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- Bittersweet -

Melchior and the others headed back to Kimi and Kaiser's house. By the time they got there, Anael was already awaiting with Kaiser, and they seemed to be talking about something important.

"... So I think she'll get through it." Kaiser said. "Jasmine is strong; I believe her."

"Well, now we have to go after Melchior and... Melchior!"

It was Anael who spotted Melchior and the group entering the house. Maya and Altagracia were still injured, while Thalas and Kimi were in perfect shape. Melchior seemed hurt, but his wounds were deeper and internal. His heart was grieving.

Kimi and Thalas approached Elemental Alchemist.

"Are you alright?" Thalas asked.

"What did you see in her mind, my friend?" Kimi asked, concerned.

"Everything I needed. Nothing I truly wanted, I guess." Melchior answered in the saddest tone he ever gave them.

"Meaning...?" Thalas asked, confused.

"I don't know..." Elemental Alchemist replied. "I think I... I want to be alone for a moment." Then, he looked at DarkStalker. "Kaiser!" Melchior shouted.

"Yes?" Kaiser replied.

"Are Jasmine and her relatives alright?" Melchior asked.

"Yes, they are." Kaiser replied gloomy. "Well, except for their mother - Ushuriel ended up killing her. Morgan and Jasmine had already left the hospital and they are just fine. Jasmine said she'll keep going to school, but she'll have to start working in order to aid her brother make ends meet."

This reply made Melchior's heart stop for a few seconds - another household destroyed. More lives shattered, and all because of him.

"Poor Louise." Melchior whispered. "She didn't deserve to lose her mother... And poor Satianna; she was a good woman."

"Well..."Kaiser approached Melchior and put his left hand on Melchior's shoulder. "At least they are safe and sound now. Morgan told me they'll eventually pay you a visit, my friend. They helped you and they still will be helping. You have allies and friends, Elemental Alchemist. Never forget it."

That said, Kaiser stepped aside and went to his room. Anael called his sister and left with her. Thalas and Maya left minutes later without saying a word. Kimi stood there with Melchior, whose eyes were closed.

"Do you want to talk?" Kimi asked.

"Sit here." Melchior asked, pointing at the nearest available spot.

Kimi obeyed and sat to the left of Melchior.

"She knew your mother, Kimi. She knew the Elves. She really was, and still is, my biological mother." Melchior said, slightly sad and frustrated. "Her magical goals are almost the same as mine. She tried to study the Dream Walking art as well. I just happened to have it because Cody's soul appeared to me and gave it to me."

"What?" Kimi asked. "How?"

"The Soul Essence." Melchior replied. "That's what it was for: to give the gift of Dream Walking to a non-elf. Well, I am really thankful; hadn't he done it, I'd be dead by now."

"All of us would." Kimi replied. "So... Regarding this matter... How will you proceed?"

Melchior sighed deeply, blinking slowly as he looked to the roof.

"I have no idea." He answered. "I feel lost. I don't know how to proceed; I cannot go back and live with Lucia, but I am not sure if I can try to conquest Mirabelle. I don't even know if I want to take my chances, considering she almost killed all of us..."

"Well... Now you know where you came from. However, keep in your mind that, regardless of what you choose to do next, we will always be here for you. I'll always be here, if you ever need me."

"Kiitos, veli." Melchior said, standing up. "Well, I better get going... It is a long way for me to walk."

That said, Melchior said his farewell to Kimi and left his house. The Finn kept watching him until he disappeared from his line of sight. Then. he closed the door with the saddest countenance.

'She knew your mother, Kimi. She knew the Elves.'

"I think it is the time to pay them a visit." Kimi said.


Eastern Side of Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Three days of walking. Three days of deep thought.

Melchior's walk led him to the largest open market of Guatemala City, in which Anael used to buy his supplies to cook. There, he kept looking at the families nearby. He envied every single one of them, for seeming so happy and unite - things he never knew with Lucia. He was wearing a large, violet hooded mantle, which kept his skin safe from sunlight.

