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- A Crest for the Knights - 

Guatemala City, Guatemala

January 3rd, 2013.

Melchior was meditating in his room; it was a very different place from which he had been living – a gothic-themed room with many sports references. There was a large wardrobe, which had one of its doors opened, showing new books, including a grimoire.

His drawers were black and featured some lesser objects, such as wristbands. His desk had some papers and notebooks spread on it, and some notes of either Mathematics or Physics could be seen.
Suddenly, someone knocked his door. Melchior slowly opened his eyes and looked to the nearest clock – it was 5:45 p.m.

“Come in!” Melchior Said happily.

It was Ushuriel, and he had a happy smile in his face.

“Hello, son.” The Vampire Said, and Melchior discretely laughed as his first reply.

“Sorry.” Elemental Alchemist Said. “I am still getting used to it... Father.”

Ushiriel sat near Melchior, holding something in his hands.

“Father... I am getting old.” Ushuriel laughed. “I think I always knew this day would come; I couldn’t be happier, for I finally have something other Undead may never have – a family.”

“I agree with you.” Melchior replied. “I couldn’t be happier as well... Sometimes, it feels as a dream, and I hope it is not.”

“So do I.” Ushuriel replied. “Listen, I think I have something for your group – something which will give you extra powers.”

“Extra powers?” Melchior asked. “What are you talking about?”

“A Crest, Melchior.” Ushuriel Said with a mischievous smile.

“Being the most powerful being of my core has its advantages, my son – I can give you some of Camazotz dark powers to be used to a better purpose. All Vampires can forge Crests, which are used to gather powers, as if you had the ‘Vampire power package’ for a brief moment.”

“So... You are going to upgrade us somehow?” Melchior asked.

“Yes and no.” Ushuriel answered. “See, my powers aren’t bigger than those of the Heart of Guatemala. Even so, I can give you guys na extra share of power, since Anael doesn’t bear all the power to himself. Alas, he chose this way, and I admire that guy. After all, he knows how to give a punch or two, heh.”

Melchior smiled at his father, pleased with his answer.

“So, what do you need to craft one of these Crests?” He asked.

“I alreay bear the materials – a bar of pure gold, a chargable gem of my choice, which will be a ruby and my very own powers. Do you want to see me crafting one of those?”

“Of course!” Melchior happily replied.

Ushuriel smiled at him and asked his son to follow him to the basement, which Melchior had never seen. The basement could be only accessed through a small trapdoor hidden under a large, velvet carpet in the living room, which Ushuriel rapidly opened.

They climbed down the stairs and Melchior could see through the weak light in the room - it was a large alchemy station, with many glasses, strange ingredients, old sheets of paper all scattered on the floor and other things Melchior couldn't identify.

Ushuriel's small forge was on the nothernmost part of the room. Melchior went closer to see the strange, purple anvil and the glowing lilac hammer which Ushuriel was holding. The Vampire gave Melchior a mischievous smile before starting the process.

"Just like Elves have their magical tools, we Vampires own those as well." He explained. "I am one of them main smithers amongst the Vampire core. These tools are made of Tarnished Obsidian, which consists in a magical metal made out of Darkness or Void essences and, of course, Obisidian. Why Obisidian? Because it won't hurt us like metals as Silver or Palladium does. Also, it doesn't turn hot when I place it near fire. Therefore, we are all protected."

"Awesome..." Melchior said amazed. "So... Do you want me to help you?"

"I appreciate, but there's no need." Ushuriel said while pouring the melted gold on a batwing mold. "You see, I am almost done..."

In a matter of seconds, Melchior saw Ushuriel charge a ruby in his hands; he did so by closing his eyes and whispering old enchantments. Then, when the gold was almost cold and solid, he carefully placed the large ruby in the middle of it. Then, Ushuriel took the material out of the mold and gave it to Melchior.

