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- Nothing Else Matters -

Anael was, at that very critical moment, flying above the Caribbean Sea. He snapped his fingers in order to conjure his Jade Communicator. He rapidly pressed the red button near the top of the device, ready to give instructions.

"Thalas, answer me!" Anael said through the device.

Thalas, at that point, was at Kimi's, reading a book about Vampires. He dropped the book violently on the ground when his Electro Communicator was suddenly summoned and Anael's voice was heard.

"B-bonjour!" Thalas answered. "Have you found Melchior? Is he alright?"

"No and I assume he is not." Anael replied. "Listen to me: Ushuriel discovered our scheme faster than we thought, and thus he came after Melchior. They might have fought there and now they are in Guatemala. Altagracia and Maya must be fighting Mirabelle while we are talking. Go after them and bring Kimi with you. It is an order."

"Yes, I understood." Thalas replied, serious. "But what about Kaiser? Isn't he with you?"

"We split up." Anael rapidly answered. "He asked me to stay in Jamaica to take care of Jasmine and her family. He'll be in Guatemala as soon as he can."

"Jasmine?" Thalas asked, confused. "Who's that one?"

"Jamaican Thunder, don't you remember?" Anael replied. He was smiling as he spoke the name to Thalas. "The strongest girl in the entire world."

"Oh! I remember her!" Thalas answered. "Anyways, I am going to aid the girl as fast as I can. Kimi and I will be there in no time!"

"Awesome." Hissed Anael. "I'll meet you guys there." With that said, he hung off and kept flying as fast as he could. At that moment, he was near the Belize coast, and he didn't have much time left.


Melchior was standing there with his fists clenched; Mirabelle showed him her sharp teeth and threw the violet shards.

"You..." She growled. "You were born in January 22nd, I recall it pretty well!"

Melchior stood on his left knee, cleansing the blood which was coming out of his mouth; he was holding a mischievous smile.

"So, I am Aquarius indeed. Lucia didn't lie about that." He commented.

"Yes..." Mirabelle replied, taking a deep breath before charging her hands once more. "It was a cold day, the coldest I've ever witnessed, though it was Winter in Finland."

Mirabelle jumped and threw more shards at Melchior, but Maya was quicker on her response.

"Dark Forcefield!"

Black Witch conjured a violet force filed, which destroyed the wicked shards. Then, it was Altagracia's turn to show her tricks.

"Light Wisp!" She shouted, casting a golden, butterfly-form energy beam towards Mirabelle.

"Too slow!" Mirabelle madly laughed. "Vampiric Shield!"

Dozens of bats appeared and were converted in a bloody-red forcefield, which protected Mirabelle from her foes. 

"Ask another question." She said coldly.

"Very well..." Melchior said, taking a deep breath. "I started in the wrong order, I must say. I wanted to ask you how did you find out you were pregnant of me. My next question will come... As soon as I hit you! Fire Raven!"

One of the first signature spells of Melchior - an enormous raven made out of pure fire was cast against Mirabelle, shattering her shield. Then, Maya and Altagracia proceeded to attack. Together. They positioned themselves as if they were a dance couple; Maya pointed her right arm to the front, which was holding Altagracia's left arm. Both o them immediately charged, and threads of golden and silver energy began floating and dancing around them.

"Equilibrium Waltz!" They shouted, throwing a silver and golden jaguar-form energy beam against Mirabelle, who was defenseless.

"CURSES!" Mirabelle screamed before falling brutally on the floor.

Mirabelle was on the ground, trying to stand up as the blood came out from her wounds. Light was injuring her more than she could ever predict. She was giving Altagracia a piercing look, as if she was trying to get the infant killed on a blink of an eye.

"I..." Mirabelle started. "I found out weeks after... To be honest, I didn't show any pregnancy symptoms, except the body changes. I was about seven weeks pregnant when I found out. Any other questions?"

The Warlock was furious; when she stood up, the three Blue Moon Knights could see how badly injured she was - her tights were scratched and wounded and so were her shoulders, arms and the left part of her torso. her dress was torn in several parts, and her face had a long scar in its right side. Blood was coming out of her mouth in a thin line, and the source was an injury on her lower lip.

Melchior was looking at her with pity; yet she was trying to kill him, somehow, he felt sorry for her. She was his mother, though both wanted to deny it.

"Yes." Melchior replied. "I want to know the details of my birth - there must be a reason for you to abandon me."

Mirabelle froze at that moment; her eyes got wider and her face got paler. She tried to formulate an answer, but she seemed far too traumatized to say something.

"Something is wrong in this scenario." Altagracia thought. "She was telling him everything so calmly and apathic. She must have suffered a lot in the day Melchior was born... But... What could be so traumatizing for a Warlock?"


The painful scream of Ushuriel drove all attentions to him; his skin was far paler than normal, and he seemed to be boiling, almost burning on that rooftop. At that moment, Electro Archer and Ice Guardian had arrived. It didn't take too long for them to understand the whole context of that scene.