Then, he saw her. A girl about 1,50m, copper-skinned with dark, long, wavy hair and a pair of glasses. She was wearing a coral-colored dress and beige sandals. She was thin, though her hips were slightly wider in proportion. Just one year older than Melchior, she was one of his siblings.

"Alegría?" Melchior asked. "What are you doing here?"

"I thought you might get yourself around here." She said. "I already know. Mom told me the truth - actually, she told Carlos, but I listened anyways. You know I always liked you, don't you?"

"How could I miss it?" Melchior asked with a discrete smile. "You have been always there... To aid me, to comfort me, to hear me... To be my friend as well."

"But I think this ends here, doesn't it?" Alegría asked incredibly sad. "I mean, you are going after her, your real mom, aren't you?"

"Well, living with Lucia was no heaven, I must say." Melchior replied. "I think I have to try. What do I have to lose? Nothing. I was raised in a broken home - I am all broken inside. Her rejection, if it happens again, won't break me. I am stronger than I look."

"I am just asking that because... We are moving away from Guatemala. The circus will no longer be here!" Alegría said at the verge of crying. "Mom doesn't want to tell us where, but I don't want to go. I'll miss you so much, Melchior!"

That said, she hugged him as strong and lovely as she could. Melchior replied the cherish and hugged her the same way, crying.

"I am not as strong as you are, my beloved baby brother." She said in tears. "I don't have anywhere else to go. I cannot stay with you, but I don't want to lose you! What should I do?!"

"You have my cellphone, don't you?" Melchior asked sadly. "You can always call me. You can always count on me. If life with that woman gets to cruel to stand, call me. I'll rescue you wherever you are, whenever you want. Do you understand?"

She nodded her head affirmatively, and Melchior cleaned up her tears and his.

"If you cannot be happy, I'll be happy. For both of us." He said. "I promise you, Alegría. Someday, we'll be together again, and I'll be there with a smile in my face. Live will be kind and fair to us, I know it will be. It doesn't matter how much time it takes, I'll be with you again."

Alegría took her necklace off - it was a simple rope necklace with two turquoise beads and three ruby beads on the center. She put it in Melchior's left hand.

"I'll always be with you. Always. Never forget me, dear Melchior." She said, kissing his lips rapidly afterwards.

She stood up and ran away before Melchior could do anything. He looked at the necklace and put it in his pocket. Then, he went to another direction.


Mirabelle's House, Southernmost Side of Guatemala City, Guatemala

Mirabelle was sitting on the grass outside her house. Ushuriel was nowhere to be seen, for he was sleeping inside his coffin at the basement of the manor. She looked sad and devastated, sighing as she remembered everything she said to Melchior the days before.

"I think it is time for me to leave..." She said to herself. "I should have left him alone. I shouldn't have come after him. I shattered his soul and mind, and what for?"

She heard steps coming from the walls of her manor. She looked up and saw... Melchior. Her heart started to beat faster than it ever bet. She stood up while he approached her. When she was standing on her feet, he was about seven or eight steps away from her.

"Let's see..." Melchior started with a mischievous smile. "I am a Physics master for my age; I am a basketball fanatic, and I usually play it about four times a week. I am a Mathematics wizard, for numbers are no mystery for me... Chicks love me as well - I am a Don Juan, so to speak, yet I am quite womanizer sometimes..." His mischievous smile was going away as his countenance got increasingly sad. "I also have strong tendencies to be a know-it-all, and I refuse to be wrong most of times, yet I am. I am also reckless and I say a lot of nonsense, but..." His voice stopped, for he started crying at that same moment. "I am a good guy! I am a good person... I just want a chance, that's all! You have all the right not to give it to me, but I... I really want it! It need it! I want some piece of mind! Being abandoned and treated like an animal, like a nobody, it's the worst feeling ever... I want to be loved... I want a family..."

He fell on his knees, crying. At that moment, Mirabelle ran towards him and hugged him, holding him tight, with his head on top of her chest. She was crying as well.

"And you will have it." She whispered. "You deserve it. I hope you can accept me... And forgive me for everything. You are my child, Melchior, and I should have accepted the challenge of raising you properly. I will accept this challenge today, if you give me this permanent task."

To Be Continued...


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