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- In The Name Of Love -

Guatemala City, Guatemala - Southernmost Side

It was about ten o'clock when Black Witch and Lotus Flower arrived at the southernmost side of Guatemala City, where Mirabelle's manor lied.

"Is it here?" Altagracia asked.

"I think so." Maya replied in low tone. "Where else would they hide? This is the poorest, unknown-most part of Guatemala City..."

Altagracia looked around - though it was ten in the mourning, there was nobody in the streets nor in the houses.

"I don't like this, Maya..." Altagracia said, coming closer to Black Witch.

"Neither do I, Altagracia..." Maya replied. "Neither do I..."

Then, the two Blue Moon Knights reached the largest house of the entire side; it was an abandoned manor, which seemed to be as old as the town itself. Maya took a deep breath and looked to Altagracia, who nodded her head to Maya. Black Witch did the same and looked at the house once again.

A tall, red-haired and magenta-eyed woman was staring at them with an angry countenance. Her arms were crossed over her chest, and she looked at both with despise.

"Humpf. I can see Ushuriel hasn't done what he was told to." She said. "Since he is not here, I assume you tricked us." She was pointing at Maya. "Didn't you?"

Maya nodded affirmatively.

"Do you honestly think this would save him? He must be dead by now." Mirabelle replied. She looked at Altagracia. "A child? How old are you? Twelve?"

"Nine." Altagracia proudly replied.

"Interesting." Mirabelle said with a smile full of despise. "They send kids to do the work of elders. By your looks, you seem to be related to the Dragon-like guy. You don't have to confirm, I know I am right."

"So, you also know why we are here." Maya said, interrupting Mirabelle.

"Yes, indeed." Mirabelle uncrossed her arms and started to walk near them. "I was waiting for you to show up. You seek answers for a pointless question."

"If there is an answer, it is not pointless at all." Maya rapidly replied. "Melchior is our friend and we are not giving up of him. He is far more powerful than you can imagine. I bet you wouldn't be able to handle him."

"Heh!" Mirabelle smiled at Maya with despise. "You are brave, brat. Defying Mirabelle Hayes isn't something common. I am not used to be challenged and insulted. Very well, I'll accept your challenge. What are you terms?"

"Melchior's freedom." Maya said. "Let him be; let him live his life fully and unlimited. Leave him and leave us alone."

Mirabelle raised her right and and moved her right forefinger to the right and left, saying "no".

"Tsc, tsc, tsc, tsc, tsc. You are asking too much, brat." Mirabelle said. "You must be very confident in your victory."

"In our victory." Corrected Maya. "This girl bears the power of Light within her. You have no idea of what she's capable of."

"Then show me!" Mirabelle opened her arms. "I want to see if you are a match for me!"


Ushuriel's Mind...

Ushuriel took Melchior to a Scandinavian city, with clean streets, astonishing architecture and a beautiful landscape. As they were walking to the north, the city was replaced by the pine forests, whose snow was melting due to the sunlight.

"Where are we?" Melchior asked.

"Finland." Ushuriel replied. "We are somewhere between Vantaa* and Helsinki**. Here, Melchior, in the middle of the Finnish wilderness, is where you were born."

"That's why Finnish is so easy for me to understand!" Melchior concluded.

"Actually, is more because of Mirabelle." Ushuriel replied. "She used to talk to you in Finnish when you were inside her."

"She did?" Melchior asked.

"I understand you." Ushuriel said. "There is a lot you won't understand about her, Melchior. I have been with her for centuries and still she is a mystery to me. I hope you can change it and solve the mystery called Mirabelle Hayes."

Melchior nodded affirmatively. When they reached the deepest part of the forest, Melchior stopped walking.

"I've been here before... In my dreams."

"You remember..." Ushuriel commented, smiling. "Though you were just a day or two old, your mind kept these informations, these memories sealed somehow... You are fascinating, Melchior."