"Thalas!" Kimi shouted. "Release Ushuriel! I am going to aid the others!"

Thalas nodded and ran towards the house. There were some trees near the building, which Thalas used to make his way up to the roof, climbing as fast as he could. When he reached Ushuriel, the Vampire was too weak to say something. His death was near.

"I am going to take these chains off!" Thalas said. "Electro Daggers!"

Electro Archer conjured one dagger, using it to break the silver. He had no difficulties doing so; after he released Ushuriel, he jumped on the roof, breaking it. Then, he pulled Ushuriel and entered with him in that hole - he was going to hide the Vampire in the attic, away from all light.

On the meantime, Kimi was already standing next to Melchior, Maya and Altagracia. Mirabelle looked at Kimi and her countenance went serene.

"I remember you..." She said. "You are the child of... Arievelo?"

Kimi nodded affirmatively.

"I am one of them." Ice Guardian replied. "I am Kimi. I don't know if you remember which was which."

Mirabelle's countenance went sad with Kimi's words. She then looked at Melchior.

"I don't think we'll continue this conversation, Melchior."

She turned her back to him and headed inside the house. Never in his life had Elemental Alchemist felt so angry; he sat on the floor in a meditation position, ready to get this conversation to another level.

"Oh, you are so continuing this conversation, Mirabelle!" He hissed. "Dream Walk Path!"

Mirabelle screamed, falling on her knees. Kimi went after her, and realized her eyes got completely golden, and so did Melchior's. Altagracia and Maya ran towards Melchior and started yelling at him and shaking his arms in a attempt to wake him up, but Ice Guardian thought differently.

"It is useless, girls." He said. "Stop what you are doing and head back inside."

"What?! No way!" Maya denied. "He needs help, Kimi!"

"No." Kimi replied. "He doesn't. He is inside Mirabelle's mind."

"What?!" Altagracia asked. "How?!"

"Dream Walking." Ice Guardian said, reflexive. "It is an elvish ability. Melchior seemed, however, to have developed it. Either he was born with a trace of this ability... Or it was given to him."

Kimi stood in silence for a while; memories started to come into his mind. The answer lied in Deeper Finland somehow. The answer for that question - how Melchior got into Mirabelle's mind - lied in the only cruel, reckless act Kimi ever committed.

"Cody Maverick's Soul Essence!" He shouted. "This is it! Girls!" He looked at Maya and Altagracia. "Let's head inside! Thalas must be with Ushuriel by now! Let's aid both of them - Ushuriel may need some medicine and health care. I'll bring Melchior inside! He must not be so exposed to sunlight!"


Mirabelle's Mind

Inside Mirabelle's mind, Melchior was before a much different scenario - it was a Scottish forest, in which most of its leaves were golden or brown, as if it was autumn. Mirabelle saw a golden leaf flying near her, and she got it.

Melchior was standing there, amazed by the beauty shown by Mirabelle's mind. The shy, yet warm sun rays were caressing his copper skin so gently that he forgot he was half Vampire, even if it was for a brief moment.

"Wow! I wasn't expecting that!" He said.

"Well... You want answers, don't you?" Mirabelle said. "Very well... I'll give them to you. After all, you have turned the table and chased me down to the deepest part of my mind."

She played with the golden leaf while talking to Melchior incredibly sad.

"When I found out about you, I wanted to die." She said. "Actually, I found myself dead, for I was going to be hunted down for having a deeper relationship with a servant and getting pregnant of him. I was conceiving a creature - you - which would possibly condemn both kinds. At first, I tried to get rid of you: I tried to create anti-conceptional spells to hurt and kill you. I almost got myself killed too, Melchior."

Elemental Alchemist looked to the ground - would he ever be loved someday?

"However..." Mirabelle said. "I started to grow fond of you day by day. Every time I tried to kill you, Ushuriel stopped me. He prevented my death and yours several times; he kept me fed, warm and protected at night. People say Vampires are heartless, soulless creatures, and I respond to them: nonsense. Ushuriel has far more soul and heart than any living human I ever knew. If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't be having this conversation..."

Melchior was looking through Mirabelle's eyes, sharing the same sadness the Warlock was feeling. Mirabelle looked to the ground and dropped the golden leaf in the air, letting it fall gently on the ground.

"I want to know why, Mirabelle." Melchior said with his eyes full of tears he didn't want to cry. "Why did you abandon me? Why Lucia? Why?"

Mirabelle looked at Melchior once more and sighed. He could feel her pain in the air. He could feel her heart beating as if it was trapped in chains.

"Before the abandonment, I have to explain Lucia's story." Mirabelle said. "I met Lucia five or seven years prior to your birth. I believe she has almost fifty years, I am right?"

"Yes..." Melchior hesitantly answered.

