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- Out of the Name of Misery -

Kingston, Jamaica

While Maya, Altagracia and Melchior were in the battle, Kaiser and Anael had tried to track Ushuriel. They were already aware that Maya's spell didn't trick him for very long. Brign also aware that they were in Jamaica, they did their best to follow the leads to Ushuriel, but they lost his Aura when they reached Jamaica's capital, Kingston.

"It is useless!" Anael hissed. "At this point, he had already found Melchior!"

"Calm down, Anael." Kaiser calmly replied. "Jasmine must live nearby; if we contact her, we may be able to find Melchior."

"She might be dead by now..." Anael said. "Ushuriel might have killed everyone in his path."

"Don't be so pessimistic, Elite Dragon!" Kaiser replied. "We'll find..."

Suddenly, Kaiser saw a black van rushing towards them; he pushed Anael out of the road and the van avoided hitting Kaiser for just a few millimeters. DarkStalker fell on the ground quite angry.

"Hey!" He shouted. "Don't you know how to drive, douche?!"

When Kaiser said that, a tall, black man with large dreadlocks came out of the car with Jasmine Waterfall, who was wearing a plaster on her right arm. The man was none than Morgan Waterfall, her brother.

"You were on the street." Morgan said. "You knew this could happen. Plus, I had green light to go."

Anael was surprised.

"Jasmine?!" He asked.

"Long time no see, huh?" Jasmine replied with a weak smile. "I am sorry for showing up like this, Elite Dragon, but we have bad news."

"Terrible ones, I must say." Morgan completed. "Melchior is no longer with us. Ushuriel found him. He is either dead or..."

"...Back into Guatemala!" Anael concluded. Before heading back, however, he looked at them with pity. "You guys... Look terrible."

"Ushuriel is too tough for me." Jasmine said, laughing discretely, yet sadly. "I wasn't able to withstand him. I guess I got weaker..."

"Well..." Anael said with a smile. "I think I can handle this..."

With a sweet smile in his face, Anael revealed the Heart of Guatemala. Jasmine got incredibly surprised.

"Oh!" Kaiser said. "Haven't you seen the Heart?"

"No..." Jasmine said. "It has been a long time since I've seen your powers, Blue Moon Knights."

Anael raised the Heart with a smile.

"Let me heal you... Quetzal Healing!"

A large Quetzal made of pure turquoise energy emerged, involving Morgan and Jasmine. It took just a few seconds for the Quetzal heal the Jamaican brothers. When it disappeared, their clothes were renewed and there was no sign of recent wounds. The heart stopped floating and went back to the hands of its master.

"Wow... Amazing." Morgan said. "Melchior's friends are very powerful indeed."

"Thank you, sir." Anael said. "Now, regarding Melchior..." The Welsh Guatemalan looked at the bright sky."We have to save him."

"Anael, go after Melchior." Kaiser said. "I suppose Jasmine and her brother will need some help to get back on track again. I'll go after you as soon as possible, alright?"

Anael nodded affirmatively; then, he opened his wings and got impulse, flying as high and as fast as he could. Melchior's life was in danger, and he needed to save his friend from Mirabelle...


Guatemala City, Guatemala


Melchior heard Mirabelle's voice as a growl; she had just thrown him violently on the ground while holding Ushuriel on the rooftop of her manor, using silver chains to keep him there. Elemental Alchemist was trying to stand up slightly injured.

"Mirabelle, be reasonable!" Screamed Ushuriel. "There's no point in this fight!"

"Shut up!" She growled. "It was because of you he is still alive!"

Melchior stood on his knees, breathing with difficulty. He clenched his fists, getting ready for another round.

"Do you want to hear it, kid?" Mirabelle asked. "Dou you want to know your real story?"

Melchior was looking into her eyes; her face was deformed due to her anger. On the rooftop, Ushuriel was only hoping for the best, given the fact he couldn't loose himself from the silver trap. She got closer of Elemental Alchemist, clenching her fists.

"Stop it, Mirabelle!" Growled Ushuriel. "These chains cannot hold me forever, and you know it!"

"They can hold you enough!" Mirabelle shouted, turning her head towards Ushuriel. Then, she turned back to Melchior.

"I... I want to hear it all!" Melchior said. "I want my answers, Mirabelle. The ones only you hold."

"What do you want in return?" Mirabelle asked, serious and grin. "You know that things in life always have a price label, don't you?"

"I am aware of it for a long time..." Replied Melchior as he stood up. "You may kill me after it is done."

"What?" Mirabelle asked, surprised. "I didn't see this coming..."

At that moment, Maya and Altagracia, who had been knocked down, woke up and began to rise.

"No... You are so not doing it!" Altagracia said while spitting blood on the grassy floor. "You... You won't kill my teacher! Wisp Cure!"

Altagracia raised her tiny hands and white magic bubbles came out of her palms, healing herself, Melchior and Maya, who was already standing on her feet.

"If you want to kill Melchior, you'll have to kill us as well!" Growled Maya. "And we won't die so easily!"

Mirabelle gave them a despising smile as a reply.

"As you wish!" She said, charging her hands with violet energy, "THIS MANOR SHALL BE YOUR GRAVE!"

Melchior clenched his fist and took a deep breath. He was ready to perish there.

"Question number one." He began his round of questions. "When I was born?"

To Be Continued...


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