In the deepest part of the forest, lied some darker trees, which seemed dead. In the middle of them, lied a manor made of dark wood. Ushuriel made a sign with his hand for Melchior to stop. Melchior obeyed, and a few seconds later, Ushuriel and Mirabelle appeared. They were smiling at each other, and Melchior could see love in Mirabelle's eyes.

"She was truly happy." Ushuriel said. "We were in love. It happened after we left Central America, I guess... There had been a gathering in Belize and a ball was thrown. When Mirabelle was making her first steps in the world of the Warlocks, she always asked me for information. She always relied on me, depended on me. She used to be gentle and kind, yet strong and gifted with a powerful, seductive look. And we Vampires know how to enchant a lady as well."

"That trait I proudly carry!" Melchior commented.

"Indeed!" Ushuriel happily replied. "Anyways, that day, we forgot who we were, you know? It just happened, for it was meant to be. We danced, we kissed... We were happy for a brief moment."

The Vampire looked at the couple in the house and sighed.

"How happy we were..." He said. "I don't understand why it had to end..."

"It was because of me, right?" Melchior asked. Ushuriel looked at him surprised. "Yes, I know about... Me. I am forbidden and I was never supposed to exist. Morgan told me... Actually, we concluded it."

"So... You understand why she is chasing you?" Ushuriel asked, though he knew the answer.

"Still, it doesn't make sense to me." Elemental Alchemist replied. "I didn't destroy you and I am no danger... Then, why?"

Ushuriel sighed quite frustrated.

"It is difficult for me to explain."

"I have to reach Mirabelle, Ushuriel." Melchior said with determination. "I want answers. I need answers. Also, I want to know all the story - I want to know how Mirabelle's pregnancy was, how I was born, if the labor was difficult or not and how I ended up in El Salvador. I have to know who I really am, Ushuriel."

Ushuriel nodded affirmatively.

"I will help you." He said. "I just want to ask you a favor."

"Which is?" Melchior asked.

"Don't enter in my mind again." Ushuriel replied with a mischievous smile, charging two violet spheres of pure energy, which he threw against Melchior.


Before the spheres hit him, Melchior woke up. He was back to the ruins of Port Royal, sitting in the meditation position. Ushuriel was in front of him, holding a mischievous smile in his face. Elemental Alchemist was wearing his civilian outfit, but there was something different in him - his left hand had a Gothic, golden cross printed in it. He smiled, for he knew he had a new power - Dream Walking.

Melchior looked around - he was in a different spot. He was inside an abandoned house; Ushuriel must have brought him there, for he was far more sensitive towards sunlight than Melchior.

"There's one thing I regret here in Jamaica." Ushuriel said. "I ended up killing a person here. She seemed to be the mother of that Morgan. Sorry about that."

"It is not to me you have to apologize." Melchior censored Ushuriel. "Nevertheless, I don't have time to deal with this. We have to reach Mirabelle."

"...Before she reaches your friends." Ushuriel said. "She believes you are dead, and she is coming for the annihilation of your friends. If there are no witnesses..."

"...There is no crime!" Melchior concluded. "We have to leave! Quickly!"


Guatemala City, Guatemala

Never in her life had Maya being beaten so hard, nor Altagracia. Both of them were lying on the ground, severely wounded. Ther marks of Mirabelle's claws were all over her bodies. Altagracia was trying to stand up while Maya lied unconscious.

"Is that all, 'Knights'?" Mirabelle asked.

"No..." Altagracia hissed, spitting a bit of blood. "Light Wisp!"

Altagracia casted her cure spell, which cleansed her wounds and Maya's on a blink of an eye. Altagracia was ready to fight; for the fist time, she held her wand as hard as she could and took a deep breath.

"I may not win you, but I won't fall so easily!" Altagracia said. "I ask you, Young Moon Goddess, to bless me in this time of need!"

She closed her eyes and focused her thoughts in the tip of her wand. Suddenly, a crescent moon was being formed in front of it, made out of pure light. Altagracia's hair started to float gently, and butterflies began to fly and swirl near the youngest Blue Moon Knight.