"Well, I met her years ago..." Mirabelle said. "Lucia hates magic because it was magic which brought her so much pain. She loved once. She hoped once. She fell in love with a Warlock, whose name I don't recall, and he betrayed her. He got her pregnant and she tried to denounce us to the Shamans; she almost did it, and a battle between Shamans and Warlocks had been fought in Belize. Many Shamans perished, and Lucia got cursed - her first child, which was a boy - died in the labor. She never forgave our kind for it, but she couldn't avoid being hunted down by many Warlocks - except me. I saved her life and I swore to give her my male infant, if I ever had one."

"So... Was Lucia some kind of a Rumpelstiltskin?" Melchior asked quite confused.

"Not exactly." Mirabelle replied. "See, she never forced me to hold to my oath. In fact, it came the time she almost forgot it, for she fell in love with a regular human, married and had her own offspring - your foster siblings, of course. I've got to say your Dream Walking abilities impressed me - you must be very cherished by the Elves to have that power."

"Wait, what? Do you know something about Dream Walking?!" Melchior asked, surprised.

"It isn't the first time you use it as well, isn't it?" Mirabelle asked. "I bet you used this ability on Ushuriel, am I right?"

"Wow..." Melchior replied. "Nothing escapes your perception..."

"Nothing indeed." Mirabelle agreed. "The reason I recall that Kimi kid and I know a thing or maybe ten about Dream Walking are completely related. See, I bet that, in Ushuriel's mind, you saw the manor we used to live, which was somewhere between Vantaa and Helsinki, in Finland. You were born in that house, Melchior. I chose Finland to live just because of Dream Walking. I wanted to learn a new, unique and powerful skill other Warlocks would never dream of possessing, and so was it. I went to Finland to learn it from the Elves themselves. They allowed me to learn with the condition I'd never jeopardize their holdings. In order to do my part of the deed, I kept my house near their borders, on the surface, hidden in the woods of Finland. There, I kept studying..."

She got two steps closer to Melchior, yet keeping a distance.

"... But something happened." She said, serious and quite grin. "Someone framed me and Ushuriel, and still I don't know why. The worst part of it: I discovered it in the day I was having you."

"Oh God..." Melchior commented.

"It was the coldest day I've ever witnessed in Finland." She said. "I remember I started the labor process during the day and it advanced faster than i could predict. Ushuriel was going to wake up only at the beginning of the night, so I was vulnerable. I woke him up with my screams of pain, I recall it pretty well. As soon as the sun set, I heard his steps coming from the basement. I remember I was already lying on the bed, hoping you'd be born as soon as possible, for when he came into my room, he said he had seen some kind of a Holy Inquisition coming after us!"

"Though we are creatures of Darkness, this seems extremely coward." Melchior said. "You were in labor after all."

Mirabelle's eyes discretely widened.

"Well... I agree with you." She said. "I remember him closing all windows and leaving everything as dark as he could. It was only Ushuriel there to help me - he helped me bringing you to this world. When he put you in my arms, I... I don't know... I felt... Lighter, of course, but... I felt something else..."

Melchior just looked at her a bit confused.

"You were much healthier and cuter than I expected, I confess." Mirabelle said with a discrete smile. "Your cry was strong and your looks were so curious - you seemed so fascinated with the fact you were born that you didn't cry too much. Unfortunately, the Holy Inquisition was just a few meters away from our manor. Yet I was weak, I had to save us. So, at that moment, I used an Invisibility spell and hid the entire house from them. They arrived at the house and saw... Nothing. They left just a few minutes later, and I fainted."

"Impressive... You are powerful..." Whispered Melchior.

"I think I slept for an entire day." Mirabelle said. "For almost one month, Ushuriel and I took care of you - we parented you. However, I was afraid of another strike. I was afraid the other Servants found out about us - and you. When you were one month old, I decided to fulfill my oath - and pay Lucia a visit."

Mirabelle walked near Melchior. She was standing in front of him with her eyes full of tears.

"I gave you away to save your life." Mirabelle said. "It gives me pains until today, for I had never been able to abandon you completely. I've been watching you, Melchior; I watched your first steps, your first words, you first spell casting. I've been always there!"

A shy tear came out of Melchior's left eye; Mirabelle fell on her knees, crying.

"I am a monster!" She cried. "I had no idea Lucia would use you to get even at my kin! i was so stupid to believe she held no  anger towards Warlocks! Ushuriel tried to warn me, but... I didn't want to believe. I thought that maybe it was just being difficult to raise the amount of kids she had."

Mirabelle looked at Melchior, who said nothing. The tears rolling through his face spoke enough for him.

"Forgive me, Melchior..." Mirabelle whispered, begging for his forgiveness.

Melchior closed his eyes and sighed.

"We end this conversation here."

With that said, he got out of Mirabelle's mind. He saw Kimi, Maya and Altagracia near him. Thalas was with Ushuriel. Melchior stood up and looked at the Vampire with a sad countenance.

"It is over." Melchior said to the Knights. "Leave them alone. They'll leave us alone. Let's go."

Melchior left through the front door. He passed through Mirabelle who looked at him with the saddest countenance one could ever give...

To Be Continued...


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