesitantly asked. "I'll see what I'll be able to put through."

"I know it will be above average." Lunia replied. "So... Your time... Will be starting now!"

To Be Continued...



(*) Jó napot kivánov: "Good Day" in Hungarian.
(**) Nevem: "My name is..." in Hungarian.
(***): Forint: Hungary's currency.

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