"This is it, Mirabelle!" Altagracia said. "Moonlight Essence!"

When Altagracia shouted her spell, the crescent moon was thrown againts Mirabelle, who was fully hit by it. The Light injured Mirabelle hard, opening large and deep wounds into her fragile white skin. She fell brutally on the ground, but was not defeated.

"Oh... You want to fight, young child?!" Mirabelle growled while standing up. "I'll give you a fight..."

Maya was standing up when Mirabelle charged a strong attack on Altagracia, who was severely injured, being thrown meters aways of Black Witch.

"Dark Jaguar!" Maya shouted, casting an enormous jaguar, which ran and hit Mirabelle.

"Dark Tempest!" Mirabelle shouted, throwing up to ten shards made of pure darkness towards Maya.

Black Witch used her scepter to get rid of the shards, but some hit her on her abdomen and tights, causing her to scream really loud and bleed.

"Damn it!" She whispered, bending her back and her knees.

"Are you crying, sweetheart?" Mirabelle ironically asked. "I'll give you a real motive to cry... Heh."

She raised her left hand, charging it with a violet energy sphere. At that moment, Altagracia stood up, ready to battle once more. She rapidly held her wand and started to draw in the air.

"What the...?" Mirabelle asked, looking at Altagracia.

Lotus Flower was drawing large hares; as soon as she made them, they became... Bubbles. But they were no ordinary bubbles.

"Dream Summons! All evil, I reject!" Altagracia shouted.

The hares dashed and hit Mirabelle, trapping her inside them. She tried to get out, but the Light-based spell was somehow blocking her powers. She started getting really angry, concentrating power in her hands.

"Enough of this!" Mirabelle shouted.

She released countless violet rays, which pierced the summons, destroying them.

"Powerful trick for an infant." Mirabelle said. "But it isn't enough to hold me. Try harder on your next life."

Mirabelle started to float; the sky got darker, and Altagracia ran near Maya, who was still trying to stand up.

"I don't like the looks of this." She mottled severely injured.

Lightining started to appear, and a wicked smile could be seen in Mirabelle's face.

"I'll end up your lives. Any last words?" She said with despise. "I thought so. Vampiric..."

"Hold on, Mirabelle!"

The Warlock suddenly stopped; she turned around to see who was talking, and she couldn't believe in her eyes.

"It cannot be..." She said.

Ushuriel was alongside Melchior, who yelled at Mirabelle, comanding her to stop. He was wearing the Dream Walker outfit. The Warlock couldn't be angrier.

"You..." She growled at Ushuriel. "YOU BETRAYED ME! FEEL MY WRATH!"

"I am the only one you'll be fighting here!" Melchior shouted. "I want answers, Mirabelle! And you shall give me those!"

"Very well... You are walking to your grave." Mirabelle coldly replied. "I don't want to get used to be insulted and challenged. I'll end this insanity once and for all."

To Be Continued...


~ Glossary:

(*): Vantaa - Is a city and municipality in Finland. Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo and Kauniainen make up the inner core of Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Vantaa, with its population of 206,960 (31 August 2013), is the fourth most populated city of Finland. The biggest airport in Finland, the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, is located there. It also hosts a science centre, Heureka.

(**): Helsinki is the capital and largest city of Finland. It is in the region of Uusimaa, located in southern Finland, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, an arm of the Baltic Sea. Helsinki has a population of 610,601 (31 August 2013), an urban population of 1,176,976 (31 December 2012) and a metropolitan population of 1,361,506, making it the most populous municipality and urban area in Finland. Helsinki is located some 80 kilometres (50 mi) north of Tallinn, Estonia, 400 kilometres (250 mi) east of Stockholm, Sweden, and 300 kilometres (190 mi) west of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Helsinki has close historical connections with these three cities.

The Helsinki metropolitan area includes urban core of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen and surrounding commuter towns. It is the world's northernmost metro area of over one million people, and the city is the northernmost capital of an EU member state.


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