"Here you are." He said. "A Vampiric Crest; it can be absorbed by the Heart of Guatemala and give your friends a taste of Vampiric powers without the need of a bite, so to speak."

Melchior laughed discretely.

"Thanks, father!" He said. "Oh, do you know what day is?"

"Today?" Ushuriel asked. "I think it is January 3rd. Why?"

"Damn it!" Melchior said. "It is Kimi and Kaiser's birthday! I almost forgot it!"

Before Melchior could say something else, his Golden Communicator appeared.

"Melchior?!" It was Anael's voice through the device. "Aren't you coming?!"

"Well, I am!" Melchior said, surprised. "But I forgot where the party is going to be!"

"It is going to be in the Finns' house! Where else do you think we were going to?!" Anael replied. "Come on, we are waiting for you! Get you vampiric ass here as fast as possible, got it?!"

"Yes, Leader..." Melchior replied mischievously. "I got it. I'll be there in a matter of seconds. I got to go. Bye!"

Melchior hung up and looked at his father, waiting for him to say something.

"Go, my child." The Vampire said with a smile. "I'll tell your mother you left. I hope your friends enjoy the gift as much as I enjoyed making it."

Melchior smiled and hugged his father. Before Ushuriel could do anything, Melchior teleported himself out of the basement. Ushuriel looked at the place in which Melchior was standing before and smiled. Then, he left the place and went upstairs.


Kimi and Kaiser's House, Guatemala City, Guatemala - 6:15 p. m.

All the other Knights were in the Finnish twins' house, waiting for Melchior to arrive. At 6:15 p.m., the Elemental Alchemist arrived at the place holding the Vampiric Crest in his hands.

"Hello, folks! Do not cry for me, I am here!" He said in a mocking tone. Then, he bowed at everyone. "Good evening! I come bearing a gift to us all! Before that, of course... Where are the Finns?"

At the moment Melchior called for them, Kimi and Kaiser appeared. Kaiser was wearing a black t-shirt with a Metallica album printed on it, blue jeans, black shoes and a black headband. Kimi was wearing a sleeveless blue shirt with grey jeans and cyan shoes. Also, his hair seemed longer than it used to be - it was held in a french braid whose lenght reached his waist. They ran towards Melchior and hugged him with the biggest smile they ever had.

"Teen sixteen!" Melchior said happily. "Happy 16th birthday, fellows!"

"Kiitos!" Said Kimi and Kaiser simultaneosly. Then, they stepped aside.

"I am really glad you could make it, my friend." Kimi said. "How's your new life going?"

"Pretty well, I must say..." Elemental Alchemist replied. "I finally have everything I always dreamed: a family." Then, he showed them his Vampiric Crest. "This is the gift I was talking about earlier - a Vampiric Crest."

"What does that do?" Thalas asked.

"Well..." Melchior looked to Anael, who understood what the Crest was for. "... Do you want to help me figuring this out, Elite Dragon?"

Anael smiled mischievously, revealing the Heart of Guatemala; his eyes became reptilian-like as he held the Heart by its chains.

"May the Heart provides us the answer!" Anael said. " Corazón de Guatemala!"

When Anael pronounced those famous words, the Crest was involved by a small turquoise Quetzal, which absorbed it. Then, the Quetzal got bigger and involved all Knights in the room, giving them new outfits.

Now, all of them had armors - they were dark with a navy blue glow. Each one of them had details connected to its owner's favourite color. Anael's armor gave him a shield; Thalas' armor had wolf fur in it's upper part; Melchior's armor gave him a staff with a crystal ball and a bat on top of it. Kimi's armor gave him a pair of shields, which could be thrown; Kaiser's armor gave him a new sword; Maya's armor gave her a new staff and a whole new appearance, and Altagracia's armor gave her a new scepter and a place for her Dream Catching Jewel.

The Knights had been revamped, and as it was always supposed to be - together. What was next for them now?

End of Season Seven.


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